Psychology is a unique field of study in that it is closely related to many other scientific disciplines. Several branches of psychology, such as clinical, social, developmental and educational psychology often overlap with fields like sociology, anthropology, biology and medicine. The close relation between psychology and other sciences gives psychologists the opportunity to draw upon various research methods and findings from different areas when studying human behavior. Sociology studies the effects of culture on individuals, families or groups while psychology focuses on the individual’s mental processes. This overlapping has led to a flourishing area of interdisciplinary research known as sociocultural psychology which examines how society influences an individual’s thoughts and actions. For example, researchers have looked at how cultural norms affect people’s decision-making process in regards to health behaviors or financial decisions. Biology looks at the biological underpinnings of behavior while psychologists focus more on understanding higher order cognitive processes underlying behavior such as decision-making or learning new skills. One particular area where these two disciplines intersect is in evolutionary psychology which seeks to understand why humans possess certain characteristics by looking for evolutionary explanations for them. For instance, this could mean investigating why some people are better than others at complex problem solving tasks by examining what traits were favored during evolution that might lead to those abilities today. Anthropology studies how language shapes culture whereas psychologists look at how language can help shape our thought processes and beliefs through concepts like verbal fluency or implicit biases associated with certain words or phrases we use regularly without even thinking about them first (e.g., stereotypes). These cross-disciplinary insights allow us to gain deeper insight into both psychological phenomena as well as larger societal trends influencing our lives today. Medicine deals with diagnosing physical ailments whereas psychology concerns itself with mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety disorders; however there are also numerous overlaps between these two areas as well especially within the realm of psychopharmacology which examines how drugs can be used effectively in treating psychiatric conditions among its patients . Furthermore, due to their common goals”promoting overall health”psychologists often work together with physicians in order to ensure holistic care for each patient they see . Ultimately then , it becomes apparent just how deeply intertwined various scientific domains are when it comes down studying human behavior . With so much insight being gained from combining different perspectives , no single science will ever be able view all facets reality accurately ” thus making collaborations across borders increasingly important moving forward if we wish make meaningful progress towards improving ourselves individually collectively .

Goblin Market..Role of Lizzie Essay Example
847 words 4 pages

Goblin Market has many recurring themes within its context. Perhaps one of the most prominent ones is that of sisterly comradery and love. From the beginning of the poem, it is evident that Lizzie and Laura’s relationship is close. Laura looks up to Lizzie, and Lizzie is very protective of her younger sister. The relationship […]

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Trees Our Best Friend Essay Example
1746 words 7 pages

Culture refers to the cumulative deposit of knowledge, experience, beliefs, values, attitudes, meanings, hierarchies, religion, notions of time, roles, spatial relations, concepts of the universe, and material objects and possessions acquired by a group of people in the course of generations through individual and group striving. Culture is the systems of knowledge shared by a […]

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Animals Anthropology Computer Software Cultural Anthropology Culture Database Education Ethnocentrism Generation Relation Social Science Technology
Sex and Paraplegics Essay Example
672 words 3 pages

Sexuality is a major part of human’s nature. In its sense, sex can be considered as the intimate expression of love in a relationship but problems start to arise if an individual is incapable of engaging in it due to physical limitations. Such is the case of paraplegics, or individuals suffering from paraplegia which is […]

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Computer Software Database Human Sexuality Relation Sex Sex Education Sexually Transmitted Disease Society Technology
Relation Between Point and Areal Mean Rainfall Frequencies Essay Example
15298 words 56 pages

Time Between Successive Heavy Storms Antecedent Rainfall Distribution Orientation and Movement of Heavy Storm Heavy Raincell Characteristics Synoptic Weather Conditions Associated with Heavy Rainstorms .. Temporal Rainfall Distribution Within Storms Spatial Distribution of Storm Rainfall Radar reflectivity, rainfall rate relationships from drop size spectra FCC table of frequency allocations, definitions, and footnotes . Rainfall sampling […]

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Pak-Us Relation Essay Example
3172 words 12 pages

In 1947, Pakistan and the United States established official diplomatic relations. This took place amidst the emergence of the Cold War and its division into two opposing forces: Soviet and US. As a consequence, Pakistan and India had to take sides, leading to the establishment of bilateral relations between Pakistan and the United States. Throughout […]

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What Is It About In One Flesh Essay Example
1813 words 7 pages

On the surface, ‘One Flesh’ is the poet’s description of the relationship that exists between her elderly married parents, a relationship which, though full of ‘passion’ in the past, is now sterile and ‘cold.’ The main theme of the poem, however, is the mystery and indissolubility of the married state by which two, however ‘separate’ […]

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With Longer Provides A Convincing Analysis Of International Essay Example
3217 words 12 pages

This essay will initially start with defining what the basis of thought is for realism as a political world theory when discussing international relations. It will then go on to illustrate with using the aid of examples when realism was predominantly in existence, and the extent, if at all, it exists today as war fails […]

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Cold War Computer Software Database Relation Society Technology
Organisation Behaviour is a study of a people Essay Example
935 words 4 pages

  Because most of us work in organisations, learning organisational behaviour is able to help us understand, predict and influence the behavious of others in organisational setting, and trends in organisational behaviour.One Australia hair-care company develop a range of hair products with refillable packaging in order to maximise brand loyalty and minimise the cost to […]

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Two Perspectives on Media Essay Example
421 words 2 pages

The first essay was written to focus on negative criticism on television, “Television: The Plug-In Drug” by Marie Winn, was about the influence of television on family life and parent-child relationships. Author of children’s books, Marie Winn sees only a negative outcome with television and family. I did not like her article because I think […]

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Comparison Esaay on Things Fall Apart Essay Example
1014 words 4 pages

After I finished reading Things Fall Apart, my mind was left pondering certain aspects of the book. The major issue that continued to nag at my thoughts was the relationship between the main character Okonkwo and his son Nwoye. We see through the book that these two characters, with their vastly different character traits, can […]

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Belief Children Chinua Achebe Computer Software Database Relation Technology Things Fall Apart
Cultural Diamond Essay Example
9726 words 36 pages

Cultural Diamond in 3D? (Diamond in the Rough): Clarifying the Relationship between Media Studies and Cultural Sociology By Peter Brinson The nascent field of cultural sociology can be described as anything but unified. Its multidisciplinary roots and influences have left a lasting imprint on scholarly activity in this broad field of study: classical social theorists, […]

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Calculating Beta for Compuware Co. Essay Example
537 words 2 pages

When calculating beta for publicly traded companies on financial websites, the methods used can vary. Beta is a measure of an asset’s risk compared to the market, but different websites have different assumptions and therefore calculate beta with different values. This can result in a variance in beta as high as 0. 50. In order […]

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The Fox and the Hound Essay Example
669 words 3 pages

The relationship between Tod and Copper was like the relationship between black and white kids in the 1970s. Whilst their parents would be against it, they see no harm in playing with each other. People are expected to conform to their roles they have in society. I chose this particular movie because not only is […]

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Child Computer Software Database Dating Film Analysis Friendship Relation Social Institution Technology
Market Orientation Essay Example
991 words 4 pages

According to Pride et al. (2007), marketing is the process of creating, distributing, promoting, and pricing goods, services, and ideas in order to facilitate satisfying exchange relationships with customers in a dynamic environment. The concept of marketing highlights an organization’s aim to meet consumers’ needs and desires by providing goods and services. By doing so, […]

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Competition Computer Software Customer Database Marketing Relation Technology
Contending Theories of International Relations Essay Example
292 words 2 pages

Chapter 1: Theoretical Approaches to International Relations Since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and the tumult of the Central-Eastern European Theater there has been a major shift in the international community. The social science community studied the international state based on a bipolar framework present during the Cold War. Movement from Bipolarity […]

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Computer Software Database Philosophy Relation Science Social Science Technology Theory
A Gift- Commentary (Rahila Gupta) Essay Example
691 words 3 pages

‘A Gift’ by Rahila Gupta, is a short story about a two homosexuals, which traces fragments of the feelings and emotions of a chaste and somewhat intellectual relationship between two women, one being the dominant partner and the other the submissive one. She uses a vast variety of figures of speech, such as alliterations, metaphors […]

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Alliteration Children Computer Software Database Literature Relation Silence Technology
Taylor and Mayo Essay Example
645 words 3 pages

Classical Management advocated rational economic view, scientific management [Taylor et al], administrative principles [Fayol et al], and bureaucratic organization [Weber et al]; on the other hand, the neo-classical theory, emphasized on the human factor of management, which later helped develop the Behavioural Science Approach.While there were many management professionals and theorists who contributed to these […]

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Business Operations Computer Software Database Relation Scientific Management Technology Theory
Sydney Tourism Essay Example
1544 words 6 pages

Introduction In this paper, we primarily concentrate on examining the connection between the tourism industry and tourism destination. We use Sydney as a real-life example to analyze the management, marketing, and interrelationship between the industry and destination. The tourism industry offers numerous advantages, including some of the 6. Tourism plays a vital role in the […]

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Computer Software Database Government Infrastructure Innovation Law Management Relation Technology Tourism
Analysis of the General Environement of Bakhresa Group of Companies Essay Example
3502 words 13 pages

SYNOPSIS This report looks at the market forces involved in the influence of the Bakhresa Group of Companies expansion in the East African region and beyond. The report considers the position of the company in relation to its environment at this current time and offers possible solutions to its growth possibilities. It has grown out […]

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Computer Software Database Finance Inflation Minimum Wage Relation Society Tax Technology Wage
The Author to Her Book Essay Example
601 words 3 pages

American poet Anne Bradstreet manipulates a vast, dizzying array of metaphoric techniques in her most widely known poem. “The Author to Her Book” is an extended metaphor comparing the relationship of an author and her writings to the relationship between a parent and a child. Throughout the text, Bradstreet employs similes and metaphors to capture […]

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Books Child Computer Software Database Poetry Puritans Relation Technology
Industrial Relations – Centralised vs Decentralised Essay Example
3145 words 12 pages

The implementing of the Workplace Relations (Work Choices) Amendment Act 2005 (‘Work Choices’) by the federal Coalition government saw the most audacious industrial relations legislation enacted for the Australian community in over a century (Peetz, 2006). It was to be a central plank in the government’s stated aim of reform by decentralizing industrial relations laws […]

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Computer Software Database Employment Labor Law Politics Relation Society Technology Trade Union Work
Chocolat- claire denis Essay Example
1468 words 6 pages

Discuss some of the ways in which Claire Denim’s Chocolate uses familiar techniques in cinema to comment upon the relationship between the French Colonials and the native African inhabitants of French Cameroon. The theme’s of colonization and neocolonialism that are the driving force behind Claire Denim’s masterpiece Chocolate, can be highly attributed to her own […]

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Africa Child Colonialism Computer Software Database Film Editing Relation Society Technology War

Popular Questions About Relation

How do you define a relation?
A relation between two sets is a collection of ordered pairs containing one object from each set. If the object x is from the first set and the object y is from the second set, then the objects are said to be related if the ordered pair (x,y) is in the relation.
What is the example of relation?
For example, y = x + 3 and y = x2 – 1 are functions because every x-value produces a different y-value. A relation is any set of ordered-pair numbers. In other words, we can define a relation as a bunch of ordered pairs.
What is the full meaning of relation?
relation. / (rɪˈleɪʃən) / noun. the state or condition of being related or the manner in which things are related. connection by blood or marriage; kinship.
What is antonym relation?
Relational antonyms are word pairs where opposite makes sense only in the context of the relationship between the two meanings (teacher, pupil).
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