Activism is a commonly practiced social action in many countries and parts of the world. It involves a dogged will and determination to pursue a cause which is mostly political goals. Efforts carried out to achieve these goals are usually in form of verbal expressions, demonstrations, and protests.

The central idea of this social movement is to promote and assist social, economic, political, and societal issues towards the desired result of transformation and progress. Different activism topics for essays cover other prevailing issues that lead to the promotion of this practice. With more activism essay examples, you will discover various reasons and purposes of activists around.

Activism occurs in our everyday life through different demonstrative acts. These actions often come in various forms attributing to the goals set to achieve.

An activism essay will provide a clearer picture of this concept. Nonetheless, there are various forms of social advocacy depending on the cause which often acts like protests, boycotts, strikes, social media campaigns, letters and petitions, hunger strikes, marches, and rallies.

Are pressure groups good for democracy? Essay Example
780 words 2 pages

Pressure groups are organisations whose members share common interests and seek to influence governments. They can be classified in several different ways but the most important distinction is between insider and outsider groups. They are organisations that want to change policy but do not want to become the government. They focus on particular issues or […]

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Activism Democracy Policy Political Science Pressure
Anne Moody’s Journey Essay Example
742 words 2 pages

The first step Moody took on her journey of activism was to join the NAACP and SNCC. The majority of work done by Anne Moody while working for these two organizations was voter registration drives. During Moody’s stay at college, she would often travel to the delta and stay in the Freedom House. Here, Moody […]

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Activism Civil Rights Movement Human Rights Journey
Cesar Chavez Essay Example
1495 words 3 pages

One of the greatest civil rights activists of our time; one who believed the ways of Gandhi and Martin Luther King that “violence can only hurt us and our cause” (Cesar Chavez); a quiet, devoted, small catholic man who had nothing just like those he help fight for; “one of America’s most influential labor leaders […]

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Activism Labor Law Politics Trade Union
The Hard Times Of The Late 1830S And 1840S In The Uk Essay Example
916 words 2 pages

Reform Bill of 1832 gave birth to a political movement named Chartism. Chartism was a movement based on improving the political, social, and economic conditions of the working class and is considered the first mass working class movement in the world.The main points of the Chartist movement are defined in the People’s Charter, a document […]

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Activism College Government United Kingdom
Vietnam war protest and the music Essay Example
1477 words 3 pages

It was the y nouns Americans who stood up to voice their opinions concerning this war and create De an antiwar culture whose ideology has continued to have a profound impact on American society up to the present day. Due to the opposition towards Vietnam War, the ere were a number of demonstrations, particularly among […]

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Activism Democracy International Relations Protest Vietnam Vietnam War
Famous people and the Vietnam war Essay Example
330 words 1 page

The Vietnam War remains today to be one of the most memorable and long-standing conflicts in recent history In which the US involvement has played a huge role. This paper shall discuss and highlight certain people in America who opposed the Vietnam War and the role they played in trying to end the war. The […]

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Activism Human Rights People Religion Vietnam
Activism in America Essay Example
3000 words 6 pages

During the 1960’s and 1970’s the United States was experiencing a myriad of urban unrest. Three activist movements played distinct roles in humanity and its progress: the American Indian Movement, the African-American Movement, and the Mexican-American Movement. Each developed from inequalities and unjust treatment toward a particular group. By bringing an opposing position believers of […]

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Activism Black People Civil Rights Movement Rosa Parks
Student Protests Essay Example
3667 words 8 pages

Although student protests can be traced back to the 1920s the turbulent clashes between students and police that characterize the student portests of the 1960s and 1970s serve as a defining era for the history of student civil disobedience. Officials from the Uiversity of Bridgeport, Connecticut in 1990 said that while student protests have grown […]

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Activism Human Rights Protest Student Violence
Student Protesters in the 1960’s were just a bunch of kids rebelling against their parents views Essay Example
671 words 2 pages

Source A shows figures of student enrolment in the USA. These figures clearly show that more women are attending university as time progresses – 1 a12% rise from 1947 to 1970. This could represent that women are moving away from their engrained ‘stay at home’ lives and are wishing to advance in life. However, this […]

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Activism Civil Rights Movement Parents Protest Student
What role did Martin Luther Kings play in the Montgomery bus boycott Essay Example
1094 words 3 pages

In December Of 1955, a boycott of the bus system in Montgomery, Alabama took place which was to shape the future for black civil rights. As head of the MIA, an organisation formed to lead the Montgomery bus boycott, Martin Luther King played a vital role in this seminal event. But was he a leader […]

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Activism Civil Rights Movement Montgomery Bus Boycott Rosa Parks
I Have A Dream Essay Example
1821 words 4 pages

I shall begin this essay by writing about some of King’s achievements. I shall also include some of the events in the fight for freedom while he was alive. I have used resources from books and the Internet although I have not taken any direct quotes. Born on 15.01.29. King became one of the most […]

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Activism Civil Rights Movement Dream Human Rights I Have a Dream
Martin Luther King’s Leadership Was Essential To The Essay Example
1216 words 3 pages

The 1950’s was the initiation of the future direction the Civil Rights movement was heading towards. During period of 1955-65, was the emergence of Martin Luther King. Martin Luther King was from the top section of the black society as he was the most educated also religious and most respected from a significant black professional […]

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Activism Civil Rights Movement Human Rights Leadership Martin Luther King
Judicial Activism and Empowerment of Indian Women
3094 words 6 pages

Women’s authorization is a celebrated construct in societal alteration. which is much discussed. frequently elusive and sometimes abused. Yet in the context of development. women’s leading and bureau in societal alteration have been levers for women’s authorization within communities. Womans have sought to contend entrenched involvements for community benefits. and have garnered through their corporate […]

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Activism Empowerment India Marriage Society Women'S Rights
Concern for the environment
1033 words 2 pages

In the fourth era of the consumer movement, the key marketplace features include concern for the environment, increasingly complex technology, a diverse market, and a global market. Concern for the environment has manifested itself in a number of different ways. One example is the Exxon Valdez oil spill, which caused many consumers to become disappointed […]

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Activism Advertising Consumerism Internet
Susan Brownell Anthony Essay Example
1761 words 4 pages

Susan Brownell Anthony was born on February 15, 1820 in Adams, Massachusetts to Daniel and Lucy Anthony. Susan was the second born of eight children in a strict Quaker family. Her father, Daniel Anthony, was said to have been a stern man, a Quaker Abolitionist and a cotton manufacturer born near the conclusion of the […]

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Activism Health Social Issues Women's Health Women's Suffrage
Religious Beliefs Of Mohandas Gandhi
1025 words 2 pages

Mohandas Gandhi was a religious man, however, his religious beliefs did not come from his childhood but from his studies that he began as a political activist in South Africa. Upon his return to India from England, he had had a rough start as a lawyer and accepted an offer to work on a case […]

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Activism Civil Disobedience Database Mahatma Gandhi
Martin Luther King Jr.
487 words 1 page

“I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character”. This is an excerpt from Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I have a dream” speech, one of the many that he wrote […]

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Activism Civil Rights Movement I Have a Dream Martin Luther King
Seneca Falls Convention Essay Example
780 words 2 pages

Throughout history women were not treated the same rights as men. Women were thought of as property, wives and mothers. People believed that women were inferior to men. Women could not own property and most of their education consisted of learning how to run a home. Men thought that they were more intelligent than women […]

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Activism Feminism Health Women's Health Women's Suffrage
Women’s Suffrage Australia
1177 words 3 pages

The fight for equal rights of women is thought to have begun with the publication of Mary Wollstonecraft’s A Vindication of the Rights of Woman (1792). As male suffrage extended in many countries, women became increasingly active in the pursuit for their suffrage. However it was not until 1893, in New Zealand, that women achieved […]

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Activism Social Issues Women's Suffrage
Why Cant We Wait Essay Example
573 words 2 pages

“Why We Cant Wait” is Martin Luther King Jr. ’s third book. He told of all the problems African American activists faced in 1963. “Why We Cant Wait” stresses the change African Americans wanted NOW. This book showed an unique personal look on non-violence protesting that was so important in the 60s to all “negro” […]

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Activism Books Racism Society
Judicial Activism and Indian Democracy Essay Example
1041 words 3 pages

Democracy is a form of government where people surrender some of their rights to a small elite body who are elected by people to rule over themselves. This elite body or the public representatives make law for the betterment of people. Once elected the public representatives remain all powerful till the end of the term […]

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Activism India Judiciary Law Separation Of Powers
Chickens Range Free
828 words 2 pages

The Opinion piece ‘Chickens range free “is written by Jo Smith, expressing her support for the activists’ rights to protest. This is a contentious issue between to the conflict between the media who don’t support violent actions under any circumstance and the A. A. R, who are violently protesting about the inhumane treatment given to […]

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Activism Chicken Ethics Violence

Popular Questions About Activism

Is activism good or bad?
There are both good and bad instances of Judicial activism (JA). If we look at good aspects, the most important outcome of JA is the concept of Public Interest Litigation (PIL). Today JA stands out as a messiah of common man and bulwark against the erosion of confidence in the Constitution and democracy among the people of the country.
What is activism definition?
Definition of activism. : a doctrine or practice that emphasizes direct vigorous action especially in support of or opposition to one side of a controversial issue political activism environmental activism.
What does activism mean to you?
activism(Noun) The practice of using action to achieve a result, such as political demonstration or a strike in support of or in opposition to an issue.
Why is activism important?
Activism is very important. Persistent and vocal advocacy for a cause directly influences the amount of money flowing into that cause: think of the fight to cure AIDS, cancer research, Alzheimer's research and now healthy life extension.