Video game violence has been a popular and controversial topic for years, especially as video games become more realistic and engaging. With the introduction of virtual reality gaming, it is becoming increasingly important to understand the potential impacts of violent video games on people’s behavior. Research has shown that playing violent video games can lead to increased aggression in some players. Specifically, these gamers may exhibit more aggressive thoughts, emotions and behaviors after playing violent video games than after participating in other activities or not playing at all. Players may also be more likely to engage in hostile or defiant behavior with peers or authority figures due to their exposure to virtual violence. It is important to note however that there are many factors that contribute to an individual’s violent tendencies; exposure to media violence should not be considered the sole cause of aggressive behavior. There have been several attempts by governments around the world trying limit access to excessively violent video games for minors (under 18). These include age ratings for different types of content which helps parents determine what is appropriate for their children, as well as parental control features which allow parents greater control over what their kids can play. Additionally, many countries have implemented laws restricting certain types of content from being sold or rented out depending on local regulations and cultural values. Overall, while there is evidence suggesting a link between playing violent video games and increases in aggression levels among some players; it is difficult to draw conclusions given how complex human behavior can be influenced by multiple factors including family environment and genetics. As such, further research needs conducted before any definitive statements could made about the effects of violent video game play on people’s attitudes and behaviors outside of gaming contexts.

Video Games and Kids Essay Example
3255 words 12 pages

Introduction In the modern day world, kids have continuously increased frequencies of playing video games. This is a common with the middle aged persons and the adults. Several reasons can be mentioned as to why different people play video games. However, these games have addictive capabilities to many people. Some casual video games draw people […]

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Video Game Video Game Violence
Impacts of Television on American Culture Annotated Bibliography Essay Example
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Adler, Richard. The Effects of Television Advertising on Children: Review and Recommendations. Lexington, Mass: Lexington Books, 1980. Print. Adler, Richard in his work explores the general effects of using television as a major source of viewing advertisements in the United States. He does this by conducting reviews on previous researches conducted by previous researchers. He […]

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American Culture Media Violence Television Video Game Violence
Video Gaming Essay
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Introduction Video gaming involves users interacting with a user interface to generate visual output on a video device, like a TV screen or computer monitor. The category of electronic platforms encompasses a variety of devices used for gaming, such as large mainframe computers and handheld computing devices. The video game industry is currently growing, particularly […]

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Video Game Video Game Violence
Violence in Game in Children Essay Example
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There is a growing concern among parents and teachers about the potential impact of television programs on children. The increasing popularity of television as a primary source of entertainment and communication has raised worries regarding its effects on children. It is common for children to imitate the physical traits they see in TV characters, which […]

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Media Violence Video Game Violence
Prevention of Violence in Schools Essay Example
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School violence has been seen to have been rising over the recent past and has been a serious problem over the last previous years in many countries and particularly when deadly weapons such as knives and guns are involved. School violence includes violent between the school students and there have been a case of physical […]

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Bullying In Schools School Video Game Violence
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Introduction Women are not naturally born but rather shaped and nurtured. The celebration of International Women’s day is being observed worldwide with great grandeur and display. It is fitting to examine the space and status occupied by women and compare it to 60 years ago when many developing countries achieved independence. Women in developing nations […]

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Video Game Violence
Television and Video Game Violence Essay Example
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Introduction Video games and television often have violent programs. A great population in the world, composed of different aged people is funs and some fanatics of then violent films and games (Sherry, 2001). The problem with them however is that though they may seem enjoyable to watch or play, they are causing great harm to […]

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Television Video Game Violence
The Effects of Social Media on Juvenile Delinquency Essay Example
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The social media comprises of the social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Social networking is the term used to refer to the interaction between individuals and associated groups where they share, produce and at times exchange ideas with virtual communities using the internet platform. On the other hand, juvenile delinquency is the […]

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Effects of Social Media Video Game Violence

Popular Questions About Video Game Violence

Do violent video games lead to violence?
Playing violent video games can lead to emotional desensitization towards violence in real life. It can decrease the likelihood that one will take action on behalf of a victim when violence occurs.
Do video games really incite violence?
Players of violent video game have also been shown to be more involved in physical fights or other violent behavior and less involved in helping others. However, for every study that shows the games incite violent behavior, there is another to show violent games do not have a negative effect.
What makes a video game violent?
The argument is the violent and interactive nature of video games fosters violent and anti-social behavior in impressionable children. The notion of a society fearing a new media and its influence on children is not new, however.
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