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In this report I am going discuss how the changes in ageing affect a person’s confidence and self-esteem.

How ageing affects confidence and self-esteem?

Aging is the process the body goes through overtime. Self-confidence focuses on being self-assured. It’s about being positive about yourself. Self-esteem is about how a person evaluates them-self.AgeismAgeing can be looked at differently depending on the person, for example many adults will recognise the needs and respect the older person as they know they will be there one day themselves whereas the younger age group do not really understand older people.

Several old people are discriminated and stereotyped by some people as they are looked upon as a problem in society. This could affect a person’s self-esteem and confidence as this fits into the disengagement theory. Maybe the older person may feel forced to disengage due to the discrimination.Memory loss is one of the most common psychological effects of aging. For many people, remembering everyday things becomes more difficult. Memory loss affects short-term memory more than long-term.

Losing a partnerLosing a partner can be a big shock and heart breaking for a person. This could cause the person to become depressed as it will be a very sad time in their life. The thought of being alone could scare an individual and could make them feel angry because their partner has left. Depression is common for an individual to suffer from if their partner dies. Throughout this time in the life an individual may need counselling or some sort of emotional support regarding the loss of a partner as for maybe 50 years had them the partner as support.

A person’s self-esteem maybe low at this stage as they might blame themself for the reasons their partner died and this may cause depression. An individual’s self-confidence will also be low as the person may not want to interact and communicate and be around other people. The person may want to be alone to sit quietly and remember all the good times between them and their partner.RetirementAs a person ages, health problems are more likely to occur they are more likely to be less mobile and interact socially, this may be quite stressful for an individual. Older people may feel separated from the world, maybe because they are not working anymore and not getting out as much. However for some people, after retirement they feel free and are excited about doing different activities.

Children will have moved out an older person may have the time now to enjoy and do things they never had time to do. Men probably more than women will find it hard to settle in the home as they may not have spent much time at home before because of being at work and working and providing would make a person feel good therefore being at home may lower their self-esteem by much as they might feel useless.Financial concernsMany older people aged around 65 own their own property and may have savings that they had saved from working in the past.Many older people will survive of their own expenses however some people will live in poverty. This can be stressful and hard with the individual struggling to pay for the basic essentials such as food and heating.

With the financial needs not being met, a person is more likely to turn ill and may become depressed and the stress linked to this could rise the blood pressure. Which then increases risks of heart disease. The amount of money the person receives will influence their self-esteem, if a person is struggling they may feel embarrassed to ask as they once provided for themselves which will also affect their self-confidence.Increased leisure timeIncreased leisure time is the total of spare time a person may get. It allows them to get involved in many activities.

These activities can help with a person’s physical, intellectual, and social state. The activities will include, walking, table tennis and problem solving.By doing these activities it builds up a person’s self-esteem and their self-confidence because this shows that they are capable of doing a variety of things and will be good for their health as they will feel good about their self and when you feel good about yourself the confidence increase additionally by doing these activities it could stop a person from getting illnesses.Culture, Religion and beliefsAll cultures have their own traditions and beliefs which they follow, other people need to take into account these factors.

All people should be treated equally and must not feel like they are being discriminated against. This will impact on the way a person behaves, interacts and the food they eat.Not all older people will respect all religions as they grew up in a different society and things have changed very much since then.How the physically changes affect a person’s self-esteem and confidence.

How does ageing affect the cardiovascular system?

Cardiovascular systemA person who is suffering from cardiovascular disease may be scared. Treatments are not always successful and major illnesses can take longer to treat additionally the person may feel isolated and hopeless and may feel depressed especially the people that are living in care homes.Respiratory systemIn the older age a person may have more of a chance of getting COPD or emphysema.The lungs and the chest muscles may not work as well as they did because the older person is getting weaker and this can be down to the circulation of the blood supply not working as well. This would have an effect on a person self-confidence and self-esteem they wouldn’t go out and socialise as much with other people.

Nervous systemProblems with the nervous system could make it hard for a person to communicate with others.This would affect Khan in a very bad way as he would be in huge difficulty and it would be extremely hard for him to communicate with other around him. This would result in Khan having a lack of confidence as he may feel timid of his difficulties in which he has to face. Also, his self-esteem would be lessened as he cannot complete in all the activities he wishes to as they may be some difficulty.Degeneration of the sense organs (Sight)A person self-esteem may be affected by this as they may feel left outThis would decrease Khan’s self-esteem as he would not be known too many people and he would feel left out, in which may cause him to become isolated.

How does ageing affect hearing?

Also his self-confidence may decrease as he would become less socialised and may begin to communicate less with the people around him.Degeneration of the sense organs (Hearing)If a person was hard of hearing, it would bring their self-esteem right down. It may be hard for a person to communicate and they may become frustrated. The self-confidence would decrease also as the person may look at themselves as different and not being like others.Cognitive changesCognitive problems could cause someone to have low self-esteem because they would be aware of the problems they are having which will then affect how confident the person is.

If an individual did activities this would stimulate the brain and may help increase a person’s self-esteem.MusculoskeletalIf a person was suffering from musculoskeletal disorder their self-esteem maybe low because they know that they have problems with their muscles, this could reduce their self-confidence stopping them from interacting and socialising with other people.SkinA persons confidence may be low because of the changes in appearance they may not feel very nice which will affect their self-esteem also.SmokingSmoking increases the chance of lung cancer, an older person may continue to smoke because it makes them less stressed however this may affect their confidence because they know its affects their health and also others may not be happy about them smoking because of this and the person knows this.

They may not feel good about themselves either and no it is not healthy and can cause problems with their health, if not already but find it hard to stop.Overall this assignment shows how that physical problems and the environment can have a big impact on a person’s self-esteem and self-confidence. The way a person thinks and feels about themselves changes a lot as a person go through the later stages in life.

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