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It is important for all employees to work as a team for the effective management of work, hence this employee who is self absorbed and anti- group work must be taught to be part of the team. This is because it is not enough to be only effective in one’s work as an individual, but also be successful as a team and a whole company.

There ought to be a shared understanding of the goals of the company and each member should be working towards this common goal. (www. effectivemeetings. com) When people work as a team, they share common responsibility and also accountability.

It makes each member of the group accountable to the other and the whole group accountable for the final outcome of a project. This can only be achieved through harmony and positive attitude of all the workers. All individuals should feel valued and value others in return. This will avoid creating divisions in the work force. Incorporating all staff into the team is important since one individual does not have all the knowledge.

Each person’s ideas need to be included, and each idea is improved on from contributions from other employees.Customers also have different expectations and needs. Therefore one employee’s experience with a particular customer is shared with the others and improves service to customers and employee’s skills. (www. effectivemeetings.

com) To effectively serve in her duties, the new, foreign employee will have to be trained on self confidence, apart from a language course. As team leader, it would be worthwhile to improve her communication skills, self confidence and understanding, in order to realize her full potential.Since teamwork is crucial in any organization, it would also be wise to look into the other employees’ relations with other team members and especially their response to the foreign lady. Ensuring that the new employee is comfortable with her work and other team members begins with the rest of the team. The rest of the team should be urged to listen to her ideas and understand and appreciate her difference in language ability.

They should be told to treat her with respect and answer her questions and offer their help whenever necessary.They should also be encouraged to use the most effective communication channel when in communication with her e. g. , email or group discussions. The team members’ response to the new staff member will go along way in improving her self confidence. www.

linkedin. com Since building self-confidence on its own will not reflect very directly on the customers as the services offered to them, it would be necessary to sponsor the employee for an English course, since she maybe relating to customers directly, this will improve her services to them and improve the image of the company as whole.It will also boost the employee’s confidence and trust and bring out the company as caring. Next would be to act on the employees work, with respect to her language. She should be urged to participate actively in the office, giving her suggestions and listening actively to other workers when they speak.

She should be encouraged to understand customers’ reaction to her as some might not be pleased with her language. It would also be helpful to advise her to re-delegate tasks that are so demanding on her language or that are too sensitive, to others, in order to keep customers’ interest satisfied.The company’s expectations of the employee should also be made clear in order to prevent conflicts through misunderstandings. Where possible, before her language is perfected, instructions should be translated and the employee left to serve customers of a similar language background for better understanding.

This will fasten her absorption into the normal operations of the company. www. linkedin. com.Work Cited “Business Communication”. 4th October 2007.

DBA Skills. 2nd April 2004. (www. effectivemeetings. com) “The Team Worker”.

4th October 2007. Managing Team Work. 12th January 2005 www. linkedin. com

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