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Compilation in Informatics Essay Example
961 words 4 pages

Mobile devices ( smartphones, tablet computers) have become ubiquitous and subsequently there has been a growth in mobile applications (apps). Concurrently, mobile devices have been integrated into health care practice due to the availability and quality of medical apps. These mobile medical apps offer increased access to clinical references and point-of-care tools.However, there has been […]

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Health Care Mobile device Pharmacology Pharmacy Science
Information Dissemination Through Mobile Devices Essay Example
3273 words 12 pages

Most wireless carriers now allow services such as weather, stock quotes, news, traffic and sport updates. But phones have more potential to actually consume useful services like providing information such as travel , city guide , top hotels , top hospitals , ATM centers etc in specific areas with inter-operatability and in more user-friendly way.In […]

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Computer Network Gsm Mobile device Text Messaging
Case Study: UPS Competes Globally with Information Technology Essay Example
366 words 2 pages

What are the inputs, processing, and outputs of UPS’s package tracking system? The Inputs to the UPS package tracking system includes the following shipping information: Customers signatures Pick-up information Delivery information Time card information Processing involves using the data captured above to update information on the central computer. Outputs include the delivery status and position […]

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Computer Information Technology Mobile device Study United Parcel Service
Trusted Platform Module (TPM) Essay Example
4786 words 18 pages

Trusted Platform Module (TPM) is a term used to define a chip or microcontroller. This chip or microcontroller can be placed into a motherboard configuration such as devices like mobile devices, or a personal computer (PCs). The requirements and application was presented and established by the Trusted Computing Group (TCG), to deliver a solution where […]

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Computer Cybercrime Information Technology Mobile device Personal Computer
The Current Trends In Computer Hardware Platforms Computer Science Essay Example
2492 words 10 pages

Mobile platform: more and more business computing is moving from PCs and desktop machines to mobile devices like cell phones and smartphones. Data transmissions, Web surfing, e-mail and instant messaging, digital content displays, and data exchanges with internal corporate systems are all available through a mobile digital platform. Netbooks, small low-cost lightweight subnotebooks that are […]

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Computer Science Microsoft Windows Mobile device Personal Computer Science
Evolution of Mobile Device Technology Essay Example
2791 words 11 pages

Introduction Since the revolution of the smartphone in 2005 the development progress in this field grows rapidly. It became a part of our life and played a big role to change the attitude of our life style. This technology (smartphone) didn’t stop at that level but it spread everywhere to cover all sides of our […]

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Information Age Mobile device Smartphone

Popular Questions About Mobile device

What is considered a mobile device?
A mobile device (or handheld computer) is a computing device small enough to hold and operate in the hand. Typically, any handheld computer device will have an LCD flatscreen interface, providing a touchscreen interface with digital buttons and keyboard or physical buttons along with a physical keyboard.
What are examples of mobile devices?
PalmtopPDA - Personal digital assistantCell phonePocket PCSmartphoneTablet computerSmartwatchBluetooth headset
What are the different types of mobile devices?
Features in mobile computer devices include batteries, video camera, camera, voice recorder and music player. Laptop computers, tablets, smartphones, e-readers and handheld gaming devices are five types of mobile technology used to connect to the Internet and communicate with others.
What is the history of mobile devices?
The history of mobile phones covers mobile communication devices that connect wirelessly to the public switched telephone network. While the transmission of speech by radio has a long history, the first devices that were wireless, mobile, and also capable of connecting to the standard telephone network are much more recent.
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