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Family Is the basic components of the society. And the parents are the most important source of youths behavior, which effect to their outlook In life.

There Is no such thing as the perfect family. Every family Is unique with Its own combination of strengths and weaknesses . Every family undergoes a certain problem, and these problems affect their children. Children, who are affected by these problems has a negative effect on their studies. Family problem is the most hindrance in the students academic performance. They might have low grades, they might absent in their class, and probably this might cause student to stop studying.

The more family problems there are, such as a depressed parent combined with a defiant teen-ager, the more challenging it will be to find the best combination of treatment solutions. Treatment would depend upon the nature of the problems and the willingness and ability of family members to participate. Some common problems that affects the student greatly In their academic performance are being a part of a big family, inancial problem of the family, being a part of a broken family, involvement of another person who does not belong In the family, and divorcing of the parents.These problem can be overcome on how the parents handle the situation.

Background of the Study Family problems prevail regardless of the familys condition. Economic, Social, Psychological and even moral status of families do affect especially the students performance in school. Student especially in the college level are greatly affected because they are at a stage when they need to be more conscientious in their life’s endeavor. The researchers were motivated to undertake a research study on the title, Family Problems of Students that Affect their Academic Performance.

It Is thus the declslon of the researchers to pursue this research with they believe that they may help lessen student’s failure. Scope of the Study The research covers on the effect of family problems of students in their academic performance. The research was held inside the school premises was composed of a lot of questions, random interviews, surveys and online referencing and researching over the internet. The study involves only students enrolled for the SY 2013-2014 who are experiencing certain problems in their family.Significance of the Study * For the Students By this study, the PMMS students particularly of Las Plnas City would be Informed on the causes and effects of family problems which they are experiencing.

The come up in their performance in school. * For the School Administrator The study would help the School Administration in finding a way in guiding the student who are experiencing this problem. The findings, conclusions, and ecommendations could be sound guide for the School Administration to develop activities or programs that could help the students come up with their studies in school.For the Instructors As the secondary parents of the students, the instructors would understand the students are experiencing and they could help in finding a way or giving solutions and advice them to overcome these problems.

* For the Parents In this research, parents would have an idea on how will they handle the situation in their family, so that their children could not be affected. For the Future Researchers With this study, future researchers would know some of the factors that leads the students to failure.

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