Tda 2.5 2.1 Essay Example
Tda 2.5 2.1 Essay Example

Tda 2.5 2.1 Essay Example

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  • Published: April 16, 2017
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The collaboration of school governors results in the formation of a governing body that operates alongside the school without interfering with its day-to-day operations, unless there is a major issue.

The responsibilities and powers of governors require the endorsement and cooperation of the head teacher and staff. The decisions made by governors contribute to creating a school that offers a high-quality education and a safe environment for both staff and children. Governing committees address various issues within the school, including staffing, finances, curriculum, and premises. They are also responsible for appointing a new head teacher, approving the school's budget, setting objectives, targets, and policies, as well as providing support to the head teacher. The senior management team in most schools consists of the head teacher, deputy head, assistant head, along with senior teachers, key stage leaders, special needs coord


inators, and business managers. Their roles are to help establish the school's direction and effectively manage it.

The role of the Head teacher is to lead and implement necessary changes in the school to provide students with the best education and environment. They will identify areas requiring improvement and develop a school plan to address those concerns. Moreover, they will supervise the school's budget, ensuring appropriate resources are acquired, and report on budget and staffing matters to the governors. Additionally, they will be responsible for hiring staff for different positions within the school.

Evaluate teaching ; learning, provide feedback to staff, and create a positive working environment for staff ; children. The Deputy Head would lead major projects, plan school development/improvement, promote good behavior, assist with monitoring teaching ; learning, and promote good teaching. The Assistant Head would

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act as deputy and assume the head teacher role when necessary. They would also look at pupil progress, set school improvement targets, and review long-term planning to ensure a variety of learning experiences throughout the school.

The Senco, or Special Educational Needs Coordinator, is responsible for overseeing and supervising the various aspects of the school's organization. Their duties include conducting meetings and creating agendas to ensure that school policies are effectively implemented. The Senco is a teacher with specialized training who focuses on addressing the special educational needs of students within the school community. They work closely with teachers and parents to provide assistance to students with special education requirements. Furthermore, they offer support to staff members working with these students and make sure that accurate information about their needs is collected and kept up-to-date.

The individuals will have various responsibilities related to managing the school's SEN policy. These responsibilities include daily management tasks, collaboration with teachers and staff, supervision of learning support assistants, communication with parents and caregivers of students with SEN, and assisting in staff training. Teachers are also responsible for managing student behavior and discipline and creating a safe learning environment that fosters trust and support between them and their students. Additionally, teachers have the responsibility of evaluating and enhancing student abilities. To promote active participation in the subject being taught, effective communication techniques should be utilized by teachers.

Teaching Assistants collaborate with teachers or teaching staff to offer educational support to students, including those with special needs. Responsibilities include helping manage the classroom, preparing and using necessary equipment and resources for lessons, and supporting students in their use of these tools. Additionally, it is

essential for them to keep accurate records and observations to ensure that students receive optimal educational benefits.

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