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Age Of The Earth AP United States History Earth Glaciers Paleontology
Bio 151 Unit 3 191 terms
Edwin Holland
191 terms
AP European History Distinguish Right From Wrong History of Europe Inversely Proportional To The Square Modern World History Revolve Around The Sun World History And Geography
World History Chapter 22 Test:Enlightenment 69 terms
Josephine Mack
69 terms
Astronomy Big Bang Theory Cosmic Microwave Background
Astronomy Chapter 23 Sorting Task 9 terms
Margaret Bruce
9 terms
Ancient Egypt AP Art History Art History Bread And Wine Humanities Spring And Fall World History
AP Art History Terms 2 200 terms
Charlotte Small
200 terms
Astronomy Hubble Space Telescope Milky Way Galaxy Spring And Fall
Astronomy Quiz 2 17 terms
Patricia Smith
17 terms
Advantages And Disadvantages Around The World Inverse Square Law Wireless Access Point
Panko 6 102 terms
Isabel Padilla
102 terms
Astronomy Earth Revolve Around The Sun Solar System
Exam #2 Mastering Astronomy (missed questions) 30 terms
Ann Ricker
30 terms
Astronomy Earth Science
Astronomy 263 Chp 8 Purdue 25 terms
Joseph Fraser
25 terms
Astronomy Carbon Dioxide And Water Vapor Earth Science Milky Way Galaxy Solar System
Mastering Astronomy Review #5 25 terms
Claire Scott
25 terms
Astronomy Earth Science Gravitational Potential Energy Questions And Answers
Flashcards on ASTRONOMY 101 171 terms
Viola Marenco
171 terms
Astronomy Ch01.6: Key Concept: Our Cosmic Origins 5 terms
Bernice Cooper
5 terms
Astronomy Milky Way Galaxy Supermassive Black Hole
astronomy 1020 52 terms
Patsy Brent
52 terms
AP United States History George The Third Law Of Universal Gravitation World History
Modern World History Chapter 5 Test 34 terms
William Hopper
34 terms
Astronomy Hydrogen And Helium Milky Way Galaxy
MA 1 Introduction 93 terms
Sarah Taylor
93 terms
Astronomy Lower Than Average
Mastering Astronomy Chapter 16-17 20 terms
Marvel Brown
20 terms
Astronomy Earth Inversely Proportional To The Square
2013 regent 41 terms
Rae Jordan
41 terms
Astronomy Black Holes Supermassive Black Hole
ASTRO WK 7 mastering astronomy chp 22 32 terms
Brad Bledsoe
32 terms
Astronomy Average Distance From The Sun Hydrogen And Helium Spectroscopy
Astro Midterm 1 75 terms
Thomas Alday
75 terms
Astronomy Seasons Spring And Fall United States
Mastering Astronomy Chapter 2 Flashcards 51 terms
Suzette Hendon
51 terms
Marx And Engels Modify The Environment Revolve Around The Sun
World History, Chapter 20, Section 1 13 terms
Marguerite Castillo
13 terms
Astronomy Hydrogen And Helium Milky Way Galaxy Stars
Ch17 – Astronomy final 36 terms
Patsy Brent
36 terms
Astronomy Milky Way Galaxy Physics
astronomy chapter 1 73 terms
Brad Bledsoe
73 terms
What was the most important contribution of Tycho Brahe to modern astronomy?
He had very accurate measurements of planets positions
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Which of these were things ancient Greek astronomers never even considered in astronomy?
Wrong! They considered the possibility of all the above.
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Which of the following was NOT a contribution of Galileo to astronomy?
The changing appearance of Saturn’s rings corresponds to our seasons.
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What were some of the Muslim contributions in medicine, mathematics, and astronomy?
Clean air=faster recovery, algebra, charted stars, optics, tele- microscope.
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How did the “Apocalypto” video demonstrate the Maya religious control (think astronomy) ?
The leaders knew the sun would continue to come back because they understood astronomy
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Which of the following is not one of the three new aspects on astronomy introduced by Copernicus?
The introduction of a mathematical method to calculate the absolute distance to the planets
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Besides astronomy, what did Copernicus study in school?
He studied painting and mathematics.
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Which of these was a contribution of Newton to astronomy?
All of these were due to Newton’s work.
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Know what Tycho Brahe contributed to the advance of astronomy. `
Making accurate observations of the planets
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What is interferometry and what problem in radio astronomy does it address
It is the combination of telescopes that are far apart to get a picture. The downside is the image quality is poor.
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