Busn 258 Review Questions Week #2 Essay Example
Busn 258 Review Questions Week #2 Essay Example

Busn 258 Review Questions Week #2 Essay Example

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  • Published: May 3, 2018
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It is shaped in the early days of a company’s history. When entrepreneurs establish their own businesses, the way they want to do business determines the organization’s rules, the structure set-up in the company, and the people they hire to work with them. While founders undoubtedly exert a powerful influence over corporate cultures, the industry characteristics also play a role. Industry characteristics and demands act as a force to create similarities among organizational cultures.

For example, despite some differences, many companies in the insurance and banking industries are stable and rule-oriented, many companies in the high-tech industry have innovative cultures, and companies in the nonprofit industry tend to be people-oriented. What are three major elements that complicate listening? Give customer-service related examples of each. The three elements that complicate


listening comprise the internal, environmental and interactional elements. To start with, internal elements involve the use of words at a level that the hearer can hear, and the most importantly, can understand.

Talking loudly and nonsensely or meaninglessly can totally deviate your customers from doing business with your company. The customer services on the phone can result in such scenario if the voice of the customer rep is too low or too loud, or the line is not clear or s/he uses very technical words that the receiver cannot understand. Secondly, the environmental factors “which determine what we are able to listen to and what we cannot. These factors can impact our individual ability to listen and our organization’s listening capacity, as well.

These factors include:  Our individual listening capacity, the presence of noise, and the use or misuse of gatekeepers

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” (Timm, Paul, Pg. 43) “In contrast to the environmental elements of the listening process, the interactional elements concern internal psychological processes that are not as easily identified. Two such psychological elements deserve careful consideration: self-centeredness and self-protection. ” (Timm, Paul, Pg. 44)

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