Comparison of Quattro Pro and Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets

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Quattro Pro is among the group of competitive software that provides users with the ease of using spreadsheets. It was developed and owned by the Borland International, Inc. and is now a part of the Corel’s WordPerfect Office suites after it was bought by Corel in 1996 (ZDNet Dictionary, n. d.

). The Excel Software, on the other hand is owned and developed by the Microsoft Corporation. It is the spreadsheet program that comes with the Microsoft Office package along with Microsoft Word, Microsoft Powerpoint, and others (Cusumano, 2005).With a first look at the Quattro Pro, it could be concluded that it must be a cousin of MS Excel. They share the same design and user interface using the letters to label the columns and the numbers for the rows (Lowe, 2002). More or less, they share almost the same set of icons with only a few differences.

However, the labels for Sheets in Quattro Pro use the letters of the alphabet while the MS Excel uses Sheet 1, Sheet 2, Sheet 3 which can be renamed later on. The Quattro Pro labels the cells starting with the sheet label and the cell column and row, for example A:A1 for the upper-leftmost cell (Lowe, 2002).MS Excel, on the other hand, labels this with A1 and would only include the sheet name if this cell is referred to in another sheet (Lowe, 2002). Of course, both Quattro Pro and MS Excel live on formulas and they operate on a wide range of formulas (Lowe, 2002). They have basic arithmetic functions and also have the capability to do complex calculations that are displayed in the formula bar on top (Lowe, 2002).

However, when starting a formula, Quattro Pro begins the formula with a @, such as @sum(b24…b28) (Lowe, 2002).On the other hand, MS Excel would present it as =sum(b24:b28) (Lowe, 2002). It is also noticeable that instead of using colon (:) to refer to the range of cells, Quattro Pro uses ellipsis (…) in between the beginning cell and the ending cell (Lowe, 2002). In addition to this, errors with formulas are immediately shown through a dialog box in MS Excel, while Quattro Pro presents this in a red icon in its lower-left panel (Lowe, 2002).

This renders the MS Excel to be more prompt when it comes to errors in formulas.

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