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Samara College Inc. Is one of the most fast growing and innovative institution in Catalonia offering various courses for College degree. Along with its increasing community is the need of the students for more high quality resources particularly in computer laboratory. Computer laboratory is one of the facilities that had provided by Samara College to help students practice the theories that have been thought in lecture. At this instance computer laboratory needs management software in order to secure, obey the rolls inside the lab and sees its advantage.

As a student’s conducting research it shows that it is more advantage if computer laboratories will use management software that will manage several tasks of instructors or some faculty of Samara College who uses the computer lab in teaching students and for some matters that uses Computer Laboratory. This management software will handles the task like access control, system security, student’s attendance and remote monitoring of system activities. In addition to this study the researchers also notice to use biometric device for faster data processing ND to acquire the consistent and exact information in short period of time.

Also biometric device will be very useful for this kind of research to apply its consistency, accuracy and the security of the system. Project Context The proposed System Computer Laboratory Manage System is a LANA-based system which will further increase the efficiency of learning, management and student monitoring by using client-server approach. This system will benefit both the instructor and the student, as it simplifies common tasks in a normal PC-based classroom.

The server, which is used by the instructor as a control device for immunization, provides several functions: automating class attendance; broadcasting laboratory work and announcement viewing and locking computer screens; and database reports. Purpose and Description of the Project The project was aimed at producing application software that can optimize the usage of a computer lab in Samara College. Several misbehaver patterns of students in using the computers will be identified; an effective management and monitoring style to be in place.

Objectives of the Project General The general objective of this study is to develop a system that would handle the management and monitoring of Computer Laboratory in Samara College. A system that would lessen the unmannered use of computers, time consuming of turning off all computers, get rid of using computers if not in a schedule. Specific 1 . To develop a system that would able the instructors to have access control of computers; 2. To develop a system that use biometric device to login student & instructors; 3. O produce an application software where the instructor is able to monitor the computer usage of the student; 4. To enable instructor to take attendance of the students effectively. Scope and Limitations of the Project Scope The propose study entitled Computer Laboratory Management System for Samara College scope is to employs client-server approach, developed by using . Net Technology, covers the management and monitoring of Computer Lab which allows the instructors to monitor and tract students in using the computer.

The Instructors can add, edit and delete students and instructors information, the instructor can print out the attendance of the students, students will be given allotted time to use the computer laboratory based on their schedule, the students can automatically log- on to the computer using biometric device. Limitation This system is limited to the students and instructors of Samara College use only; only instructors can use the server side of system and only the students can use the client-side of system. The instructors can send message to the students.

Students are limited only to update and access a particular info that is available on the screen. Chapter II Review of Related Literature Related Literature / Theoretical Background The history of computer labs at colleges and universities is an ill-documented one. Books, articles, and websites can be found documenting the first mainframes put in lace and the early years of computer science education. Computer labs, however, are rarely found described in the literature about computing in higher learning. Even less scholarly attention has been given to how students have used these labs.

In some ways it appears the labs have quietly settled into the middle areas between personal computers and supercomputers as well as between class use and in-home use. Lab computers offer access to personal computing software and high-end specialized software. They are also utilized for academic needs similar to in-class use and entertainment like much computer use at home. Yet, while studies have been focused on computer use at the ends of these two spectrums, the university computer lab has unceremoniously bridged the gaps without garnering much attention.

Chapter Ill Methodology Technical Background The researchers used IV. Net in developing the system since it’s the most applicable resources, the researchers also use biometric device for faster data processing and secure the use of the system. The system is composed of two categories which is the server side and the other one is client side. The server side will be the control or manage the entire system and only the teacher can use it. Client side is for the students.

Details of the technologies to be used At this section describes and discuss the details of technologies used by the researcher. IV. Net Visual Basic . NET (IV. NET) is a multi-paradigm, high level programming language, implemented on the . NET Framework. Microsoft launched IV. NET in 2002 as the successor to its original Visual Basic language. Biometric Device the process by which a person’s unique physical and other traits are detected and recorded by an electronic device or system as a means of confirming identity.

Camp (razzГpm/ or ‘Seeks. Гpm/) is a free and open source cross-platform web server solution stack package, consisting mainly of the Apache HTTP Server, Myself database, and interpreters for scripts written in the PH and Perl programming languages. Myself is a popular choice of database for use in web applications, and is a central component of the widely used LAMP open source web application software stack (and other ‘AMP’ stacks). LAMP is an acronym for “Linux, Apache, Myself, Perl/ PH/PYthon.

How the project will work The system keeps and stores the data as well as provides a capacity for editing the dent, instructors, and subject and schedules details if necessary. The system is compose of two categories which is the server-side that manage all the functionalities of the system and the other one is the client-side which used by the students to interact with the instructor or in order by the students to use the computer. A brief description of how the system works: Students and Teachers must logon in order to access the system, either using biometric scanner or by providing surname and password at the login page.

Environment Organizational Chart/Profile Table (1) Organizational Chart/Profile Requirements Specifications Technical Feasibility It considers the technical requirements of the proposed system of hardware and software. The technical requirements are then compared to the technical capability of the organization. Compatibility checking (hardware / software and other technologies) Hardware: Computer/Laptop Processor : Any Pentium IV or Equivalent Machine RAM : 512 MBA HAD : 40 KGB 104 Keys Keyboards/Mouse Printer Biometric Scanner Device Software: Windows 7 . Net Framework 4. 5 Camp iv. 2. IV 2010 Express (prepared) Relevance of the technologies It is essential to develop a computer lab management system as the mode of learning is gradually changed to computer-based. Traditional teacher-to-students relationship and monitoring are longer applicable. Thus, there is a need to have an application that can manage the computer-based classroom so that teaching and learning can be made more efficient. Schedule Feasibility Giant Chart Activity Name cot. Novo. Jan. Feb.. Mar. Submit Project Proposal Project Planning System Analysis System Design Implementation Documentation Submit final project

Table(2) Giant Chart Economic Feasibility Economic analysis is the most frequently used evaluating the effectiveness of proposed system, more commonly known as Benefit analysis. The Benefit analysis is to determine benefits and savings which are expected from candidate system and compare them with cost. If the benefits are more than the cost, then decision is made to design and implement the system. The cost and benefits may be direct or indirect and tangible or intangible. The benefits of this project are more than the cost so the system is economically feasible. Cost and Benefit Analysis

ITEM COST Biometric Device 4,000. 00 Prints 150. 00 Others 400. 00 Total 4,550. 00 Table (3) Cost and Benefit Analysis Requirements Modeling Outputs: electronic or printed information produced by the system Inputs: data that enters the system. Processes: the logical rules that are applied to transform the data into information Performance: the system characteristics, speed, volume, capacity, availability, and reliability Controls: hardware, software, and procedural controls that protect and control the system and data from internal or external threats. Data and Process Modeling

Context Diagram Context diagram shows the whole process of the system. This will help the researchers in developing the system logically and to understand the flow of the system. Figure(l) the context diagram on Computer Laboratory Management System The Teacher can be done the following: Create/Delete accounts Change password for Teachers/Students Create/Delete/Update Subject & Schedule Add/Edit/Delete Students & Teachers Info Login using password & surname or through biometric device The Student can be done the following: Edit profile info Change profile picture

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