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We've found 22 Social Science tests

Peace And Order Physical Science Social Science
ISS210 EXAM1 28 terms
Ruth Jones
28 terms
Peace And Order Social Science Society And Culture
ISS 210 Chapters 1-8 46 terms
Jose Escobar
46 terms
Introductory Sociology Psychology And Sociology Social Science Sociology Stand For Something
Ch.1 The Sociological Point of view 32 terms
Kenneth Wheeler
32 terms
Costs And Benefits Political Behavior Political Participation Social Science
National Government Chapter 5 28 terms
Sarah Adrian
28 terms
Anthropology Cross Cultural Culture Social Science Strengths And Weaknesses
Culture and Communication 23 terms
Joel Boykin
23 terms
Electrical Engineering Introductory Sociology Social Movements Social Science Sociology
Sociology 120 140 terms
Elizabeth Hill
140 terms
Civil Rights Martin Luther Social Science Trivia University
University 102 56 terms
Margaret Bruce
56 terms
Data Collection And Analysis Elementary Statistics Facts And Statistics Median Household Income Quantitative And Qualitative Data Scientific Method Social Science Statistics
Marketing 12/15 60 terms
Maisie Clarke
60 terms
Looking For Patterns Social Science
Leadership: The Relational Leadership Model Pt. 1 50 terms
Claire Scott
50 terms
Conflict Conflict Theory Human Rights Social Science
Operational Preventive Medicine 121 terms
Marvel Brown
121 terms
Economic Development Economics Gross Domestic Product Microeconomics Opportunity Cost Refers To Principles Of Economics: Microeconomics Social Science
Econ chap 1 & 2 153 terms
Brandon Ruffin
153 terms
Economic Policy Social Science
Principles of Macroeconomics Chapters 1-4 78 terms
Thomas Alday
78 terms
Checks And Balances Social Science Top Down Approach
CWV Lecture 7 Study Guide 11 terms
Judith Simpson
11 terms
Ellen Gates Starr Introductory Sociology Political Science Social Science Sociology Survival Of The Fittest
SOCI 1301 Chap 1 37 terms
Clarence Louder
37 terms
Cause And Effect City Council Members Human Interest Stories Mass Media Social Science
JLMC Exam 4 112 terms
Carmen Dawson
112 terms
Business Management Cross Cultural Human Interest Stories Identity Non Verbal Cues Social Science
COMM 303 – Flashcard 38 terms
Aiden Simmons
38 terms
AP Psychology Control And Prevention Psychology Social Science
Chapter 1 quiz questions 17 terms
Lucas Davies
17 terms
Behavioral Sciences Business Management Cause And Effect Political Science Social Science
MGMT 311 Practice Quiz 1 25 terms
Jaxon Wilson
25 terms
Anthropology Conducting Direct Foreign Investment Research Social Science
Fieldwork on Prostitution in the Era of AIDS 8 terms
Deacon Kirby
8 terms
AP Biology Biology Federal Law Scientific Method Social Science
Biology End Of Course Exam Study Guide 71 terms
Patrick Marsh
71 terms
International Trade Production Possibilities Curve Social Science
Chapter 1 Macroeconomics Questions And Answers 28 terms
Sean Mitchell
28 terms
18th And 19th Centuries Ethnic Studies Low Self Esteem Prejudice Self Fulfilling Prophecy Social Science
SOC 310 – Final Exam 195 terms
Tyree Bender
195 terms
Auguste Comte is the originator of positivism for the social sciences. What is this doctrine?
-founder of social science – it is our duty to determine how to improve society- to make the world a better place -Started Positivism -Hierarchy of science -Law of the three stages
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What is the definition of social science?
-The study of human beings and their social world -the field of study concerned with society and human behaviors
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What is the practical purpose of the social sciences for Bacon?
-to form conclusions from observations -we don’t make a guess before we start -we go out and observe and principles will merge
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Which of the following is more difficult to do in social science research?
to establish that something is the cause of something else
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Economics is a social science that involves the study of how individuals, firms, and societies:
Choose among alternatives to satisfy their unlimited wants
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Social science is the study of human interaction and change. Which of the following are examples of social science?
Sociology and anthropology
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Why were lines between social sciences unclear when they first developed
The backgrounds of early social scientists were diverse, and they often conducted work in multiple disciplines
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What is the purpose of the Social Science 1A course?
To understand how social sciences depict/contribute to the understanding of social problems.
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