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18th Century Archeology Art of Asia Baroque Late 19th Century
Music Sec 2 Spring 2014 – Flashcards 415 terms
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Noah Thomson
415 terms
Archeology Cultural Anthropology
Anthropology 101 Test 2 – Flashcards 97 terms
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Jaxon Craft
97 terms
Archeology Ethics Literature Public Health
9th Grade World History Final Exam – Flashcards 118 terms
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Ray Collins
118 terms
Archeology World History
ANT EXAM 2 MATERIAL – Flashcards 115 terms
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Kael Dunlap
115 terms
Chapter 3 Anthropology: the study of human culture – Flashcards 34 terms
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Patricia Smith
34 terms
Archeology New Material Skills And Knowledge
Leadership Capstone Exam – Flashcards 38 terms
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Marta Browning
38 terms
AP World History Archeology General Systems Theory Middle Range Theory
Ancient Greek Medicine Exam #1 – Flashcards 48 terms
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Richard Lattimore
48 terms
Archeology Inventions Travel
Chapter 3: The Age of Exploration Study Guide – Flashcards 25 terms
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Christine Brunetti
25 terms
Archeology Architecture Cultural Resource Management Tigris And Euphrates Rivers
Cultural Resource Management Archaeology – Flashcards 29 terms
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Donna Chou
29 terms
AP World History Archeology Politics And Religion Upper And Lower Egypt
AP World History chap 1-2 – Flashcards 71 terms
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Joel Boykin
71 terms
Archeology Construction Linguistics Savings And Loan Associations
Chapter 10 Communicating for Results: A guide for Business and the Professions – Flashcards 36 terms
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Blake Terry
36 terms
Ancient History Old Stone Age Prehistoric Art Tigris And Euphrates Rivers World History
Ancient Mesopotamia – Flashcards 74 terms
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Alexander Barker
74 terms
Old Stone Age Social Studies The Stone Age World History
AP World History Study Guide – Flashcards 90 terms
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Isabella Parker
90 terms
AP World History Hunting And Gathering New Stone Age Old Stone Age
AP World History Final – Flashcards 232 terms
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Sara Graham
232 terms
Humanities Old Stone Age Prehistoric Art Tigris And Euphrates Rivers Upper And Lower Egypt
Humanities Final Exam – Flashcards 80 terms
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Kael Dunlap
80 terms
Last Ice Age New Technologies Northern And Western Europe Old Stone Age
The Human Past: Chapter 1 – Flashcards 35 terms
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Anna Collins
35 terms
Anthropology Baroque Humanities Love Old Stone Age
Self Assesments – Flashcards 113 terms
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Bernice Cooper
113 terms
Anatomically Modern Humans Modern Homo Sapiens Old Stone Age
Anthro final – Flashcards 105 terms
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Judith Simpson
105 terms
AP World History Old Stone Age World History
Conny the worst teacher in the world study guide – Flashcards 87 terms
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Marta Browning
87 terms
Animals AP Art History Art And Architecture Images Old Stone Age Prehistoric Art
Flashcards and Answers – Art History Chapter 1 23 terms
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Joseph Fraser
23 terms
North America Old Stone Age World History World History And Geography
Paleolithic Society and Neolithic Revolution – Flashcards 28 terms
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James Storer
28 terms
Men And Women New Stone Age Old Stone Age Works Of Art World History
BJU World History Chapter 1 – Flashcards 37 terms
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Kelly Fisher
37 terms
prehistoric archeology
the reconstruction of human behavior in the distant past (before written records) through the examination of artifacts. buildings, garbage pits, ancient societies, grave sites
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historic archeology
the exploration of the more recent past through an examination of physical remains and artifacts as well as written oral records. Work to disprove myths and complement. Jamestown, Virginia: eat dead people.
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What is the relationship between artifacts and archeology?
Artifacts are objects that have been made or modified by humans. Archaeology is the study of artifacts.
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