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There Is emotion behind every word In very piece that Is and has ever been written. Songs are usually written about an emotional event or time in ones life like a breakup or falling in love with someone, just to name a few. Simply recognizing the sentiment in the lyrics of songs can cause the listener to express some sort of emotional about the piece they are listening to. Lyrics can be very powerful and for some simply listening can bring back deep and profound emotions from tragic or happy events that have occurred In the listeners past.

From my own experience listening to certain songs bring out different emotions n me. If I am listening to a song that reminds me of an event or even if another individual said something specific to me that is mentioned in a song it will bring back many different memories and therefore, it affects my feelings and emotions towards the song. For example I love the song My Door is Always Open by Noah & The Whale because it reminds me of a negative situation that has ultimately impacted my life very positively.

My mom left my dad when I was twelve because she could not truly be herself when she was with helm_ She decided that It was best for my brother and I o stay with my dad because she felt too broken and she did not want my brother and I to be suffering first hand from that. I remember her telling me that if she steps out of the situation she will be a better person in the long run and therefore be a better parent to my brother and l, she also told me that she would always be there when I needed her (to me that Is “my door Is always open”). She has always been there for me when I needed her and we have a great relationship today.

Overall, my brother and I were better off because of her decision to leave. Even though this song ND lyrics seem depressing they represent something more positive to me such as new beginnings and happiness. Another example of emotion expressed because of a song is the piece Martha by Tom Waits. Listening to this makes my mom cry every time because the lyrics are so deep and meaningful to her. It is about two old lovers and them reconnecting after forty years of not talking or seeing one another and having already lived full lives apart from one another.

The underlying message In this piece is about a long lost love and this subject makes my mom very emotional because she does not like when others do not get to be with the one person they rule love. The lyrics in this song are very touching and emotional. When listening to this song you can truly hear the passion in his voice which is expressed in the overall emotion of the song. Music has a huge Impact on ones mood as well, these moods can be positive or so listening to these can effect ones mood greatly. I know from my own personal viewpoint that this is true.

When I listen to my favorite songs they put me in a really good mood and I go into my own world and zone everything else out. Music is a great way to escape from the real world for a little and relax. The mood can also affect the atmosphere in a room or at an event. The different tones in music can create the different moods in a room and that affects the overall atmosphere and state of mind of the individuals in the room. Therefore, calming and mellow music create a nice atmosphere for an event or social gathering.

For example, at gyms they usually play up-beat music with a fast tempo to motivate people while they are working out and at nice restaurants they usually play peaceful music while the customers are dining to set a nice calming, relaxing mood. When I am at the gym I have certain songs that I have to listen to during my workout because they motivate me and enhance my mood. Theses songs make me want to work out because of the upbeat tempo and fast beat. Another example of this is when I used to work at Old Navy. The music that would always play really upbeat and it was to get the employees to work faster while we were folding merchandise.

Listening to the upbeat music while I was working was very nice because it helped me stay energetic while I was out on the floor folding and helping customers. A specific song that influences my mood is The First Days of Spring by Noah & The Whale. The instrumentals in this are so beautiful and they create a calming yet intense sensation while one is listening to this piece. Listening to the lyrics in this song make me very optimistic about the future because they are about life and how we all make mistakes as humans, they also show that the past influences who we are and our futures more than we would all like to think.

For some this may negatively impact their mood, but for me it is very positive because there is nothing I can do about my past now, so I choose to embrace who I have become because of certain things in my past. Music can have a large influence on ones personality as well. Different genres of music can influence the way that one acts significantly. For example listening to alternative rock or punk music could lead to one being rebellious and getting in trouble because violence and rebellion are often common themes in this type of music.

Different types of music could also influence who we are. Alternative music could show that someone is a diverse and independent person because the artists of these songs often possess these characteristics as well and their lyrics and themes of their songs reflect this. Also, alternative music can also reflect ones values because alternative represent lifestyle choices that are outside traditional systems that have en set in place. Music can have a very large effect on ones personality because it is such a large topic with many different components involved.

I personally have many different genres of music that I listen to. My music library spans from rap to singer/ songwriter. Listening to a diverse variety of music reflects ones personality because it shows that they are a well rounded individual and are open to a wide variety of music. A song that has influenced my identity and personality is King and Lionhearted by Of Monsters and Men. This song is written about a brother and sister relationship. This world. He is the kindest and most loving person I have ever met.

This song is so influential to me because my brother and I have been having a tough time over the past two years. My dad started dating a woman (he is now married to her) and because of this he has completely changed as a person because of her. There has been a lot of drama involved and it was very hard to deal with. As a result of this, I did not want my brother being damaged negatively by all the insanity that was surrounding us because he is so kind and loving. So I tried to be his “Lionhearted” (exceptionally courageous or brave) and therefore he is my “King” cause I wanted to protect him from any harm.

I feel that sibling bonds are a very special thing and I would never want to see him being damaged by someone else’s actions that we have no control over. These lyrics represent to me being strong for someone else and how my personality and overall identity had to change because of this situation. Music shapes our identity through emotion, mood and personality. We as human beings are constantly surrounded by music. It is apart of our everyday life, it is always playing around us, in the stores, at work and listening at our own leisure.

Music is a very positive thing and can enhance peoples lives and help ones mood significantly. We are all influenced and affected by it differently but most people still find listening to music to be a positive, enjoyable experience. Music can bring out emotion Just simply by listening to the lyrics or Just the instrumentals in the song it also impacts individuals and the atmosphere and mood of an individual. Personally, I love music and have many favorite songs that I listen to daily, they have all impacted my mood, emotions and personality in one way or another.

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