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Attitudes And Beliefs Audience Analysis Linguistics Specific Purpose Statement
Writing ; Speaking For Business (Baker) 121 terms
Kaiya Hebert
121 terms
Air And Water Pollution AP Government AP United States History AP World History Military History Politics of the United States United States Government-Comprehensive
Unit 3 American Government Q&A’s 131 terms
Sara Edwards
131 terms
Business Business Plan Should Include Cosmetology-Licensing Plan Should Include United States
Milady Nail Technician Chapter 22 ;The Salon Business; 25 terms
Tyree Bender
25 terms
Business Management First Line Managers Human Relations Movement Human Relations Skills Linguistics Management Marketing
Management Mid-Term Review (CH.1 & 2) 25 terms
Ray Collins
25 terms
Business Management Linguistics Path Goal Theory Of Leadership Stop And Think
Leadership & Management Midterm 100 terms
Lewis Edwards
100 terms
AP Government Politics of the United States United States Government-Comprehensive
Government Chapter 14&15 Review 52 terms
Sabrina Peterson
52 terms
Business Entrepreneurship Long Term Contracts Need For Achievement Problems And Opportunities Search The Internet Social Security Trust Fund Wall Street Journal
Franchises ; Buyouts 34 terms
Paulina Ratliff
34 terms
Construction United States
Florida State Business & Finance Exam Study Guide – Volume 1 – Section 2. A Licensing – Practice Test 1 15 terms
Livia Baldwin
15 terms
Entity Relationship Diagram Symbols Tables
Combo with "MIS 342–Midtern–Chapter 4" and 1 other 72 terms
Patrick Marsh
72 terms
Combo with ;Ch.12; and 1 other 70 terms
Sean Mitchell
70 terms
Business Communications Business Management Cause And Effect Word Processing Programs
Flashcards on chapters 5 & 6 business communication 144 terms
Alexander Rose
144 terms
Business Communications Business Management Communities Of Practice Height And Weight High Context Cultures Linguistics
Chapters 1,2 & 4 Business Communications 124 terms
Ben Russell
124 terms
Business Management Job Well Done Learn From Mistakes Make Informed Decisions Management
chapter 6 Issues and Crisis Management 34 terms
Ethan Carter
34 terms
Business Ethics Business Management Cause Related Marketing Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Golden Gate Bridge Non Profit Organization World System Theory
CH9&12&13&11&14 200 terms
Elizabeth Mcdonald
200 terms
Data Goals Internet Network Security
Ch 1 ; 2 Access Control 133 terms
Anna Collins
133 terms
Business Business Communications Business Management Opening Statement Spelling And Grammar Errors Using Social Media White Space Writing
CAOT32; Quiz Study Guide ch 6-10 60 terms
Gracie Stone
60 terms
Cause And Effect Relationship Closed Ended Questions Decision Making Style Reliable And Valid Thank You Note
Business & Professional Communication in a Digital Age Chapter 4 10 terms
Niamh Mitchell
10 terms
Audience Analysis Interpersonal Communication Linguistics Meet New People
business communication chapters 1& 2 50 terms
Briley Leonard
50 terms
AP Government Football The House University
America & Government 3-Chapter 20 24 terms
Will Walter
24 terms
Face Finance Income Taxes Payable Ownership And Management
ACG CH12;13 16 terms
Adam Howard
16 terms
Business Business Management Develop New Products
World of Business Chapter 5 35 terms
Kayden Hussain
35 terms
A Level History AP United States History AP World History United Nations Charter World History
World History: Unit 10 41 terms
Lewis Edwards
41 terms
What is psycholinguistics?
the study of the comprehension, production, and acquisition of language
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What is sociolinguistics?
Pretty much anything related to language can be sociolinguistics, since we speak in a social context.
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Suppose that you hear about a research project in linguistics that is exploring the topic called discourse. Which of the following would be the most likely topic for this research?
the conclusions that students draw about how a story should end 22
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The study of how people use language in its cultural context is known as: a. descriptive linguistics. b. paralanguage. c. ethnology. d. sociolinguistics. e. participant observation.
D. Sociolinguistics
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Erica and Ryan are both taking a linguistics class in which their professor was discussing how the words “spinach” or “heart” could have been used to represent the idea of “love.” They are most likely discussing the __________ property of language in their class.
your professor researches the Turkana pastoralists of Kenya, investigating both the genetic changes that allow them to easily digest milk and the role that dairy animals have played in their history. Your professor most likely uses which of the following methods in her research? a) sociolinguistics b) interdisciplinary science c) the biocultural approach d) archaeological excavation
____ the biocultural approach
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Kinesics, paralinguistics, time (chronemics) and space (proxemics), haptics, appearance and artifacts
What are the 5 aspects of non-verbal codes?
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Sociolinguistics looks at differences in speech production, and also…
how these differences are perceived
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TRUE or FALSE: Linguistics is learning a language to communicate it?
FALSE! – This is not a goal that linguists have
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Applications of Sociolinguistics Learning Theory
*Literature circles *Shared reading *Buddy reading *Reading and writing workshop *Author’s chair
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