There has been significant arguments debating whether international business issues are a result from cultural difference due to communication problems. Professor Anders Pehrsson from the University of Vaxjo published an article of how he stands about the effects of cultural differences in International Business. Erin Meyer, a cultural complexity business speaker from Laven Agency, testifies the elements of international business communication. She reflected on an effect with daily interactions throughout the globe. Not everyone can have a certain agreement with how it affects business communication and have a different reaction. After hearing Erin’s talk, she gave an interesting scenario of learning how to communicate with other business partners in Japan. In my perspective, we need to give opportunity to evaluate other countries values as we can continue a growth of communication. This will create a well established trust with international business partners.

Diversity in culture can be defined in many ways. In a recent lecture of business, it was defined that cultural elements interacts with business negotiations. They are viewed by language of nonverbal & verbal, religion, values, manners & custom, aesthetics, education and social institutions. In the article of Professor Pehrrson he stand in the fact in “Respecting and understanding the new culture without forcing our own beliefs on people, are things that can be extremely helpful to consider. By learning the host country’s language, can respect and trust more easily be won, and competitive advantages can arise.” Throughout the globe, foreign firms are collaborating with each other creating a stronger network of operations. International Business main challenge they face is Culture as that could affect a corporation. For example it could relate to language communication. Having limited knowledge on a certain country and its culture can create a situation. For example, texas governor presented a clock with the texas symbol as a gift to Taiwanese president Tsai Ing-wen. It’s generous when one gives a piece of gift to another, however that isn’t quite accurate for the customs in China. In their culture, receiving a clock can refer to “presenting their funeral, counting down their lifetime, or even exposing a threat of ending a relationship.” Asian Americans and Taiwanese acted quickly to the news since they knew about the standards of a clock’s meaning.

Profesor Pehrsson analysis three main factors to remember when going abroad for business work; establish economic competitiveness, influence with trade regulations/negotiations, and develop a strong sense with global orientation. These factors will create an operable enterprise. Erin, a cultural business speaker for Lavin Agency gives us an idea of her experience with communication problems due to cultural differences. In her speech, she explains of how she gave a presentation to business partners in Japan. After giving her presentation, she asked if they had any questions and no one spoke nor asked any question. A business partner who assisted Erin demonstrated her how she was able to receive questions from others. The gentlemen asked again and still silent, until he looked around the room and reached out his hand pointing to someone in the room “ Oh, do you have a question about the presentation given by Erin?” They responded to his welcoming gesture of asking them their opinions. In Japan, not making any certain eye contact with others shows a sign of respect. Japanese were raised to look at a different view such as looking at their neck rather than their face. Different types of interest in a relationship can cause difference such as the value in business practices. I can agree on the fact of a similar groups who create value with others non alike is possible but can result in a counter argument between culture differences.

I have a strong testimony of those who share same experience and culture are in high chance building an unbreakable trust. In my previous business law class, the textbook “Executive Development and Organizational Learning for Global Business” stated how in any level of business matter, their will always be a difference in cultural which he believes it makes no difference to change the complications of communication problems due to cultural differences. Authors Kaynak, Fulmer, and Keys fall in between whether cultural difference can have an impact on business communication. They state the fact of how tension results between organizations caused by differences in culture. The authors demonstrated an example of a scottish company having a problem with their first international partnership with a company addressed in France. This was due to both companies who had a dispute based on “Beer Culture” and “Wine Culture.”

Not everyone believes in this certain topic how there can be differences in culture. Certain people do not believe that their can be a solution for disputes in culture. It is certain that each culture has their own set of moral codes. Some will argue against about how it would be better if countries non interacted with one another. Others might dispatch about how the view of business would be more credential if working in their own culture. If that were to happen, there would be few problems with other countries due to debates, negotiations, government system, interacting with high authorities, and much more. However, without international trade countries will be limited with goods and services resulting in supply chain vanishing. I would argue against whom don’t believe that there’s always a solution in cultural differences in business. Learning a country’s value of belief, certain traditions, moral codes can influence international trade and create unbreakable long-term investments and relationships. Foreign countries will face economic, political, and social environmental situations. According to an associated chinese chambers of commerce, they captured a negative statement: “the Chinese business community terribly “sick”, like a patient suffering from “economic diabetes”, which if not diagnosed timely and cured speedily would culminate in disastrous consequences endangering substantially national economic development”

In the end, no matter what topic is being debated, everyone will have their own point of view. Truthfully, people will always judge because of their core values. Each one of us should be able to give the opportunity to hear from other’s perspective. In this case, I believe that difference in culture can have a differential with international business occurs. However, I don’t quite agree fully of how it can create blockage of communicating. At first, it’ll be difficult when becoming business partners with foreign countries. Learning about their standards and how culture plays a strong role in their business can create an unbreakable bond and a trustworthy relationship.

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