James Gosling Essay Example
James Gosling Essay Example

James Gosling Essay Example

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  • Published: March 13, 2017
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James Gosling is inventor. He invented Java programming language in 1994.He was born in Calgary, Canada. He has Bachelor degree and Master’s degree in computer science from university Of Calgary .James Gosling knows as the father of Java programming language. He did the original design and compiler of Java. Also he made development to many other software systems.

When Games Gosling and his team were developing an interactive television then they decided to create interactive web language thus java was invented. It is most programming language used on the Internet now, because it runs on almost any kinds of devices, such as computer, cell phone, and mainframe. Also it can run o


n any operating system for example Windows, Linux, and Apple Macintosh. We know it when were student as “Write Once read many” which is mean you can write one code of program and can run on any system.

He has been working in Sun Microsystems since 1984. James Gosling and group of programmers from Sun Company have been working to develop java and several soft-wares, but these soft-wares are now top secret for marketing competition.

I was aware by this invention and inventor referred to my study. His invention has made huge evolutions in the software systems. He changed the future of software. He will receive award from Government of Canada this year for his invention.

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