Patriotism Is Import
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To be honest I always though America was meant for people who wanted to have freedom and justice. I always love my country. I started interviewing friends and family. While I was doing it and hearing every one opinion I started to have second thoughts about what patriotism meant to me. Mark Twain once said […]

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Patriotism is something that all citizens of a nation have or lack. Some say that patriotism is poetic in its own essence and it would only make sense for poets to write about this subject. E. E. Cummings inscribed his views of patriotism in a poem. At first glance the poem can be seen as […]

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Gallipoli movie
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How does Archie feel about the war? Do you think this is typical for most young men of the time? Archie desperately wants to go to war. He thinks of it as an adventure and wants to see the world like his uncle had. He has a sense of national pride and feels he owes […]

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“Patriotism by Yukio Mishima
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Many people consider suicide a moral incorrect or cowardly in that it is taking the easy manner out of a tough state of affairs. And. by our modern criterions. that is typically the instance. But. in the instance of the narrative. “Patriotism. ” written by Yukio Mishima. the self-destruction Lieutenant Shinji and his married woman […]

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How the views of Poets on war and patriotism have changed since the 1900s
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I would like to examine how the views of war and patriotism have changed since the 1900s. To do this I will be studying three poems: “Vitai Lampada” written in 1892 by Henry Newbolt, “Disabled” written by Wilfred Owen during World War 1 and a modern poem called “Why Patriots are a Bit Nuts in […]

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Patriotism and Anger
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The mirrors write up of the Euro ’96 match demonstrated several interessting aspects of news reporting. The journalists at the ‘Daily Mirror’ used a wide range of patriotism and anger. In my commentary i will be exploring how the mirror exploits language, visual images and presintation in order tom entertain and engage their reader, i […]

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Shinto as Japanese Patriotism and World Religion
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Shinto is the earliest and most distinctive of the Japanese religions according to The Japanese Today: Change and Continuity(1995) book. The question is: How is Shinto as a reverential form of Japanese patriotism and as a world religion? Can these two be differentiated? Taking Shinto as a reverential form of Japanese patriotism is good to […]

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Patriotism in Malaysia
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The compulsory national service training ‘programme is intended to foster the spirit of patriotism, encourage racial integration, and develop “positive and noble traits” among the younger generation’ (Malaysiakini 13/6/2003). The targeted group is our youth of about 18 years. The object of this programme was expressed by Defence Minister Najib Tun Razak, who chairs the […]

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