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“I think every person has their own identity and beauty. Everyone being different is what is really beautiful. If we were all the same, it would be boring”. Quoted by Tila Tequila. Identity is a consistent definition of one’s self as a unique individual, in terms of roles, attitudes, beliefs, and aspirations. One finding who they truly are plays a major role in life. At a young age in elementary school specifically, we can find students copying one another doing the exact behavior that another student in trouble had done. As they get older and learn good from bad some of the copying will stop. On the other hand, we can find a couple students in high school, college and even after college one is copying their peers. As humans develop biologically and cognitively actions change, our thinking changes. Our identity is always developing. There are four identity that leads to achievement, different identities in order are identity diffusion, Identity foreclosure, identity moratorium and lastly identity achievement.

To begin with, identity is a consistent definition of one self that is not that simple to gather together at times for some people. It takes hard work and consistency which is something that just naturally lacks in humans, consistency. Lisa Firestone who has a PH. D mentions in Psychology today to not be afraid to seek meaning, she states, “To become our true selves, we have to continually ask ourselves, who am I really? And what lights me up? We have to be willing to call into question what we assimilated from our early environment that may not reflect who we are, and what makes life meaningful to us: What pressures do I feel from my early life that shape my choices, and what really matters to me? Do I need this degree to prove to my family that I’m worthy, or am I interested in this subject? Do I want to be on my own, or am I afraid to venture out and fall in love”? In light of that, starting college was something I feared. I was going to earn a degree in nursing not for myself but because that will make my family happy. Which is why it is important for one to truly know their selves? The question I was faced against was, “Do I need this this degree to prove to my family that I’m worthy, or am I interested in this subject”? As time flew and I was learning more and more who I am in Christ and who I am as Vanessa Claude, I was able to do what I know what was burning with passion in my heart to do. That passion was to become a teacher on the mission field. I am grateful for my parents and my family for supporting me in this decision I made going into college.

In addition, identity can keep one in a stuck position. Where they are not able to do what sets them free. It is like they have a mask on and the face of the mask is smiling but deep inside the person is truly not so happy. The different identities in order are identity diffusion, identity foreclosure, identity moratorium and lastly identity achievement. Identity diffusion is the process of a person figuring out who they are, they may not even be seeking to, they do not care. This mostly occurs in adolescence they may have not put much thought into certain identities they can be a consistent definition to. For example, according to the website of your dictionary and example of identity diffusion is. “When a boy in his teens begins thinking about what he would like to pursue as a career, he realizes that it’s a question he has not given much thought, and one that doesn’t really interest him. He decides not to commit himself to a particular career choice at the moment since he really doesn’t know what he wants to be”. The process shall end with the one know what subject is interesting and what career they will like to go to school for.

Furthermore, the next identity is foreclosure, adolescent seems willing to commit to value, roles, future and etc. However, there are not much options being explored. For instance, going back to my experience I allowed my parents and my family speak in my head and I allowed them to tell me what I will be going to school to study. People told me what they saw in me and I took it and ran with that. I did not look in the mirror examine myself. Nor did I look at the options of the objects/career that I may want to do. I wonder well what does it take to past this status? And learned from Verywell Family website that I took what my parents were telling me about myself as my identity. Rebecca Fraser-Thill stated, “A person must undergo an identity crisis (also called identity moratorium) in order to achieve a genuine sense of self. People in identity foreclosure have committed to an identity too soon. Often, they have simply adopted the identity of a parent, close relative or respected friend”. That is why they call it experience. We all live and learn from our experiences, from our process in life as I did and moved on to another status identifying, finding out who I am.

Moreover, the identity moratorium which is a status why adolescence is in a crisis looking at different types of commitments, ready to make the choices, but has not made a commitment to the choices yet. The meaning of this term came from learning This status is passing the identity diffusion, for this status have thought about their commitments they will make and are ready to make their choices. For example, my sister who is a senior is looking at the different admission application colleges/university that was sent to her in mail. She is not ready to make a commitment on the choices yet. She is now doing her research looking up the pros, cons, majors, tuition, and etc. to see where exactly which institution she would make her commitment. She is in the midst of the identity moratorium.

Further, identity achievement is the status which adolescent has gone through an identity crisis and has made a commitment to a sense of identity the meaning of the term is found on the learning Kristine Anthis a professor of psychology at Southern Connecticut State University, states “But in order for her to move to an Identity Achievement, Angela needs to start taking herself seriously and reconsider how she sees herself”. This quote is from the psychology today article. It is explained in the website that these terms are to not be taken as steps or status hence status in the definition. To continue, with my last example of identity moratorium in this status my sister would have had chosen which institute she will go to, being committed to the major she choose and schooling she desires to go to. This example shows the identity of achievement.

In conclusion, identity plays a major role in our life. Being self-aware of ourselves, our surrounding, community, and atmosphere plays a role as well. Ried Hoffman stated, from the article Shape your identity or it will shape you, “Identity is a core and unavoidable part of all our lives. Our actions shape our identity, and in turn, our identity shapes our actions. Trying to pretend that identity doesn’t matter may make you feel better about yourself, but it won’t affect how others see you and how their perceptions shape their actions”. It is important within the different status to master the statues in order to reach the identity achievement that will happen in due time. No one is perfect. Although one has reached the status of identity achievement, one is still learning in their lifetime. With the experiences, they gained from other statues it can help others such as family members, peers, and friends and within the community to lead them to the identity of achievement. Rather good or bad each adolescent will choose a door, of identity.

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Popular Questions About Identity

What is the true meaning of identity?
The definition of identity is who you are, the way you think about yourself, the way you are viewed by the world and the characteristics that define you.
What is identity vs personality?
As nouns the difference between identity and personality. is that identity is sameness, identicalness; the quality or fact of (several specified things) being the same while personality is a set of qualities that make a person (or thing) distinct from another.
What makes up a person's identity?
Identity encompasses the memories, experiences, relationships, and values that create one’s sense of self. This amalgamation creates a steady sense of who one is over time, even as new facets are developed and incorporated into one's identity.
What makes up your identity?
The nurture theory in regard to identity, states that it is your environment that predominately shapes the frame of your personal identity. The way that the adults in your family, in your neighborhood, church and school behave are the reason why you are the way you are, according to the nurture theory.