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Stalin and Russia, 1929-41 Essay Example
1439 words 6 pages

Background – The New Economic Policy (NEP) 1921-28.1. Communists take their ideas from the writings of Karl Marx (1818-83) see page 4 of Nichol & Shephard. Marx argued that private ownership led to exploitation. Instead, Marx wanted all shops, businesses and farms to be owned by the community and the profits spent on schools, hospitals […]

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Law Left-Wing Politics Socialism Soviet Union
How far did Stalin, to 1939, continue the policies of Lenin? Essay Example
740 words 3 pages

Stalin claimed to be an allegiant follower of Lenin’s Marxist legacy. But practically, his heavy revision of Lenin’s policies made this claim doubtful. This essay will discuss both sides, on what Stalin had enshrined or extended, and what he had discarded from Lenin’s legacy.Politically, the core of Lenin’s party ethos, namely Socialism was preserved. Stalin […]

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Joseph Stalin Law Politics Socialism Vladimir Lenin
How and why did Stalin rise to power? Essay Example
1570 words 6 pages

Vladmir Lenin was the leader of the Bolsheviks who seized power in November 1917. He died in January 1924 after a series of strokes that left him completely paralysed, and eventually killed him. When he died, he left no clues as to whom he wanted to succeed him as ruler of the USSR, even though […]

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Joseph Stalin Law Left-Wing Politics Marxism Politics Socialism Soviet Union Vladimir Lenin
1984 Against Totalitarianism and for Democratic Socialism Essay Example
862 words 4 pages

“In the essay Why I Write, Orwell explains that all the serious work he wrote since the Spanish Civil War in 1936 was “written, directly or indirectly, against totalitarianism and for democratic socialism. ” Indeed, Nineteen Eighty-Four is an anti-totalitarian cautionary tale about the betrayal of a revolution by its defenders. He already had stated […]

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Communism George Orwell Nineteen Eighty-Four Socialism
Bismarck’s Political Control in Germany, 1878-1890
1922 words 7 pages

How successful was Bismarck in maintaining his political control in Germany in the years 1878 to 1890? Bismarck set about trying to achieve his political objects by always siding with the party that would help him facilitate his needs. The years from 1871 to 1878 were known as Bismarck’s “Liberal Era” because Bismarck was sided […]

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German Germany Left-Wing Politics Liberalism Socialism Success
Role of Trade Unions in South Africa Essay Example
2429 words 9 pages

The essence of the discussion is to outline the role of trade unions from its traditional role as compared to its role now in contemporary times most notably in post-Apartheid South Africa. One aims to look at how trade unions have coped with the changing nature of work as the traditional role of the worker […]

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Employment Socialism Trade Trade Union
Ernesto Che Guevara’s Impact on Society and the Politic Essay Example
931 words 4 pages

Revolution has been taking place throughout many centuries in various methods and it has made both a positive and negative impact on society. Revolutions have a basic fundamental idea, which is to make a change in the government or social order in favor of a new system. A revolution usually Is better change for the […]

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Capitalism Politics Revolution Socialism Society
Influence of Classical School Essay Example
4093 words 15 pages

Classical schools of thought refers to ideas fronted by humanism, Marxism and positivism. In this discussion we shall look to the extent at which these ideas lay foundation or basis for the various African intellectual writings and thinking. We shall also highlight on key concepts the scholars adopt from the main stream writings or views […]

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Colonialism Law Marxism Politics Socialism
The Analysis of Yukichi Fukuzawa Essay Example
1538 words 6 pages

He played a leading role in the development of Japan’s education system based on the ideas of Western civilization. The Autobiography of Which Buzzard is a book dictated by Buzzard offers a vivid portrait of the intellectuals life story and a rare look inside the formation of a new Japan. This book gives his accounts […]

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Education Japan Law Politics Socialism
Socialism Is An Economic And Political Philosophy Essay Example
227 words 1 page

Socialist countries use centralized planning to achieve their objectives, although they are often democratic. Socialists oppose the focus on individualism and profit-driven competition that are key elements of capitalism. Instead, they prioritize cooperation and social responsibility as methods to attain a more equitable distribution of income and opportunities, thereby lessening disparities between the wealthy and […]

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Socialism Tax Welfare
The Paris Peace Settlement Essay Example
998 words 4 pages

The autumn of 1918 saw the Mid-European Confederacy suffer a military catastrophe. This event acted as a trigger for political upheavals within its member states. Although Socialists incited some of the revolutions, they all turned out to be mild and largely promoted democratic nationalism over radical social reform. Prince Maximilian, the Chancellor in Germany tasked […]

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Government Peace Socialism Weimar Republic
India’s Five Years Plan Essay Example
2900 words 11 pages

India’s Five Years Plan BY abhiJitoo Origin Five year plans were first introduced in the erstwhile Soviet Union in 1928 for controlled and rapid economic development. Much of the Soviet industrial successes are a result of the implementation of its five year plans. In 1950, India’s prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru, impressed by the Soviet system, […]

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India Policy Socialism Soviet Union
Coffee Shop Marketing Plan Essay Example
965 words 4 pages

Coffee Break is a alone java shop/local saloon that is organized to seek and ease new religious friendly relationships and singles can run into. Coffee Break will ever offer a assortment in the bill of fare and miscellaneous java drinks in concurrence with a structured conversation system. It will besides be a topographic point where […]

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Coffee Marketing Plan Socialism Starbucks
Why did the Liberal governments of 1905 – 15 introduce welfare reforms Essay Example
720 words 3 pages

There were a variety of reasons why the Liberal governments of 1905 – 15 introduced so many welfare reforms, but perhaps the most important reason was the need for national efficiency.Many Liberals saw the growing need for national efficiency and this being emphasised by growing economic threat from the USA and Germany. The way in […]

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Government Liberalism Poverty Socialism Welfare
To What Extent Did Stalin Successfully Socialise Russian Society Essay Example
1878 words 7 pages

During the period after the collapse of the Tsarist regime of Nicholas II, and the rise of the Bolshevik party headed by Lenin and then Stalin, Russia underwent serious, complex and far reaching reforms both physically through industrial revolution and economic planning but also as a society, particularly under Stalin.Under Stalin Russian Society underwent a […]

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Communism Socialism Society Soviet Union Success
Joseph Stalin Analysis Essay Example
1432 words 6 pages

I think that Stalin’s political powerbases were one of the main reasons he emerged as leader of Soviet Russia by the end of 1929. Obviously there were other factors that aided him, such as the alliances he formed, and even his personality. Obviously I don’t think that it was all down to one factor alone […]

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Communism Joseph Stalin Socialism Soviet Union
An Inspector Calls Play Essay Example
1369 words 5 pages

An Inspector Calls is a play written by J. B Priestley in 1944 and was first performed in 1946. Priestley set the play in 1912, a time of change and conflict between Edwardian Capitalist values and emerging Socialist Ideals. Throughout the play Priestley conveys political messages, (in the limelight at the time), by creating microcosms […]

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An Inspector Calls Capitalism Socialism
An Inspector Calls, Analysis of Inspector Goole Essay Example
2421 words 9 pages

J. B Priestly started to write in 1911; his plays usually exposed a hidden message or moral. One of the two, this was used to get his message across. He had an immense amount of courage, as he was not at all afraid to speak his mind; he enjoyed and got a thrill from political […]

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An Inspector Calls Capitalism Play Socialism Titanic
How Does Priestley Use A Play That Seems To Be About An Ordinary Middle-class Family Essay Example
1369 words 5 pages

Upon initial inspection, it may seem that “An Inspector Calls” revolves around a typical Edwardian bourgeois household and the mystery of whodunit; however, a more thorough analysis reveals Priestley’s intention for the work to function as a parable through which he can project his political opinions to others. Before his current broadcast, Priestley had previous […]

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An Inspector Calls Family Middle Class Socialism
How Does Priestly Present the Character of Mr Goole in An Inspector Calls Essay Example
1865 words 7 pages

Inspector Goole id the main character in the play An Inspector Calls which was written by J. B. Priestley in 1945 (after the two world wars) however was set in 1912 (just before the first war) a time when politics and the economy were just starting to re-establish themselves . It can be interpreted in […]

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An Inspector Calls Capitalism Irony Socialism
The ways in which Priestley conveys a socialist message in An Inspector Calls Essay Example
1539 words 6 pages

An Inspector Calls is set in 1912, just before the beginning of World War One, however it was written in 1944-5, and was first performed in 1945 as the Second World War ended. Priestley survived the First World War, but bitterly disliked it. So when the Second World War came around, he began to question […]

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An Inspector Calls Capitalism Message Social Class Socialism
How successful were Stalin’s economic policies in the 1920s and 30s Essay Example
1661 words 7 pages

The main changes that Stalin made to industry during his reign were to disestablish Lenin’s N.E.P. (new economic policy), introduce his five-year plans (this affected agriculture as well as industry), and to take the economy under state control: this is called nationalization.With a policy of nationalization, Stalin had replaced the prospect of privatization, a key […]

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1920S Communism Socialism Soviet Union Success

Popular Questions About Socialism

What are the bad things about socialism?
Socialism is bad because it is condescending, inefficient, and immoral. Webster defines “socialism ” as: …any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods.
What exactly does socialism mean?
Socialism is a range of economic and social systems characterised by social ownership and workers' self-management of the means of production as well as the political theories and movements associated with them.
What is the problem with socialism?
The Problem with Socialism. Because socialists reward those who treat money poorly and penalize those who treat money well, the system will never work. True, advocates of wealth redistribution can point to circumstances where it did “work,” and where it does “work” from time to time (if only for a limited time).
What are the advantages and disadvantages of socialism?
Some of the disadvantages of a socialist economy include less competition, reduced incentive to work and reduced prosperity. Socialism is a system that emphasizes cooperative economic management and state ownership of the means of production.
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