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These are the life stages of the late Jade Cerisa Lorraine Goody and in this assignment I will be writing on the following stages of her life.Conception:Jackiey budden and Jade Goody’s father Andrew Robert Goody had been in a relationship and they had decided to have a baby. The sequence begun with Jade Goody’s father ejaculating during copulation, which followed the release of an ovum from Jade Goody’s mother Jackiey budden ovary which is referred as ovulation. Jade’s father had then fertilized his sperm in Jade’s mother’s ovum, which is called fertilization.

In some rare cases some women are born without ovaries which cause complications and they cannot have children therefore there is another option which is IVF which may cost; also men may have complications too for e.g. sperm deficiency which may be a barrier for men to not have children. However Jackiey and Andrew were fully able to conceive and have a baby.

* The image shows the sperm fertilizing in the eggWhen the fertilization has taken place, the nuclei is then formed this is a first cell of a new life. The cell then moves gradually into the fallopian tubes to the uterus and attaches onto the lining of the uterus which is called implantation. With this cell it will eventually grow and develop into Jade. This cell continues to grow and becomes an embryo.

At this point Jackiey was pregnant and her first trimester had begun.Pregnancy:The first trimester in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. Jackiey budden had then had to be very wary of what and what she could do during her pregnancy for e.g.

she had to be careful with what she had to eat so she had to keep a healthy lifestyle in order to have a healthy baby. At the first stages of pregnancy women usually have morning sickness Jackiey budden would have that early in the mornings and she’d have craves for odd foods for e.g. cravings for ice and chocolates. At this stage of the pregnancy Jade was still an embryo and was developing in a ball of cells.When the 14th week of being pregnant starts which was the 2nd trimester of the pregnancy.

The commons symptoms had eased off a bit and reduced which meant she had more energy than before. In the meanwhile the lining of Jackiey’s uterus the ball of cells which is Jades continued to grow and develop. The facial features and hair were starting to position into place and she started to suck and swallow.After all the developing and growing of the ball of cells in the uterus Jackiey had reached up to 25 weeks of her pregnancy, which was the end of the 2nd trimester. Which then the embryo becomes a fetus at this point Jade’s eyes begin to develop more so she could open them also she had the sense of sound and could hear things from out of her mothers stomach. The sounds that baby Jade could hear from the outside world can be a bad affect on the baby too.

If the mother is undergoing stress it can give a bad impact to baby Jade. Some researches have shown that stress can lead to a lot of things for e.g. it can affect the baby’s brain from developing or the immune system.A baby at 25 weeks old.Jackiey has now reached 32 weeks of her pregnancy, Jade started to grow quicker and bigger.

Her body had completely formed for e.g. her fingers, toes, nails and her vagina. During this stage of the pregnancy the baby tends to sleep more, also Jackiey uterus is becoming a smaller space for Jade to move around in as the time is near for Jade to be given birth to. At this stage the baby’s head should be engaged to the mother’s vagina which Jade’s head was, and at Week 40 Jackiey had given birth to Jade on the 5th June 1981 and she weighed 7lbs 5oz.Andrew Robert Goody, with his new born daughter Jade Goody.

Birth/Infancy:Jade had just begun a new life and come into a new world and she was an infant. At this point Jade had just started to adapt to the new surroundings, she would mostly sleep, cry, and be breastfed by her mother. At this stage it isn’t a lot for an infant and it may be boring for others around the baby but it takes a lot for the baby to take in and get used to. When the baby would cry it would be a signal for the baby is hungry and would need breastfeeding or the baby’s nappy would need changing.

These are indicators for the mother to pick up on when the baby is making the sad facial expressions.Infants then begin to learn new things for e.g. knowing who their parents are by looking at them all the time and recognizing their faces. When a baby cries it just shows that they are adjusting to the new world of theirs and all babies cry when they are infants it’s just a natural thing. When Jade would cry loads her mother would pick jade up and sway her and put her on her shoulder and tap her back to comfort her.

This is vital as it is a form of communication between mother and daughter which is essential.A mother comforting her babyAt the age of 3 months Jade’s head and neck muscles started to become stronger and develop more. This allowed her to roll over and lift her head a bit, her body become stronger by time she was able to kick her legs and put her hand in her mouth and wave her hands around. Jade could also not exactly talk but make baby noises to get her parents attention especially her mothers. At this stage Jackiey would say to Jade who her mum and dad are and Jade would look at them for a long time so she was familiar with her parents. Jade would smile at times when her mother was being affectionate and loving to her daughter this was a natural thing but it was showing that Jade’s brain was developing and programming well.

At the age of 6 -7 months, Jade started eating solid foods as at this age she could eat solid foods as she was old enough. Jade would try new types of baby foods also her body was becoming stronger day by day. At this stage Jade could start to crawl and grab hold of objects and her toys at this period of time she was exploring in her new little world wit her parents so anything she would see she would grab hold of it and look at it and play with it.Jade reached the age of 1 and she had developed a lot of skills over the months she could communicate more with her parents and others which was brilliant.

Jade had picked up a few common words that most babies pick up for e.g. ‘Mama’ and ‘Dada’. At this stage Jade knew full well who her parents were and she could stand up straight and walk a little but then fall over as she wasn’t fully able to walk she would stand against something to keep her balance to prevent her from falling and hurting herself.

Jade knew what not to do as her parents would change their tone of voice if she did something naughty she automatically knew it was wrong and she wouldn’t repeat it again.This shows she knew what would anger her parents which was a good thing as her brain had fully developed and she would understand. At this age babies are very attached to their mothers and would hang onto them all the time and wouldn’t want their mothers to disappear at all as they would automatically think their mother isn’t going to come back. Jade’s mother and father had broken up when she turned the age of 2 so her mother had taken the full responsibility of Jade, Jackiey had brought Jade up in a place called Bermondsey.

As time went on Jade had reached the age of 3 she could walk and she was a confident 3 years old. She could do more physical things for e.g. she could colour in her coloring books, she could speak a full sentence without stuttering and stammering, she could also do her ABC and numbers which was great. Jade would play with others at nursery and make a effort with other toddlers which was good as it give a good confident boost to jade.

Childhood:At the age of 4 jade could run and be a bit independent by walking up and down the stairs and using the toilet by herself sometimes, but at times she would wet the bed and her mother would have to clean the bed. Jade was able to eat on the table on her own with her utensils without having her mother to feed her but at times she would make a mess and her mother would have to clean her face. Jade was able to speak fluently and ask for things she developed in her speaking skills which was good as at the age of 4 it is good to speak. Jade would use hand gestures for attention also she would bite her mother when she was in a angry mood if her mother didn’t pamper her and made her do something she disliked.

Jackiey would tell Jade off for doing these bad habits as in the future it would get her in some trouble especially in school if she did that to her teachers or class friends.5 years went on and Jade was at the age of 9 years old, she was growing up doing what all 9 year olds would do. Her interests were swimming, dancing, and being a drama queen. She had changed as she was growing up so her facial features and other bodily parts were changing and growing as she was reaching to puberty and the teenage age. Jade’s wisdom teeth were developing so her baby teeth were falling out.

She was into her girly things for e.g. dolls, doing her hair and playing with make up as she was growing up and wanted to do what older girls liked to do. Jade would do her school homework alone too and she would help her mother with the house chores so she was maturing for her age and taken up responsibility.

Adolescence:When Jade reached the age of 10 she was developing pubic hair under her arms and on her vaginal area as it was part of puberty. She began her menstrual cycle which meant her hormones were going to affect her lifestyle for e.g. the menstrual cycle can give bad hormones like being moody and having cramps and back pain etc. This meant Jade was growing up and becoming an average teenager who would go through certain phases for e.g.

going out with friends oftenly and not being part of family do’s.Jade would have an attitude at times due to her hormones and would answer back to her mother and would be lazy in doing house chores and would want to go out and spend time with her friends and having sleepovers like the average teenage girls would do. She was getting more clever and understanding things more and would use her own brain to do things for e.g. she could make her own decisions without her mother’s opinion on it.Jade has now reached the age of 18.

She is able to do anything she likes for e.g. Going out clubbing and buying a house for herself as she was old enough to. Jade had a boyfriend at this age and she was busy with her love life more than anything else.

She was just a normal 18 year old who would love to go clubbing and get drunk and have a good laugh with her friends and boyfriend. Jade was independent and responsible for her own actions as she was a grown adult and had to make her own decisions in life. Jade was very much interested in media and publicity and she wanted to go onto reality shows later on in life as it was her dream since she was young because she was very much a drama queen.Adulthood:At 19 jade was still going through her teenage phase but not as much as before as she had calmed down.

She had to pull herself together if she wanted to fulfill her dream therefore she had to stop her bad habits. At the age of 20/21 Jade came into the public spotlight whilst appearing on the Channel 4 reality TV programme ‘Big Brother’ in 2002. Jade became a dental nurse which was a big achievement for her. This then led to her own television programmes and the launch of her own products and brands.

In 2003 she made another public appearance in the Big Brother show. Also she had her first baby boy in 2003 named Bobby and she brought him up in Upshire a village in Essex. In 2004 she had another baby boy named Freddie.After 4 years in 2007, Jade was on the Big Brother show where she was accused of racial remarks and bullying towards her housemate ‘Shilpa Shetty’ the Indian actress.

Jade had then admitted her actions had been wrong and she made public apologies. In 2008 Jade had appeared on the Indian ‘Big Boss’ which was the Indian version of Big Brother however she left that and returned to the UK after being told she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. In February 2009 after the cancer was diagnosed, she was told that it was terminal which meant it was not curable. Jade had married her boyfriend Jack Tweed on the 22nd of February 2009.

Final life stage:Jade had sadly passed away a month after her wedding, in the early hours of 22nd of March 2009. Jade had left all her loved ones behind her little boys Bobby and Freddie. Their lives had been turned upside down as their mother had left them they were absolutely devastated. The final ever episode of Big Brother on Channel 4 featured a 15 minute tribute to Jade Goody hailing her as the ultimate Big Brother contestant. This was the end of Jade Goody’s life she had left everything behind all her loved ones could do is hang onto the good memories with her.

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