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Marketplace: Handwork of India Essay Example
4192 words 16 pages

Introduction MarketPlace: Handwork of India is an innovative and unique not-for-profit organization that uses its proceeds exclusively to increase economic opportunities for low-income women in India and to further empower these women to bring about changes in their lives, their families and their communities. MarketPlace produces high-quality women’s apparel through 14 co-operatives in India and […]

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Cooperative India Marketing Sales
Report on Overview of Indian Banking Sector Essay Example
1545 words 6 pages

As a first step towards developing strategies for growth, this document aims to provide a detailed overview of the banking industry in India. The information will be divided into two main sections: an evaluation of the structure of Indian banks and an examination of financial institutions that function in a comparable manner. The report will […]

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Bank Banking Cooperative Money
Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation Essay Example
2085 words 8 pages

AMul Type : Cooperative Founded: 1946 Headquarters: Anand, India Industry: Dairy Revenue: $868 million USD (06-07) Employees: 2. 41 million milk producers. History Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF) is India’s largest food products marketing organisation. It is a state level apex body of milk cooperatives in Gujarat which aims to provide remunerative returns to […]

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College Cooperative Dairy Milk
Amul The Taste Of India Analysis Essay Example
208 words 1 page

Acknowledging the value of objective opinions, I would like to express my gratitude to all who have helped me achieve this report, whether directly or indirectly. Firstly, I extend my appreciation to “Prof. Sham Sharma Sir” for providing unwavering support throughout the research process, addressing both general and specific issues until the report was completed. […]

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Business Process Cooperative India Marketing
Amul The Taste Of India Essay Example
1082 words 4 pages

I want to express my gratitude to everyone who contributed their objective ideas and opinions to help me complete this report. I especially thank Professor Sham Sharma for his unwavering support, as he resolved our general and specific issues and assisted us with our research, until the report’s completion. I also gained knowledge about AMULINDIA […]

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Cooperative Dairy India Milk
Internship Report on Milkvita Essay Example
614 words 3 pages

Bangladesh Business investment in is seen to be encompassing around a what-to-do, or what not to do paradox towards hunting sectors to be ventilated by entrepreneurs. Moreover new investment the existing entrepreneurs are in a deep ocean of thoughts in deciding appropriate factors in their business. Neither the new entrepreneur fell safe in putting money […]

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Cooperative Dairy Internship Milk
Amul Story Essay Example
1182 words 5 pages

Its entry into ice cream was regarded as successful due to the large market share it was able to capture within a short period of time – primarily due to the price differential and the brand name. It also entered the pizza business, where the base and the recipes were made available to restaurant owners […]

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Cooperative Dairy Marketing Milk Religion
Rural Entrepreneurship-Opportunities and Challenges Persuasive Essay Example
659 words 3 pages

India lags behind the first world countries and some of its new world counterparts in the organized sector. An average Indian is widely believed to be a risk-averse individual and this tendency has traditionally led a huge section of skilled and semi skilled population of the country to look for a secure ‘naukri'(Job). However, this […]

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Agriculture Challenges Cooperative Entrepreneurship
Comparing Examples of Business Ownership and Objectives Essay Example
2525 words 10 pages

There exist three types of organizations: public sector, private sector, and voluntary sector. The public sector comprises organizations like NHS, Police force, and all publicly funded education facilities. The public sector is run by the government and has different objectives than the private sector. Rather than making a profit, their aim is to use any […]

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Cooperative Franchising Object
Amul: Deary Cooperative in India Essay Example
3333 words 13 pages

Abstraction: In this paper, we discuss a case study of AMUL, a dairy co-op in western India, that has successfully implemented a business model in a large emerging economy. AMUL’s innovative practices have played a key role in making India the world’s largest milk producer. Some of the strategies followed by AMUL can be helpful […]

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Cooperative Dairy India
Farmland Industries Inc. Essay Example
3203 words 12 pages

Introduction Today, when we hear the slogans “better farming, better food,” or “proud to be farmer owned” one company comes to mind, Farmland Industries. We may think of this of this fortune 500 company as a leading agricultural powerhouse, which it is, however, it was not always that way. Background Farmland Industries Inc. was founded […]

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Agriculture Business Operations Business Process Cooperative Management
Amul Research Essay Example
975 words 4 pages

India’s milk marketing systems consist of two types – non-cooperative (or private) and cooperative. The dairy industry in India is divided into organized and unorganized sectors, with the unorganized sector holding a dominant position in the market for milk and milk products. Approximately 86% of total milk production is managed by this sector, while the […]

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Business Process Cooperative Marketing Research
Advantages and disadvantages of dota Essay Example
1830 words 7 pages

To understand the history of DotA, one must begin from Starcraft. In the early days of Starcraft, there was a UMS (Use Map Settings) map called Aeon of Strife (AoS) made by a modder called Aeon64 that featured a cooperative game with four heroes facing off against endless waves of computer-controlled creeps in four lanes. […]

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Computer Software Cooperative Entertainment Games Graphics Software Technology
Cranberry Cooperative Association Essay Example
602 words 3 pages

In order to tackle operational efficiency issues, high overtime expenses, and lengthy delivery truck queues, the National Cranberry Cooperative should adopt the proposed solutions derived from our analysis of the case. Channel restructuring: Current manual grading practices often result in a misclassification of a large number of berries as superior grade, leading to excessive payment […]

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Business Process Cooperative Human Resources
Cooperatives Essay Example
547 words 2 pages

“How does value orientation of members, as a factor, affect the success and survival of Cooperatives particularly TUCC and PHCCI?” Cooperatives have long been in existence and have been operating since the medieval times. From the Rochdale society until the present, this institution has been a key to economic development and poverty alleviation within the […]

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Cooperative Ethics Poverty
Marketing and Selling Strategy of Amul Essay Example
672 words 3 pages

Amul is the biggest cooperative movement and market leader in India for a variety of dairy products including butter, whole milk, cheese, ice cream, dairy whitener, condensed milk, saturated fats, and long life milk. Amul has a unique business strategy that centers around providing cost-effective products to customers and supporting the farmers who both supply […]

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Brand Cooperative Strategy
Poa Sba – College Essay Example
1201 words 5 pages

Aims The purpose of completing this School Based Assessment for Principles of Accounts was having the opportunity of running a business with my classmates and applying accounting principles in a practical business environment. Another aim was to run the business as a team to make a profit and provide a stationery service to the St. […]

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College Cooperative Expense Finance
Saccos: Loan and Cooperative Financial Institutions Essay Example
2533 words 10 pages

THE STATUS OF RUSACCOs IN ETHIOPIA Presented to EACRAT Workshop held on 22 – 24 July 2008 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Presented by Berhane Kidanu Federal Cooperative Agency Background A comprehensive and structured assessment or study is not made to know the clear picture of RUSACCOs in the country. But as a practitioner and being engaged […]

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Cooperative Loan
Amul Story Narrative Essay Example
527 words 2 pages

The dairy cooperative in India called “Amul,” which originated in Anand in 1946, has a brand name derived from the Sanskrit word “Amoolya” meaning Precious. It is managed by Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd. (GCMMF), an apex cooperative organization. Currently, GCMMF is jointly owned by around 2.8 million milk producers in Gujarat, India. AMUL, […]

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Cooperative Dairy Marketing Narrative
Located in suitable manner Essay Example
2161 words 8 pages

The oldest bank in India, the State Bank of India, was established in June 1806. It is currently the largest commercial bank in the country. In 1935, the Reserve Bank of India took over central banking responsibilities from the Imperial Bank of India. After gaining independence in 1947, the Reserve Bank was nationalized and granted […]

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Automotive Bank Commercial Bank Cooperative Financial Services Investment Marketing

Popular Questions About Cooperative

What is the main purpose of a cooperative?
The main purpose of a cooperative organization is to earn profit. i. The main motive of a cooperative organization is to render service to its members and weaker section of the society. ii. In cooperative organization people come together on the basis of equality and unity for the purpose of promoting and protecting common interest.
What are the benefits of a cooperative?
BENEFITS OF COOPERATIVES. They provide market leverage to small producers victimized by powerful cartels or sole-source companies. The following are associated benefits: • Lower co-operatives benefit from larger business volume. designed to maximise the long term qualitative and quantitative benefits of the members.
What are characteristics of cooperative?
Traditionally, the defining characteristics of a cooperative business are that the interests of the capital investor are subordinate to those of the business user, or patron, and returns on capital are limited. Cooperative control is in the hands of its member-patrons, who democratically elect the board of directors.
What is an example of cooperative?
Examples:Berkeley Student Cooperative: A student housing cooperative mostly serving full-time students at the University of California.Co-op City, Bronx: Located in the Bronx in northeast New York City, this is the largest cooperative housing development in the world.Greenbelt Homes, Inc.: A cooperative of 1,600 homes in Greenbelt, Maryland.
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