SOCI 1301 Chap 1

the scientific study of social behavior and human groups. It focuses on social relationships; how those relationships influence people’s behavior; and how societies, the sum total of those relationships, develop and change

sociological imagination
an awareness of the relationship between an individual and the wider society, both today and in the past

Natural science
the study of the physical features of nature and the ways in which they interact and change.

Social science
The study of the social features of humans and the ways in which they interact and change.

True or false: Although sociology is considered a science, it does not involve the careful recording of observations and accumulation of data

Social science is the study of human interaction and change. Which of the following are examples of social science?
Sociology and anthropology

The discipline of sociology is related to the discipline of ________ in that both are interested in how people and events of the past are important to current society.

___________ refers to a person’s social opinions typically formed by conversations, reading, television and other life experiences.
Common Sense

Common sense may lead us to believe that military marriages are more prone to divorce due to the strain of long deployments and other issues. This mistaken belief is based upon.
Lack of factual analysis

Sociologists will accept something as fact under which of the following condidtions
They test record and analyze data and Scientific studies confirm it

A set of statements that seeks to explain social problems, actions, or behaviors is called a sociological _______

An effective theory may have the ability to __________ relationships between seemingly isolated things and to _______ how a change in an environment will lead to other changes.
explain; predict

Emile Durkheim ignored accepted explanations of the causes of suicide and instead relied on which of the following?
careful scientific research

True or false: Sociologists often accept the explanation “everybody knows it” when given an explanation for a social phenomenon.

Sociologists examine society by which three of the following perspectives?
conflict, functionalist and interactionist

Robert Merton labeled the negative consequences of a social pattern as social

Why did Marx leave his homeland of Germany?
A paper he wrote in Germany was suppressed (censored).

Marx and Engels authored Communist Manifesto, wherein they argued that
the proletariat workers whould unite and overthrow the capitalists

Marx and Engles identified two social classes: the ________ who possess the means of productioon and ____________ who must do all the work.
exploiters; exploited

WEB DeBois advocated research on the lives of which of the following?
urban blacks

When referring to the division of an individual’s identity into two or more social realities, WEB DuBois was describing which of the following?
the experience of being Black in White America

Charles Horton Cooley studied society from a sociological perspective but focused on
families and other small groups

Sociologist Jane Addams cared for immigrants entering the United States, specifically those migrating to

Which of the following was perhaps the first sociologist to successfully combine theory and research in his sociological work?
Robert Merton

What does Robert Merton call someone who engages in deviant behavior in order to achieve socially approved goals?

Examining social problems through smaller groups and more intimate settings would be an example of which of the following?

The kind of education that is valued by the socially elite and which does not necessarily mean book knowledge is known as ____________ according to French sociologist Pierre Bourdieu
cultural capital

When you are offered a job because your uncle’s best friend owns the company, you are benefiting from what sociologist Pierre Bourdieu referred to as
social capital

An interactionist sociologist would be likely to study which of the following?
how workers communicate on the job and behavior in small groups

A hypothetical example or model used for evaluating specific cases is what Weber called an…
ideal type

If sociologists were studying the social ranking of women in a sorority using Weber’s verstehen they would likely do which of the following?
learn how soroity members relate to other members of differing status, consider the women’s emotions and attitudes and examine the women’s grades, social skills or seniority within the sorority

Durkheim believed that the growing division of labor in industrial societies caused laborers to become more specialized in their tasks, leading to a loss of direction he called

The feminist perspective in sociology focuses on the study of _____________ inequality.

Which of the following statements about sociological approaches are true?
Sociologists draw on all the approaches for various purposes and no one sociological approach is better than another

Which of the following forms of symbolic interaction are forms of nonverbal communication?
postures, facial expressions and gestures

Which of the following is a latent function of the automobile in American society?
manufacturing and road construction jobs

Crime is generally viewed as a dysfunction in society, but the criminal justice system employs millions of people to keep crime in check. Therefore, the dysfunction of crime
also serves functions for society

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