Chickens Range Free Essay Example
Chickens Range Free Essay Example

Chickens Range Free Essay Example

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  • Published: November 29, 2016
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The Opinion piece ‘Chickens range free “is written by Jo Smith, expressing her support for the activists’ rights to protest. This is a contentious issue between to the conflict between the media who don’t support violent actions under any circumstance and the A. A. R, who are violently protesting about the inhumane treatment given to chickens. The AAR maintained that the animals have equal rights to humans whilst the media maintains that equal rights are only applicable to humans. Therefore the issue is whether not the activists but whether violence is ever justified.

The tone of the article is authoritative. There is a great deal of sarcasm and exaggeration. The purpose of the article is to persuade readers to support activists in their effort improve the animals conditions. The audience are people, who h


ave sympathy for the animals, people who has certain interest in animal welfare, or people who are just consumers and chicken farmers. The contention of the piece is that animals deserve the same rights as humans. The main purpose is to gain sympathy and support from the readers for their actions.

The article begins with an anecdote that appears to have importance and credibility for their actions. The language used in the first paragraph, includes and appeal to equality amongst animals. Words that prove that the language used in the first sentence is emotive are words such as ‘freedom’, ‘liberation’ and ‘drastic’. The editor’s intended effect on the readers is that direct action is the only way to attract the people’s attention, therefore, justifying the violence in protests. The visual is about chickens being locked up in tiny

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This supports the author’s contention of how poorly farmers and other people treat their livestock. This creates a shock effect on the viewers of the images used in the article. The second paragraph is about the general community criticising the animals for their actions. There were sources listed in the paragraph. There were many uses of Colloquial language, to gain the general public understanding of the feud going on as well as getting closer to them. This is also inclusive language. The author also stated that the media is presenting a biased argument in such a manner.

The author also stated that the media also said that the activists were violent. Opinions were also gained from a man who was coincidentally walking a dog commented that ‘these activists have a lot to answer for’. Because the attack has come from a man who loves animals, it has more weight and therefore likely to be more persuasive and more credible, thus gaining support against the activists. The author suggests that the general public is not informed about the situation and therefore, cannot really understand the plight of the animals.

This is an attack suggesting that if people don’t agree with the activists are not very and have a simplistic view of the world. This is insulting and highly emotive. has a very simplistic view of the world and the events occurring, or the background story, and that animals are equal to humans. This is an attack and an insult to those, who only cares about the first world problems, not knowing the complexity of the events that is ongoing. This attack is

also emotive and slightly exaggerated.

The effect on the target audience is that they need to reconsider on how they treat their animals, showing them respect and consideration. The implication is that if this is not done, they are not very humans or just. It is an appealing to our sense of justice but taking it to a totally different level. Also, that they should explore the details of the background events that resulted in the direct actions taken currently. The write uses figures and statistics to supports her argument and making it more believable, by making the audience seeing more concrete evidence.

Jo said that the AAR believes that liberating animals from inhumane conditions. An example of an inhumane condition is a cage with dimensions only 450cubic centimetres in size, with no proper ventilation. The effect on the readers is that is the people have the knowledge how they were treated before they were sold, a very few minority would eat them, gaining utmost sympathy for the creatures. The visual contains three fully developed chickens trapped in a cage as the editor specified to be 450 cubic centimetres.

The chickens in the image were treated very poorly, demonstrating how deterioration the conditions were as a chick prior to be axed and sold. The impact is that the readers will gain sympathy for the creatures and support for the actions of the activists, thus the image undermines the contention of the article written by Jo Frost. The article ends with the warning to the people who abuse and treats the creatures poorly, that the activists will strive to achieve animal rights. Therefore

violence and the damages caused in protests are justified.

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