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AP Environmental Science Environmental Science
APES Unit One 73 terms
Ben Powell
73 terms
Business Process Reengineering Enterprise Resource Planning Human Capital Management Material Requirements Planning Privacy And Confidentiality Select The Correct Statement Supply Chain Management Systems Analysis
AIS Chapter 14 ; 15 Homework 35 terms
Owen Clarke
35 terms
Basic Needs For Survival Ecology National Park Service National Wildlife Refuge Natural Resources Relationship With Nature Wild Animals Yellowstone National Park
Wildlife Cons. and Mang. 51 terms
Paulina Ratliff
51 terms
AP Environmental Science Coal Burning Power Plants Environmental Science Family Marine Science
Unit 4 Review and Quizzes – Marine Science 15 terms
Lesly Lloyd
15 terms
AP Biology Biology Ecology Long Distance Travel
Unit 11 Wildlife Agriscience 45 terms
Aiden Boyd
45 terms
Alcohol Use Disorder Blood Supply To The Brain Health And Wellness Long Term Damage Nutrition Time Management Skills
Total Wellness 25 terms
Amber Moore
25 terms
AP Environmental Science Environmental Science Gases In The Atmosphere Maintain The Balance
Topic Test Science – Flashcards with Answers 16 terms
Jamie Hutchinson
16 terms
AP Government Endangered Species Act Of 1973 History of the Americas United States Government-Comprehensive
History Alive | Pursuing American Ideals Chapter 11: Reconstruction 20 terms
Joan Grant
20 terms
AP Environmental Science Environmental Science Population Geography World Population Growth
Science test one 29 terms
Karlie Mack
29 terms
AP Environmental Science Environmental Science
Review Ch 15-18 101 terms
Lesly Lloyd
101 terms
AP Environmental Science Environmental Science High Income Countries Per Capita Income
Ch.8-11 Enviro 80 terms
Robert Lollar
80 terms
AP Environmental Science
Pests and pest Control 35 terms
Kael Dunlap
35 terms
AP Environmental Science Integrated Pest Management Persistent Organic Pollutants Regulations
Pest Control Quiz (Aitkenhead) 40 terms
Adrien Vincent
40 terms
Better Health Care Carbon Dioxide Emissions Ecology Environmental Science World Population Growth
Envi Sci Exam 2 82 terms
Marta Browning
82 terms
Biology Ecology Multiple Choice Organic Compounds Water And Carbon Dioxide
bio test one midterm review 36 terms
Sarah Taylor
36 terms
Ecology Natural Selection
Topic 7- Life history patterns 23 terms
Bettina Hugo
23 terms
20th Century AP World History China East And Southeast Asia Long Distance Travel World History
AP World History Chapter 10 Vocabulary Part 1 15 terms
Daniel Jimmerson
15 terms
Modern World History Mostly Women And Children World History
Chapter 13 American History 23 terms
Carmen Dawson
23 terms
Accounting Finance Financial Accounting Finished Goods Inventory Select The Correct Statement
Managerial Accounting Review Questions 66 terms
Will Walter
66 terms
AP Environmental Science Introductory Sociology Less Developed Countries Population Geography Sociology
Soc ch 15 59 terms
Cindy Krause
59 terms
Across The World AP Environmental Science Benefits And Drawbacks Environmental Science
Environmental Science Mid-term exam review 137 terms
Michael Seabolt
137 terms
AP Biology Biology IB Biology Select The Correct Statement
Bio Ch. 36 , 37, 38 82 terms
Kenneth Wheeler
82 terms
Ecology as a discipline directly deals with which levels of biological organization?
population, organismal, ecosystem, community
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What are the levels on which ecology can be studied?
-organismal -population -community -ecosystem -landscape -biosphere
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Which of the following is not one of the zones the Chicago School identified in the ecology of the city?
redevelopment zone
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The study of how humans and the environment act is called………. a. cultural ecology b. environmental determinism c. natural science d. cultural diffusion
a. cultural ecology
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Define the concept of “industrial ecology” and how it will be essential in the future
The study of relationships among industrial systems and their links to natural systems. Without an understanding of how these systems interact with nature, a sustainable future would be impossible.
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What are the two approaches to cultural ecology? Which one do most geographers reject? Why?
Environmental determinism and possibilism. Most geographers reject environmental determinism for possibilism because possibilism takes human ability to adapt to environmental condition into account.
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What phrase best describes the focus of ecology?
Interactions among organisms
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What is the problem with trying to give a five minute presentation on ecology?
The topic needs to be narrowed.
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what is the problem with trying to give a five minute presentation on the ecology
it won’t involve all of your listeners
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What is the relationship between ecology & environmental policy?
-ecology provides a scientific basis for understanding enviromental issues & making political decisions about them
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