Counter Strike game and Gimp photo editing Essay Example
Counter Strike game and Gimp photo editing Essay Example

Counter Strike game and Gimp photo editing Essay Example

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  • Published: July 4, 2017
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On the year 2000, the game counter strike was first launched. Counter strike is a tactical first-person shooting video game which is a modified version from Half life. The game counterstrike is more known than half life because it???s popularity in online gaming, before the existence of Point Blank or Call of Duty. Minh Le and Jess Cliffe created Counter strike the valve corporation then bought the rights because of its popularity.

The first Counter strike is called Condition zero, Source and the latest version which was just released is Global Offensive.As a modified game from half life the difference between half life and counter strike is that in counter strike the game is separated into two sides, terrorist and counter terrorist unlike half life where you are a character. Each team will have different missions, for the terrorist their mission is to plant the bomb while for counter terrorist their mission is to deactivate the bomb, the team can also win by eliminating other players. The game contains different maps, and more available to download. Some people would say playing counter strike is more challenging than Call of Duty and Battlefield.

The difference with this is that in counter strike, when you die, you die. You have to wait for the next round to play again. That is why in counter strike players tend to be a bit more careful and reflect on what happened when they die, because of course they want more play time than watching their team mates playing.With this kind of game play, it is well known for


the multiplayer or online. While in half life the game is more into a story line like Call of Duty. The system requirements to play this game are:it has to be a windows operating system with500 MHz Processor128 MB of RAM32 MB graphics cardInternet connection (for online)Keyboard and MouseAs you can see the system requirements is not high and almost all computers with windows can play this game.

Since the first version counter strike does not have satisfying graphics, they improved by creating Counter Strike Source which contains better graphics but less maps than the condition zero. With the new released Global Offensive, counter strike is aiming to compete with Call of Duty and battlefield.With better graphics, and more available consoles to play with causes the freedom on mod and availability on maps have decreased. In condition zero, people can cheat, create maps and different mods such as zombie???s game play. Some people will be happy with the new counter strike because of its graphics and new features, but a gamer like myself would not be satisfied, since the reason I play counter strike is because its freedom on choosing and how we are able to play with different mods. I still believe Counter Strike Condition Zero will still be the famous version among the rest, with its simple requirements we can enjoy the fun of firs tactical shooting game.

Open Source ProgramOn the 20th century editing pictures have become a trend after you take pictures, without editing pictures we sometimes feel that the picture we took

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is not that good or wow to the audience. Photoshop is known to all photographers, but what about us who want to edit in a simple and use free software? GIMP allows us to do that. This open source software is well known for its simple editing.GIMP is created by Spence Kimball and Peter Mattis. Its development started in 1995 as a project in University of California, Berkeley.

Its first version was released in 1996. GIMP works in all known Operating systems such as windows, Linux and Mac OS X. This open source program has simple tools where users just need some finishing touches and not detailed editing in Photoshop. Some features included in GIMP are cropping, changing image formats, editing and other features where you can download.GIMP is developed by volunteers since it is free software where they do not find profit. New features for GIMP are developed in a different source code, where then it can be merged with the main source code.

As an open source GIMP have some user additional features where you can make GIMP look like Photoshop, work like Photoshop or download cool features for editing your pictures. In this software we call it Plug-ins, users can download features separately and they can also modify the interface how they like it too look like.Some plug-ins which I find interesting is the Pandora where we can stitch pictures together forming a panorama picture. Even though on mobile phones such as Samsung and Iphone has this feature, but when taken with a camera the quality would be better.

Other popular plug-ins is the photo effects, such as lomo. Lomo have been famous nowadays, with this plug-in we can just edit it without buying a lomo. There are a lot of features that GIMP facilitate us with, that makes GIMP a very famous Open Source Program.As a user of GIMP, I am pretty satisfied with its capabilities.

I have known GIMP for a few years and been using it to edit my pictures, with its simple editing unlike Photoshop I find it very useful for beginners in editing. Other than that we as users can tweak GIMP making it more comfortable for use to use. One weakness I find in GIMP is when wanting to install plug-ins it may be complicated, with combining its source codes.Reference