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AP Physics 1 Electromagnetism Physics
Chapter 24 Physics: Magnetism 53 terms
Dennis Jennings
53 terms
Astronomy Milky Way Galaxy Physics
astronomy chapter 1 73 terms
Brad Bledsoe
73 terms
Conceptual Physics Physics
Holtz Final Exam Practice Questions 117 terms
Ken Ericksen
117 terms
Conceptual Physics Physics Scientific Method
Physics: 1-11 310 terms
Richard Lattimore
310 terms
Curvature Of The Spine Force Health Physics
Yoga 127 terms
Robert Carter
127 terms
Energy Economics Middle Eastern Countries Physics
Environmental Science Chapter 14 91 terms
Kate Moore
91 terms
Asking A Question Carbon Dioxide Co2 Data Gases In The Atmosphere Physics
Analyzing Data and Drawing Conclusions 15 terms
Rebecca Baker
15 terms
Conceptual Physics Physical Chemistry Physics
Ch 31: Physics Flashcards 55 terms
Charles Clay
55 terms
Mechanics Physics
College Physics Chapter 2 8 terms
Darren Farr
8 terms
AP Chemistry Chemistry Physical Chemistry Physical Science Physics
Chapter 4 vocab Foundations of College Chemistry 14th edition, Hein & Arena 15 terms
Cindy Krause
15 terms
AP Physics 1 Physics Reach The Top
Honors Conceptual Physics Spring Final 86 terms
David Dunn
86 terms
AP Physics 1 Boiling And Freezing Physics
College Physics Ch. 1-2 46 terms
Dennis Jennings
46 terms
Force Physics
AP Physics 1.1-1.5 vocab – college physics, knight/jones/field 18 terms
Jill Lopez
18 terms
Conservation Of Angular Momentum Physics
Serway Vuille College Physics – Chapter 8 8 terms
Pedro Huang
8 terms
Momentum Physics
Physics Chapter 9 Study Guide 14 terms
Josephine Mack
14 terms
AP Physics 1 Conceptual Physics Optical Physics Physics
Chapter 29 & 30 conceptual physics 37 terms
Suzette Hendon
37 terms
8th grade Science MOTION AND FORCE STUDY GUIDE 24 terms
Ken Ericksen
24 terms
Coal Fired Power Plants Electric Field Lines Electric Potential Energy Physics
Physical Science Topic 2 Study Guide 41 terms
41 terms
AP Physics 1 Bright Field Microscope Dark Field Microscope Microbiology Physics
ABL 1 – Microscopes 36 terms
Sam Arent
36 terms
Electromagnetism Inversely Proportional To The Square Physics
Magnet facts 20 terms
Matthew Carle
20 terms
Electric Field Lines Electromagnetism Physical Science Physics
Physical Science; Module 8 26 terms
Marie Florence
26 terms
Center Of Gravity Conceptual Physics Conservation Of Angular Momentum Physics
Physics Exam #2 167 terms
Tony Foust
167 terms
What is the difference between a theory and a law of physics?
A theory is a scientifically constructed description of how nature operates in a particular situation. Theories must be tested constantly and amended when necessary. After a theory has been tested many times over a long period of time without failure, it becomes known as a law of physics. It thus commands high (but not absolute) confidence in its predictive powers.
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What is the fundamental law of physics that allowed the planets to form, rather than having all of the material simply fall into the Sun?
conservation of angular momentum
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what law of physics tells you that if a current carrying wire produces a force on a magnet, then a magnet must produce a force on a current carrying wire?
newtons third law, which applies to ALL forces in nature
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Sandra is giving a presentation in her physics class and is worried about what she should do with her hands. Which of the following recommendations would she find in your textbook?
Focus on communicating, and your gestures will usually take care of themselves
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Which one of the following problems would not be part of Physics?
Identifying all the bones in the human body
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Howard studied hard for his math test and found that what he learned helped him on his physics test. Howard benefited from ________
Your physics teacher fired a steel ball with a velocity of 3 m/s in the horizontal direction. At the same time she dropped a similar steel ball from the same height. Which on hit the ground first and why? Neglect air resistance.
They both hit the ground at the same time as the force of gravity is the same for both and only acts in the vertical direction.
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If the string that holds a whirling can in its circular path breaks, what kind of force causes it to move in a straight-line path – centripetal, centrifugal, or no force? What law of physics supports your answer?
There is no force. The law that supports my answer is Newton’s First Law; ”any object at rest or in motion stays at rest or in motion, unless acted upon by an outside force”.
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