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AP United States History Gap Between Rich And Poor Late 1800s And Early 1900s Native American Indians Northern And Western Europe World History
US HISTORY MC 30 WEEK 37 terms
Thomas Owen
37 terms
Benefits And Costs Decision Making Decision Making Process Ethical Decision Making Ethics Long Term Employment Rights And Duties
Technology Ethics Ch 1 Quiz 20 terms
Killian Parsons
20 terms
Anthropology Business Fundamentals Business Management Cultural Anthropology Money Supply And Interest Rates
Flashcards on Anthro exam 2 113 terms
Marie Florence
113 terms
AP World History Human Population Growth Match The Following Modern Homo Sapiens Wheat And Barley World History
Chapter 1 / 2 A history of the world in 6 glasses 24 terms
Thomas Alday
24 terms
Anthropology Daily Life
World History Chapter 15 Vocab 18 terms
Darren Farr
18 terms
Chinese History Culture And Society Sub Saharan Africa Swahili City States
World History: Chapter 7 China’s First Empire 221 B.C.E.- 589 C.E. 46 terms
Margaret Bruce
46 terms
Anthropology Around The World Cultural Anthropology Cultural Resource Management Female Genital Mutilation Old World Monkeys
Ant 2511 246 terms
James Storer
246 terms
Middle Stone Age New Stone Age Old Stone Age The Stone Age World History
World History, Patterns of Interaction: The Peopling of the World 25 terms
Matthew Carle
25 terms
200 000 Years Ago Biological Anthropology East African Rift Fossils Homo Sapiens Sapiens South Africa
World Civilization study questions for ch.1-4 73 terms
Larry Charles
73 terms
Men And Women New Stone Age Old Stone Age Works Of Art World History
BJU World History Chapter 1 37 terms
Kelly Fisher
37 terms
Cultural Anthropology
AP World 800 BCE-600 CE 52 terms
Darren Farr
52 terms
Business Management Data Analysis Tools Mission And Vision Mission And Vision Statements Oil And Natural Gas Past And Present Triple Bottom Line
OB 135 terms
Sara Graham
135 terms
Culture And Society Great Depression
Chapter 28 Vocab (World History) 36 terms
Alice Rees
36 terms
Case Control Study Case Fatality Rate Fundamentals Of Epidemiology Prevention And Control Prevention And Treatment Public Health Time And Space
Introduction 19 terms
Bernice Cooper
19 terms
Information Systems Information Technology Rights And Obligations
MIS4 48 terms
Collin Foley
48 terms
Biological Anthropology
AP World: History of the World in Six Glasses 151 terms
Claire Forth
151 terms
Middle Stone Age New Stone Age The Stone Age World Geography World History And Geography
World History First Semester Final Study Guide 100 terms
Kevin Stewart
100 terms
North America Old Stone Age World History World History And Geography
Paleolithic Society and Neolithic Revolution 28 terms
James Storer
28 terms
Anthropology Biological Anthropology Language And Culture
Anthropology Exam 1 Flashcards 115 terms
James Storer
115 terms
History of Europe Leonardo Da Vinci Printing Press Protestant Reformation Roman Catholic Church
World History (Renaissance) 45 terms
Josephine Mack
45 terms
Federal Trade Commission Information Systems Information Technology Look And Feel Rights And Obligations
MANG 420 1 70 terms
Lesly Nixon
70 terms
Animals AP Art History Art And Architecture Art History Images Old Stone Age Prehistoric Art
Flashcards and Answers – Art History Chapter 1 23 terms
Joseph Fraser
23 terms
What are the two major components of fieldwork in archaeological anthropology?
The genealogical method and excavation
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Which of the following is not a distinctive feature of four field anthropology?
It has as exclusive focus on contemporary cultures
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Which of the following is not a distinctive feature of four-field anthropology?
E. It has an exclusive focus on contemporary cultures.
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What are the 5 fields or specializations in anthropology, Just list them
Cultural Anthropology Linguistic Archaeology Biological Anthropology Applied Anthropology
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Which of the following illustrates some of the dangers of the old applied anthropology?
anthropologists aiding colonial expansion by providing ethnographic information to colonists
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A scholar in which subfield of Anthropology would try to reconstruct, describe, and interpret past human behavior and cultural patterns through material remains?
Archaeological Anthropology
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What are the four fields of Anthropology?
Linguistic, Cultural, Physical, Archaeology
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What is the over all importance of this concept in terms of the general problems in anthropology?
Forming relationships in the community, look at community aspects. Why you need to participate b/c if you don’t you feel othered. Emphasizes why you need participant observation of things.
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What is the primary purpose of practicing applied anthropology?
It allows the use of anthropological knowledge to solve practical problems.
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What is unique about anthropology’s approach to issues?
All of the above are true.
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