Hotel Website Proposal Essay Example
Hotel Website Proposal Essay Example

Hotel Website Proposal Essay Example

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  • Published: December 9, 2017
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Athenaeum Hotel Website Proposal Athenaeum Overview The Athenaeum hotel & apartments is situated on London's Piccadilly and overlooks Green Park. This Family owned 5 star luxury hotel prides itself on its reputation for impeccable service, sumptuous decor and world class dining. The Athenaeum is part of the largest family owned and run luxury hotel group in the UK which also contains The Grove, Runnymede Hotel & Spa and Greengarden House. Recent Awards include: Being chosen as one of the 'Top 500 hotels in the World' by Travel + Leisure magazine for 2008.

Award of Excellence from the UK Tea Guild for Top London Afternoon Tea 2008.Due to the location of the hotel and its reputation, Athenaeum's target clientele is considered to range from foreign dignitaries, to corporate business people and the occasional celebrity guest. Athenaeum Concept Layout: Mode


rn, spacious and simple layout. Unique 4 button layout that follows the users instinctive path through the hotel. At the current time, athenaeumhotel. com employs a pastel colour theme.

My goal is to bring in some darker colours to offset the bright and spacious images that make up the various rooms and facilities the hotel has to offer.Functionality: Logical and intuitive layout that takes into account the natural placement of the eye on the page. Each button on the homepage features the next logical step in the viewing and booking process. For example, button 1 would lead the viewer to the rooms, while button 2 leads the viewer to the facilities etc. Fast loading times.

Full functionality on all browser platforms. Project Requirements Equipment: Apple Macbook Windows based PC External Storage (Hard Drives, Flash Drives) Software: Adobe Illustrato

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Adobe Photoshop Macromedia DreamweaverMozilla Firefox Apple Safari Microsoft Internet Explorer Sun Microsystems Open Office (Windows) & Neo Office (Mac) Assets: Current websites image catalogue Timeline Week 1: Planning Phase Research and identify potential hotel targets. Gather and organise assets. Begin initial concept ideas for site layout and functionality.

Week 2: Begin proposal construction. Organise timeline layout. Begin initial storyboard layouts to create site structure Week 3: Create site structure flow chart based on previous weeks storyboards. Finalise proposal and troubleshoot.Week 4: Production Phase Proposal Submission Begin implementing concept ideas and building basic HTML content structure. Week 5: Finalise content layout.

Begin implementing CSS styling. Troubleshoot any content based issues. Week 6: Continue with CSS implementation. Week 7: Testing Phase Finalise building of the site. Introduce prototype website to various platforms and hardware to troubleshoot any issues. Begin work on presentation.

Week 8: Finalise testing and troubleshooting. Finalise Presentation. Submit Finished Website and Presentation.

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