Rfp Baderman Island Resort Essay Example
Rfp Baderman Island Resort Essay Example

Rfp Baderman Island Resort Essay Example

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  • Published: April 6, 2017
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All of the business entities of the Company are owned by the Baderman Island Resort and executively managed by the Boardman Management Group, each business entity is operated independently. II. Product Analysis Currently the Baderman is a growing tourist and recreation centre with the set priority on Total Quality Management (TQM), which is our strategic objective to be implemented. The major emphasis here is on continuous improvement and empowerment. TQM relies on fact-based decision- making when development ventures such as this one are in process.As an established resort centre with a considerable commercial potential the Baderman Resort is seeking software development proposals to provide upgraded word processing software on the basis of Microsoft Word integrating the business-fundamental four applications - Outlook, Powerpoint, Excel, and Word.

The software upgrades should be aimed at high quality and


superior reliability. They should likewise intend to make the applications as user-friendly as possible, and to enhance the productivity of the enterprise, as well as enable rapid response to customers Herewith the Company is also requesting professional up-to-date technical support.This request for proposal is intended to arouse professional and commercial interest with software developers. We attach big importance to outcomes which are most cost effective. III. Scope of Work Each business entity for the Baderman Island Resort was opened at different times and even though they started out with up-to-date computer hardware and software, upgrades of equipment and software have not been uniform.

There are three different operating systems which are Windows 98, Windows 2000, and Windows XP. They are also utilizing Word 97, Word 2000, and Word XP as their word processing software.It has become essential that all o

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our business entities be integrated into a single technology platform using a common operating system and common word processing software. Hereinafter, Baderman Island Resort will be referred to as “Baderman” as a matter of convenience and reporting.

The purpose of this document is to solicit proposals for supplying an operating system and common word processing software solution to Baderman. This solution is intended to form the basis for all future operating systems and word processing software within Baderman.All existing systems within Baderman will be replaced by the selected operating system and word processing software. IV. Technical requirements The current system(s) and software in use by Baderman are failing to meet the business needs of the organization in the following areas: Below we present the core requirements as per the technical aspect of this request for Proposal, including details on our basic needs with regard to the present technical situation of the Company.

1. Currently have three different operating systems: (Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP). . Correspondingly the offices have three word processing software applications: Word 98, Word 2000 and Word XP In view of the above-mentioned technical specificities any word processing software product proposed must run on a PC-based client/server platform.

The user interface must be programmed using Microsoft Windows standards, for ease of learning and using the system. The Baderman Island Resort will not consider any word processing updates that are not apt for an ODBC-compliant database, or do not use a standard Windows or browser interface for the client.Compatibility with the following operating systems and technology tools is highly desired by the Baderman: * Windows 2003 Server * Microsoft SQL Server 2005

* Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP * MS Exchange 2003 for e-mail service The proposed product must be certified or in process for certification for MS Office 2003 and 2007, Exchange and Vista compatibility. The upgrades of the word processing software products being proposed should best offer more technical capabilities.

As per the hardware requirements, they will best fulfill the specifications for the server(s) and any other PC’s or equipment that will be needed to support the proposed word processing software products. All of the costs associated with the software implementation requested in this RFP should be specified by the Proposer in advance. Normally we purchase computer hardware and operating systems independently of software purchases, thus we will not consider proposals that include hardware.The price of the upgraded software will include the following: * Consideration of tasks that could be performed by Baderman employees as a deduction, rather than using consultants * Required modules/functionality and optional modules/functionality – pricing provided so that the Baderman can “pick and choose” * Hourly consultant rates – by type of consultant, with anticipated hours by task * Travel costs – mileage rates/ per diem rates/ company travel policies for airfare & travel times * Complete software upgrades initially indicatedV. Administration Information * Any proposal which is not received by the Baderman Island Resort prior to the deadline date and time will not be considered. * Vendors must supply five hard copies of the proposal and one electronic copy on diskette or CD.

* Submission of a proposal indicates acceptance by the company submitting the proposal of the terms, conditions and specifications contained in this RFP, unless clearly and specifically

confirmed in a subsequent contract between the Baderman and the successful vendor. Changes to the RFP itself shall only be made by the Baderman via formal written amendments. Addenda will be provided to all vendors who are registered with the Baderman as being in possession of an official copy of the RFP document. All addenda shall become a part of the RFP document requiring response by the vendor where indicated. * Vendors shall not take advantage of any errors and/or omissions in this RFP document or in the firm’s specifications submitted with their proposals. The Baderman reserves the right to accept or reject any and all proposals or parts of proposals, and to waive minor defects or technicalities, solicit new proposals on the same project or on a modified project which may include portions of the original RFP as the Baderman may deem necessary, disregard all nonconforming, non-responsive, or conditional proposals, reject the response of any vendor who does not pass the evaluation to the Baderman’s satisfaction, select the document management software and vendor that will best meet the needs of the Departments, and negotiate contract terms with the successful vendor.

Vendors shall warrant that their word processing software upgrades shall perform as described in their proposal.* By submission of a proposal, each vendor certifies that the vendor has not paid nor agreed to pay any person, other than a bona fide employee, a fee or a brokerage resulting from the award of the contract. * By submission of a proposal, each vendor certifies that the vendor has not paid nor agreed to pay any person, other than a bona fide employee, a fee or

a brokerage resulting from the award of the contract. All information and data furnished to the Proposer by the Baderman Island Resort, and all other documents to which the Proposer’s employees have access during the term of the contract, shall be treated as confidential to the Baderman Island Resort. Any oral or written disclosure to unauthorized individuals is prohibited.

* Any reports, studies, conclusions, and summaries prepared by the Proposer shall become the property of the Baderman Island Resort.

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