Topanga Lawrence Personality Character Analysis Essay Example
Topanga Lawrence Personality Character Analysis Essay Example

Topanga Lawrence Personality Character Analysis Essay Example

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In the show Boy Meets World one of the characters that is my favorite and seems to have one of the best personalities is Topanga Lawrence. Boy Meets World was a comedy-drama series that shows the life of the main character Cory Matthews. It chronicles the events and life lessons Cory, his family, and friends experience. The show takes place in suburban Philadelphia, starting off with young Cory Matthews and his friends in Middle School.

His best friend, Shawn Hunter is something like his partner in crime, they share every experience together and treat each other like brothers. Later in the show Topanga Lawrence is introduced as a girl that Cory and Shawn at first make fun of and pick at because of her eccentric personality. As the show progresses we see the characters grow up t


ogether in high school and in college and Cory and Topanga grow to fall in love with each other and Shawn still remains their best friend. Through out the series we learn about life lessons through the experiences the characters share with each other and their families.

The three main characters are of the show are Cory, Shawn, and Topanga. All three of them grow to be friends but before that Cory and Shawn wanted nothing to do with Topanga. When the characters where in their middle school years Topanga to them was an outcast, eccentric, and strange girl. Of course the boys were in middle school and were not interested in girls but even when they became interested they still thought that Topanga was one girl they could never even relate to. Topanga as a young girl was an eccentric

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character, she often was a happy girl and very much about peace and serenity.


She was known as the eccentric hippie with interests in the supernatural phenomena. She would often share the strangest facts and share her eccentric behavior to her peers often, which made them think that she was one crazy hippie. As she grows up we see a change in Topanga. She learns to fit in a little more with other girls and starts friendships with guys. She becomes very mature at a pretty young age and seems to be more calm and collected, no longer showing her eccentric, hippie lifestyle almost as if that was a completely different girl.

In high school she becomes a smart, responsible teenager. She is a perfectionist in all her academics and tries to still keep her social life with her peers. High school is when Cory develops more of a crush on her realizing how much she has changed. Her personality went from freaky to a very matured teenage girl. She was always a happy, feel good girl with a peaceful mentality, and that was what Cory was intrigued by. She was always the one that showed Cory how much she cared about him and how he made her smile and be happy.

When Cory saw all this from Topanga he could not help but think about how happy he is around her. He mentioned in the show how her personality lit up the room making him always happy and smile. As she grows she learns how life can be so bittersweet and yet she always is optimistic. She learns how to be a realist more than an idealist

and faces hard times in her life sometimes but she learns to get through them with the help of Cory, her friends, and family and still ends up being a happily married and successful individual by th end of the series.

Topanga’s personality would most likely fit under the Humanistic personality theory. In the first couple seasons of Boy Meets World, her hippie style and personality made her peers think she may be from another world, but Topanga found herself happy and with inner peace. The Humanistic theory suggests that the individual has an inherent worth that all people are born intentionally good even though some people’s actions may not be positive it does not deny the value of a person.

Even though people choose to act negatively that does not mean that people were born bad and all people are bad human beings, just that their actions may not be for the better, but who are we to judge. Topanga shows that type of personality through the fact that peers who were negative surrounded her, made fun of her, or acted in a rude way towards her, but that never got to her. She always believed that people would grow out of the negative lifestyles they lived. She herself had her ups and downs in life especially when her parents were getting divorced. Topanga then started to believe more in reality than ideality.

She questioned her love life with Cory then and how she can be happy if she saw her own parents’ marriage fail. Even though her life was tough, Topanga only realized that her life should not be affected by others’ bad behaviors. Her life

was different than her peers or parents, she was happy through personal growth and self-knowledge. She realized these things only helped her achieve personal growth and understanding. So Topanga Lawrence would be known to be a humanistic individual that went through life happy and at peace, because she tried to be as good as a person can get.

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