We've found 27 Anthropology tests

200 000 Years Ago Anthropology Archaic Homo Sapiens Biological Anthropology Modern Homo Sapiens
AP World History Chapter 1 Review 86 terms
Kelly Fisher
86 terms
Anthropology Cultural Anthropology Introductory Sociology Social And Cultural Anthropology Sociology
Exam 1 for final 48 terms
Bernice Cooper
48 terms
Anthropology Films North America
Culture and Film Quizzes 6-10 45 terms
Robert Lollar
45 terms
Anthropology Hunting And Gathering Husband And Wife Society Span
Anthropology Exam 3 54 terms
Robert Carter
54 terms
Anthropology Cultural Anthropology Social And Cultural Anthropology
Flashcards and Answers – Anth 101: Quiz 1 (Midterm Prep) 50 terms
Misty Porter
50 terms
Anthropology Cultural Anthropology Social And Cultural Anthropology
anthro 201 wwu exam 1 48 terms
Misty Porter
48 terms
Alfred Russel Wallace Anthropology Biological Anthropology Modern Homo Sapiens New World Monkeys Potassium Argon Dating Relative Dating Techniques
Anthropology Midterm 120 terms
Martha Hill
120 terms
Anthropology Cultural Anthropology Ethnocentrism Is The Belief That Social And Cultural Anthropology
Chapter 1-3 Anthropology 40 terms
Donna Chou
40 terms
Alfred Russel Wallace Anthropology Economic Interdependence Ethnic Group Natural Selection Plural Society
Anthropology Chapter 6 27 terms
Andrew Hubbs
27 terms
Anthropology Cross Cultural Studies Indicate That Cultural Anthropology Culture Changes Over Time Law Of Supply And Demand Social And Cultural Anthropology Transhumance Is A Form Of
Anthropology #11 20 terms
Charlotte Small
20 terms
Anthropology Social And Cultural Anthropology
Polyandry Flashcards 198 terms
James Hopper
198 terms
Anthropology Four Noble Truths Roman Catholicism The Body
Anthropology Final: Ch. 8 42 terms
Jennifer Hawkins
42 terms
Anthropology Cross Cultural Social And Cultural Anthropology
anthropology 4 45 terms
Steven Colyer
45 terms
Anthropology Immigration Pushes And Pulls Social And Cultural Anthropology
Anthro 201: Chapter 13 Migration 30 terms
Robert Carter
30 terms
Anthropology Cultural Anthropology Language And Thought Random Genetic Drift
Anthro Test 1 25 terms
David Dunn
25 terms
Anthropology Fasting Plasma Glucose High Fructose Corn Syrup Insulin Resistance Causes Normal Glucose Levels Racial And Ethnic Groups
Obesity test 1 82 terms
Trina Garrison
82 terms
Anthropology Close Your Eyes Deep Sea Diving Human Growth And Development Languages Social And Cultural Anthropology
Ancient and medieval history unit one 63 terms
Ruth Blanco
63 terms
Anthropology Build And Maintain Cultural Beliefs And Practices Culture And Language Human Rights Native Born Citizens Rights And Obligations
Anth-1510 Chapter 12 30 terms
Donna Chou
30 terms
Anthropology Men And Women Modern Homo Sapiens North And South America Social And Cultural Anthropology
anthro chapters 5-11 142 terms
Henry Smith
142 terms
1970s And 1980s Anthropology Biological Anthropology Hunter Gatherers In Africa Many Years Ago Past And Present
Physical Anthropology: Ch.1 31 terms
Robert Lollar
31 terms
Anthropology Biological Anthropology
Anthropology 1000 final pt. 1 50 terms
Brandon Ruffin
50 terms
Anthropology Archaeology Archeology Cultural Anthropology
Anthropology 101 Test 2 97 terms
Jaxon Craft
97 terms