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Actions Martin Luther Public Speaking Sports
Mastering self-management (chapter 4) 13 terms
Ewan Tanner
13 terms
Linguistics Public Speaking
Kinn’s Chapter 13 Study Guide 25 terms
Evie Nicholson
25 terms
Linguistics Public Speaking Purpose Statement Specific Purpose Specific Purpose Statement Speech
Speech chapter 5 14 terms
Sonia Kelly
14 terms
Economics Goods And Services Macroeconomics Marginal Propensity To Consume Principles Of Economics: Microeconomics Public Speaking
Ch 11 economics 136 terms
Kolby Cobb
136 terms
Communications Interpersonal Communication Justice Linguistics Public Speaking Traveling
Business Communications Test 1 98 terms
Emily Kemp
98 terms
Linguistics Maintain Eye Contact Non Verbal Communication Public Speaking
Effective Presentation Flashcards 104 terms
Lewis Gardner
104 terms
Communications Facts And Statistics Information From Others Linguistics Public Speaking Question And Answer World Health Organization
Chapter 2. Ethics and Public Speaking 25 terms
Gabriela Compton
25 terms
Linguistics Men And Women New York Times Public Speaking Specific Purpose Statement
Speech Final Exam Review 2 45 terms
Daniel Hardy
45 terms
High Context Cultures Linguistics Public Speaking Scientific Method
Boxing Plato’s Shadow 71 terms
Sam Arent
71 terms
Conversation Linguistics Public Speaking Speech
Communications studies 120 50 terms
Steven Ramirez
50 terms
Figurative Language Interpersonal Communication Linguistics Memorize Public Speaking
COM 115 – Quiz Answers 130 terms
Sarah Adrian
130 terms
Linguistics Public Speaking United States
College Public Speaking Mid-Term 30 terms
Matthew Carle
30 terms
Linguistics Public Speaking
Public Speaking Final Chapter 4 45 terms
Pat Coker
45 terms
Direct Eye Contact Linguistics Maintain Eye Contact Powerpoint Public Speaking Specific Purpose Statement Speech Students With Disabilities
Coms 5 Chapter 3 23 terms
Ruth Jones
23 terms
Public Speaking
Public Speaking Test 3 220 terms
Carmen Dawson
220 terms
Cause Effect Relationship Chronological Pattern Linguistics One Way Communication Problem Solution Pattern Public Speaking Supporting Materials
COMM 1 Quiz #2 79 terms
Edwin Holland
79 terms
Call And Response Communication Apprehension Linguistics Public Speaking Sender And Receiver
Speech study guide 50 terms
Brandon Ruffin
50 terms
High School Students Linguistics Public Speaking Public Speaking Skills Thesis Statement
communication and speech 2 52 terms
Candace Young
52 terms
Basic Ethical Principles Civil War Public Speaking
Public Speaking Final Chapter 6 50 terms
Paula Corcoran
50 terms
Close Ended Questions Linguistics Open Ended Questions Public Speaking
public speaking chapter 6 review 57 terms
Richard Lattimore
57 terms
Criterion Referenced Tests Educational Psychology First And Last Name Linguistics Public Speaking The New York Times
Speech Unit 3 Quiz (2.7, 2.8, 2.9, & 2.10) 30 terms
Richard Lattimore
30 terms
Compare And Contrast Linguistics Multiple Choice Open Ended Question Open Ended Questions Public Speaking Specific Purpose Of A Speech Specific Purpose Statement Speech
Chap 5 & 6: Audience Member’s Characteristics 54 terms
Karen Combs
54 terms
What makes public speaking different from other forms of communication
Feedback and level of perparation
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What makes public speaking different from other forms of comminication
Feedback and level of preparation
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When do most public speaking teachers recommend that you prepare your introduction and conclusion?
after you have organized the body
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What are the two types of internal effects linked to one’s apprehension towards public speaking?
Physilogical effects and Cognitive Effects
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In what ways is public speaking likely to make a difference in you life?
makes you a better communicator, more professional
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Which of the following statements about public speaking is most accurate?
most people are apprehensive about speaking in public
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According to your text, which of the following is a way to overcome fear of public speaking?
accept that a certain amount of nervousness is useful
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when your textbook describes public speaking as a form of empowerment, it means that public speaking is
a way to make a difference in something we care about
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