Karl Marx
768 words 2 pages

Akhil Chawla English 10 Honors Mr. Immler May 17, 2000 The Life of Karl Marx Karl Marx was one of the greatest thinkers ever. Studying law and philosophy, he became an important social philosopher and revolutionary. He influenced the lives of millions of people in generations well past his. A man of mystery in democratic […]

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Communism Karl Marx Marxism
4448 words 9 pages

The term socialism is commonly used to refer both to an ideology–a comprehensive set of beliefs or ideas about the nature of human society and its future desirable state–and to a state of society based on that ideology. Socialists have always claimed to stand above all for the values of equality, social justice, cooperation, progress, […]

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Karl Marx Marxism Socialism
Compare and Contrast Functionalism and Marxism Essay Sample
1147 words 3 pages

Functionalism and Marxism are both known to be structural positions. due to the fact that they concentrate on a group of people instead than on the person himself. Although really similar the two are different in really distinguishable ways. in fact Functionalism falls under the sub-heading of consensus structural linguistics. while Marxism falls under the […]

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Karl Marx Marxism Social Class Society
Durkheim vs Marx
325 words 1 page

Marx vs. Durkheim: ReligionAn essay by Erin Olsonplus commentary by Antonino PalumboReligion and religious institutions play a powerful role in influencing a society and the lives of its members. The sociological traditions of Marx and Durkheim view religion totally differently, yet they both agree that religion is a very important aspect of a society. During […]

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Education Emile Durkheim Historical Figures History Karl Marx Law Marxism Philosophy Politics Religion School Science Social Science Sociology Tradition
Satire in George Orwell’s Animal Farm
1751 words 4 pages

Animal Farm Animal Farm has many of the necessary elements of a satirical work. These elements all combine to form a masterful piece of satirical literature. Fantastic One element often found in satire is the fantastic or unrealistic. This component is present throughout Animal Farm. The animals in the story are able to talk, which […]

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Animal Farm George Orwell Joseph Stalin Marxism
Influence of Classical School
4093 words 8 pages

Classical schools of thought refers to ideas fronted by humanism, Marxism and positivism. In this discussion we shall look to the extent at which these ideas lay foundation or basis for the various African intellectual writings and thinking. We shall also highlight on key concepts the scholars adopt from the main stream writings or views […]

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Colonialism Law Marxism Politics Socialism
The Anti-Globalization Movement
301 words 1 page

There is a common belief that the anti globalization movement is only concerned with opposing things. In late 2002 The Economist magazine boldly claimed that “today’s” militant critics of globalization… present no worked-out alternative to the present economic order. Instead, they invoke a Utopia free of environmental stress, social justice and branded sportswear, harking back […]

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Globalization Left-Wing Politics Marxism Sociological Theories
Emma through the Marxist Lens
594 words 2 pages

Emma is a novel about a young woman who develops a passion for matchmaking which does not always end up as planned. During the time the novel was written, social status was determined by a combination of family background, reputation, and wealth and of course marriage was one of the mall ways In which one […]

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Animals Law Marriage Marxism Philosophy Politics Science Social Class Social Institution Social Science Society Sociology The time
Compare the Functionalist and Marxist Perspective on Society
1096 words 3 pages

COMPARE THE FUNCTIONALIST AND MARXIST PERSPECTIVE ON SOCIETY INTRODUCTION “Lotto a ticket to your dreams” Vote Lucky Five and give yourself a chance fi step up inna life”. These slogans represent the societal belief of the Jamaican people that there are means by which one individual can move from one stratum of the Jamaican society […]

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Marxism Perspective Social Class Society Sociology
“Three Represents” theory
667 words 2 pages

“Three Represents” theory is an ideology which was introduced by Jiang Zemin. He first mentioned this theory in Guangdong and further explained it in the 80th anniversary of the establishment of CCP (Chinese Communist party) ceremony. In the 16th National Party Congress which was held recently, the “Three Represents” Theory has been written in the […]

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Communism Deng Xiaoping Law Mao Zedong Marxism People's Republic Of China Politics Theory
Why was the Russian Provisional government of 1917
2237 words 5 pages

As Trotsky once said ‘war is the locomotive of change’. In a `purely metaphorical sense it was the long standing ‘social `war’, waged by generations of Russians against poverty, `bureaucracy, autocracy and finally mediocrity, which for a `brief moment was triumphant in February 1917. However, it was `the very real, and very bloody, war on […]

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Communism Government Left-Wing Politics Marxism Russia
Marxist and Neo Marxist
1748 words 4 pages

Contemporary sports are activities involving physical exertion and skill that is governed by a set of rules or customs and often undertaken competitively or as a recreational pastime Marxism is a political and economical philosophy by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, here the concept of ‘class struggle’ plays a pivotal role in society, and leads […]

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Bourgeoisie Historical Figures History Karl Marx Kids travel Law Marxism Politics Recreation Science Social Class Social Institution Social Science Society Sociology Travel
The three classical theories of Marx, Durkheim and Weber
2378 words 5 pages

This assignment will comment upon the three classical theories of Marx, Durkheim and Weber and the way that these three theories have spawned three classical perspectives (Conflict Theory, Functionalism and Symbolic Internationalism), and then, in turn, analyze how they have changed organizational theory today. With Marx’s theories occurring during a transitional period he identifies a […]

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Bureaucracy Marxism Max Weber Theory
LA Confidential
524 words 2 pages

LA Confidential (1997) is a film set in the 1950s, in the suburb of Hollywood and is focused around a particular police station. All these aspects of the film have attached connotations and signifiers. Charles Peirce (as cited in Branston 2003:17) identified three different types of signifiers; indexical, iconic and symbolic, all of which can […]

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Education Film Analysis Language Learning Law Marxism Movies Philosophy Politics
Pashukanis theory
1585 words 4 pages

Pashukanis reiterated criticisms through his General Theory;1 including his Marxist analysis of the commodity exchange theory2 evidently demonstrating that Pashukanis represented a genuine Marxist analysis of law. During the 1937 Stalinist purges, Pashukanis continued to persist that the law should wither away in an attempt towards socialism. This was inconsistent with the Stalinist regime because […]

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Law Marxism Socialism Theory
Political Graffiti – Paris in the Late 1960s
3098 words 6 pages

‘Boredom is counter-revolutionary! ’, ‘Barricades close the streets but open up the way’, ‘They are buying your freedom. Steal it! ’, ‘It is forbidden to forbid’, ‘Take your desires for realities! ’, Don’t negotiate with the bosses, get rid of them! ’, ‘Under the paving stones, the beach! ’. What do such graffiti as these […]

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1960S Graffiti Marxism Paris Political Science Politics Sociological Theories
Reviews of Six Feet Under from a Realist/Thematic/Ideological Points of View
1762 words 4 pages

Part 1 Write a 400 word review discussing and/or evaluating the pilot episode of Six Feet Under from the perspective of a thematic or realist approach. The events of Six Feet Under Season 1: Pilot should be a hint that the dead never truly stay dead. The same goes for family secrets. Six Feet Under […]

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Database Marxism Reality
Chinese Cultural Revolution was Mao Zedong
829 words 2 pages

The only person to have gained what he wanted from the Chinese Cultural Revolution was Mao Zedong. His goal was to reassert authority in China, and the youth was his way in. Mao used the rebelliousness of adolescents as the vanguard of his revolution. They were the Red Guards the die-hard Maoist that murdered and […]

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Chinese Mao Zedong Marxism Revolution
Cornel West Considers What Marxism And Christianity Theology Religion
1385 words 3 pages

In Prophesy Deliverance, Cornel West considers what Marxism and Christianity might derive by prosecuting in duologue. West feels that, while these traditions do hold cardinal dissensions, both can gain from such a duologue. More specifically, he feels that a radical Christianity informed by Marxist idea and founded on historical black divinity can be a powerful […]

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Christianity Marxism Racism Theology
Professionalism in teaching
2976 words 6 pages

A Search of Teacher Professionalism. A personal contemplation through the Lenses of a Traditional, Conflict Theory, Neo Liberal and Critical Perspective. In a recent Guardian Secret instructor article ( 2015 ) one school leader explains how they feel lost, set adrift, since the last update to the Ofsted review counsel. “I used to believe I […]

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Marxism Profession Teacher Teaching
The Fundamentals of Marxism and Economic Liberalism
3748 words 8 pages

Among the old ages, different theories appeared in the universe of the economic, and great attempts have been done to happen the most effectual in the universe of economic system. The classical school is the most celebrated and it is one of the economical idea. Adam Smith is one of the biggest symbols of the […]

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Capitalism Free Market Karl Marx Marxism
Animal Farm and the Russian Revolution of 1917
788 words 2 pages

George Orwell’s book Animal Farm (published in1943) is a children’s story, but when closely examined, it proves to be an allegory to the Russian Revolution. The events in the book are very closely related to the actual events from The Russian Revolution. Also, the animals (main-characters) are historically referring to the Communist leaders such as […]

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Animal Farm Joseph Stalin Marxism

Popular Questions About Marxism

What is Marxism in simple terms?
Marxism in Simple Terms. ... To define Marxism in simple terms, it's a political and economic theory where a society has no classes. Every person within the society works for a common good, and class struggle is theoretically gone.
What are the key concepts of Marxism?
Key concepts covered include: the dialectic, materialism, commodities, capital, capitalism, labour, surplus-value, the working class, alienation, means of communication, the general intellect, ideology, socialism, communism, and class struggles.
How do you explain Marxism?
Marxism is a social, political, and economic philosophy named after Karl Marx. It examines the effect of capitalism on labor, productivity, and economic development and argues for a worker revolution to overturn capitalism in favor of communism.