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Attitudes And Beliefs Audience Analysis Linguistics Specific Purpose Statement
Writing ; Speaking For Business (Baker) 121 terms
Kaiya Hebert
121 terms
Business Management Costs And Risks Financial Management International Marketing Operations Management Related Diversification Strategy Value Chain Activities
Strategic Management Chapters 7 ; 8 79 terms
Jennifer Hawkins
79 terms
Business Management Financial Management Information Technology Marketing Supply Chain Management
Operations & Supply Chain Management Test 1 178 terms
Patrick Marsh
178 terms
Business Management Enterprise Resource Planning Human Relations Movement Industrial Revolution Mean Absolute Deviation Operations Management Paved The Way Principles Of Marketing
Op & Quality Mgmt Ch 1 45 terms
Deacon Kirby
45 terms
Accounting Client Server Architecture Electronic Data Interchange Profit And Loss Service Oriented Architecture Structured And Unstructured
MIS 3300: Chapter 1 & 2 & 3 100 terms
Jaxon Wilson
100 terms
Business Law Business Management Fast Growing Market
MGT 101-95 chapters 4;5 19 terms
Alexander Barker
19 terms
Business Business Level Strategy Business Management Cost Leadership Strategy
MGMT490 Exam2 CH4&5 part1 50 terms
Oscar Hall
50 terms
Business Management First Line Managers Human Relations Movement Human Relations Skills Linguistics Management Marketing
Management Mid-Term Review (CH.1 & 2) 25 terms
Ray Collins
25 terms
Business Management Decision Making Model Finance Management Mission And Vision Statements Planning And Decision Making Program Evaluation And Review Technique Related Diversification Strategy Supply Chain Strategy
Management Lesson 5 (Ch. 4): Planning & Strategic Management 111 terms
Malcolm Bright
111 terms
Business Ethics Business Management Financial Management Sarbanes Oxley Act
Management: Business & Society. Ethics 22 terms
Jay Barber
22 terms
Business Management Markets Materials Total Cost Of Ownership
Logistics: Supply Chain Management ; Procurement 50 terms
Jonathan Walsh
50 terms
Business Management Linguistics Path Goal Theory Of Leadership Stop And Think
Leadership & Management Midterm 100 terms
Lewis Edwards
100 terms
Business Management Program Evaluation And Review Technique Project Management Project Team Members Quantitative Risk Analysis Risk Management Plan Service Level Agreement
Larson & Gray Project Management Chapter 7 36 terms
Adrien Vincent
36 terms
Balance Of Payments Business Law Business Management Foreign Exchange Market Free Trade Zone International Marketing Principles Of Marketing
Introduction to Business chapter 3 ; 4 Key Terms 22 terms
William Jordan
22 terms
Business Law Business Management Sports Marketing
Intro to Business Chapters: 11, 12, ; 13 80 terms
Karlie Mack
80 terms
Business Business Law Business Management Provides Goods And Services
Intro to business ch 1& 2 10 terms
Kaitlynn Baldwin
10 terms
Business Business Law Land And Natural Resources
Environment of Business & Business Ownership 377 terms
Mya Day
377 terms
Business Management Double Entry Bookkeeping Expensive And Time Consuming Finance Income Taxes Payable
GEB1101: M2-C15: Using Management ; Accounting Information 238 terms
Anna Collins
238 terms
Ethics Late 19th Century National Science Foundation Technological History
Ethics for CS;E 47 terms
Isabel Padilla
47 terms
Business Management Cross Functional Team
Combo with ;Management ch 18; and 1 other 563 terms
Patrick Thompson
563 terms
Business Communications Business Management Cause And Effect Word Processing Programs
Flashcards on chapters 5 & 6 business communication 144 terms
Alexander Rose
144 terms
Business Communications Business Management Communities Of Practice Height And Weight High Context Cultures Linguistics
Chapters 1,2 & 4 Business Communications 124 terms
Ben Russell
124 terms
1. What is ethics? Why is a strong sense of ethical responsibility vital for public speakers?
The branch of philosophy that deals with issues of right and wrong in human affairs. You want your speech to be credible
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Ethics refers to what is good thing in itself and is pursued for its own sake. (T/F)
FALSE Intrinic value: refers to what is good thing in itself and is pursued for its own sake.
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What is a code of ethics and who has them?
mark of a profession – all of them have one
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Which of the following is not something a firm might do to encourage organizational ethics and compliance?
Ignoring potential ethical issues
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To prepare for an objective test in his ethics class, Trevor decides to create a true/false test. Which phrasing should he use to create the statement LEAST likely to be true?
all the students were cheating on the test
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If ethical relativism is the correct view of ethics, which claim would be true?
There would be no such thing as moral progress
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Nurse is planning a teaching session regarding the code of ethics for registered nurses. Which of the following should the nurse include in the eaching?
Right to treatment ensures individualized care.
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Which of the following is a characteristic of the care-based approach to bioethics?
the promotion of the dignity & respect of clients as people
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Situational ethics was considered very controversial when it was established by Joseph fletcher because it challenged the idea that______
universal rules exist and can be applied to every situation
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What is the purpose of formalized codes of ethics in the health care profession?
to increase the competence and standard of care within the profession
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