How to Crack Wep/Wpa1 Essay Example
How to Crack Wep/Wpa1 Essay Example

How to Crack Wep/Wpa1 Essay Example

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  • Published: October 15, 2017
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This documentation is not to be used for how to hack into other people's networks, but to show you how WEP and WPA1 are insecure within your own network. Remember, breaking into other people's networks is against the law!

Setup Steps

  1. Use files included in this torrent and skip the rest of these steps, or download them manually at the following:
  2. Read Aircrack documentation at http://www. cr0. net:8040/code/network/aircrack/.
  3. Download the Aircrack and Airodump in ZIP form from http://100h. org/wlan/aircrack/. Unzip into a folder called c: crack.
  4. Download the cvgwin1. zip file from http://100h. org/wlan/aircrack/ and unzip it into the same folder as Aircrack.
  5. Download MSVCR70. dll from http://www. dll-files. com/dllindex/dll-files. shtml? msvcr70 and unzip it into the same folder as Aircrack.
  6. Download a wordlist (for WPA dictionary attack) from http://ftp. see. kde. org/pub/security/tools/net/Openwall/wordlists/. Unzip it with WinZIP (windows built in ZIP won’t work) and place it in the same folder as Aircrack.
  7. Download the Atheros WLAN driver from http://100h. org/wlan/winxp/Atheros3. 0. zip.Unzip it to a folder called c:Atheros
  8. Download the two PEEK files (in ZIP form) from http://100h. org/wlan/winxp/Peek. zip. Unzip them and put them in the same directory as aircrack.
  9. Insert card (Atheros compatible). When prompted for the driver, point it to the c: Atheros directory.

WEP Cracking Steps

  1. Run c:crackaircrack- 2. 22win32airo


  2. Gather only IV’s.
  3. Gather at least 100,000 IV’s for 64/40 bit WEP (300,000 is recommended). Gather 1,000,000 IV’s for 128/104 bit WEP (2,000,000 may be required).
  4. Once you have gathered this, run aircrack. You can just drag and drop theIV file onto aircraft and run with the defaults or you can run from the command line to tweak the fudge factor.
    • By default, this parameter is set to 2 for 104-bit WEP and to 5 for 40-bit WEP. Specify a higher value to increase the bruteforce level: cracking will take more time, but with a higher likelihood of success.
    • Pasted from http://www. cr0. net:8040/code/network/aircrack/
    • You should have your WEP key in about 10 minutes (the time and luck will vary along with the fudge factor) Note: You can gather the needed IV’s *MUCH* faster by using airplay but it is not available for Windows.

    WPA Cracking Steps

    1. Run c:crackaircrack-2. 22win32airodump
    2. Gather all packets. This will create a . cap file, identical to one from Ethereal. In fact, you can use Ethereal to do this.
    3. What you need is an authentication to the AP. The amount of traffic doesn’t really matter, as long as you have an authentication. There are tools to knock people off and then they will re-authenticate.
    4. Once you have gathered this, run aircrack, like this: a. Aircrack –a2 –w {wordlist}. lst {capturefile}. cap 5. If the key is in the list, you will have it in the time it takes your system to go through the list.
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