Aeon Big Advertisement Strategy and Advertisement Analysis Essay

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The biggest retail group from Japan is taken over Aeon Big on November 2012. Aeon Big are using many type of advertising to advertise their company. For instance, Aeon Big advertises through The Star Newspaper that issues the feature, news and current promotion about the company. Beside, Aeon Big is likewise advertising through the catalog. There have printed catalog and online catalog. Printed catalog are usually given to the third party who distribute the catalog from home to home and shop lots. Beside, the catalogs are also can obtain from the entrance of the store and customer services counter.

The customer can go through the catalog to know about their product offering, prices, specific promotion item and also the promotion period. In addition, Aeon Big has their own company website that distributes the information, such as the company profile, hiring the staff and also has the customer care line to communicate and receive feedback from customer. Inside the website the consumer also can found the current promotion, store location, gift card and also the news releases to their reach their customer. Aeon big are currently launching a 70 days Orange Campaign.

The objective of this campaign is to allow customer shop enjoyable with discounts and PWP while reinforcing brand awareness and capture public’s attention. In this campaign there are great discount that offered on a wide range of product assortment and the promotion are also be complemented with activities and contests to give away the prizes. Next, Aeon Big is also use social media Facebook, Twitter and also smart phone apps like Instagram to advertise their company. In their official Facebook and twitter account, there are many features; promotion and current issue will post on their timeline.

This is easy and convenience for Facebook and Twitter user to visit their company account and it is no cost to set up an account. Instagram is a smart phone app that provides a platform for user to share the picture and interact with other. Aeon Big use this apps to distribute information and Aeon Big are also use this apps to conduct “Capture N Win Contest” which users are required to capture with anything that are orange color and hashtag My Orange moment then the company will choose most creative picture among the contestant.

Brand Personality and Color This campaign is using orange color in their advertising. For example, the Aeon Big logo changes from red color to orange color. This shows that Aeon Big use orange color to personalize and build their brand image. Orange color is a color represents excitement, powerful, affordable, joyfulness. This color also can draws consumers attention quickly and easily. The example of advertisement is 20 I pad giveaway with purchase 100 and above, orange car are giveaway when in Ramadan and Hari Raya Celebration.

Refer to appendix 1) Low need for cognition (NFC) The advertisement of Aeon Big are prefer by the consumer who have low need for cognition that attracted to the background or peripheral aspect of an ads. These consumer groups are categorise into visualizer who no need more information in an ads and prefer visual information and product stress with visual. For example, Aeon Big advertisements are not adding more information and only have the title and the background. For example, Product Anthropomorphism

Aeon Big advertisement are also develop a product anthropomorphism strategy, it I attributing human characteristic to something is not human. In the Aeon Big advertisement, company is creating five characters of orange man and form a family. In these five characters we can found that a formation of brand personality indicates that the families are cheerful, happiness, warmth and etc. For example, the Happy Father’s Day, Happy Mother’s Day and let’s clean up now advertisement show the warmth, loving and happiness of a family. Refer appendix 3, 4, 5) Advertising is a form of communication for marketing and used to encourage, persuade, or manipulate an audience to continue or take some action. It is also a nonpersonal communication of information usually paid for and usually persuasive in nature about product, services or ideas by identified sponsors through the various media. Positioning is a marketing strategy that targets to make a brand occupy a unique place in the customer mind that can build trust and loyalty to the company.

Companies use this strategy either by emphasizing the distinguishing features of their brand or they may try to create suitable image through advertising. Advertising is very crucial to a company positioning. The hypermarket concept of Aeon Big offers one-stop shopping, self service, customer convenience facilities, free parking and low price on a wide range of merchandise line of food and non food products. Besides, it also plants in the customer’s mind that Aeon Big stands for value for money.

It also offer 100% refund policy that protects the consumer’s right against substandard goods. In addition, Aeon Big are also launched many promotion, quiz games and lucky draws to attract the customer attention. Aeon Big are also position themselves with their wide product assortment from fresh goods and groceries to toiletries and consumer electronic product that provide many choices to the customer so that consumer can enjoy the cheaper price compare to their competitor.

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