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Electricity Geology Hydrology Polar Ice Caps Sea Level Rise
Rivers & Flooding 10 terms
Isabella Parker
10 terms
AP Human Geography Cultural Geography Urban Geography
Flashcards and Answers – CH 12 & 13 80 terms
Rosa Sloan
80 terms
AP Environmental Science Environmental Science
APES Unit One 73 terms
Ben Powell
73 terms
Basic Needs For Survival Ecology National Park Service National Wildlife Refuge Natural Resources Relationship With Nature Wild Animals Yellowstone National Park
Wildlife Cons. and Mang. 51 terms
Paulina Ratliff
51 terms
AP Human Geography AP United States History
Urban Politics Final 81 terms
Gracie Stone
81 terms
AP Environmental Science Coal Burning Power Plants Environmental Science Family Marine Science
Unit 4 Review and Quizzes – Marine Science 15 terms
Lesly Lloyd
15 terms
TREC Home Inspector Rules #2 25 terms
Livia Baldwin
25 terms
AP Environmental Science Environmental Science Gases In The Atmosphere Maintain The Balance
Topic Test Science – Flashcards with Answers 16 terms
Jamie Hutchinson
16 terms
Big Data Database Management System Maximum And Minimum Relational Database Model
Test 1 MIS200 HW 3 Review 51 terms
Millie Miller
51 terms
Ancient China Birth And Death Chinese History History of Asia Infectious Disease Signs And Symptoms South America Southeast Asia
5 themes of ap world history sprite 5 terms
Robert Lollar
5 terms
AP World History Art History Continents And Oceans
AP World History Chapter 29 Vocabulary 23 terms
Claire Scott
23 terms
Astrobiology Biology Geobiology Paleontology
Geologic Time Scale Flashcards 25 terms
Pat Coker
25 terms
Body Of Water North America South America
Ancient Africa and America Prehistory-c.e. 1600 125 terms
John Smith
125 terms
Age Of The Earth AP United States History Earth Glaciers Paleontology
Bio 151 Unit 3 191 terms
Edwin Holland
191 terms
Earth And Space Science Earth Science Oceanography
Chapter 15- Science 57 terms
Donna Chou
57 terms
AP Human Geography AP World History Indus River Valley
History Quizzes 32 terms
Jose Escobar
32 terms
Earth Science Geobiology Geologic Time Scale Life On Earth Mid Atlantic Ridge Open Ended Questions South America
College Biology Unit 4 (Chapter 19) 42 terms
Kelly Fisher
42 terms
Anton Van Leeuwenhoek Basic Principles History of Europe Scientific Method Scientific Revolution
Modern World History – Chapter 6 Test Study 38 terms
Donna Chou
38 terms
Boys And Girls Men And Women Roman Numerals Self Directed Learning Western United States
chapter 3 the early history of education in america 13 terms
Carmen Dawson
13 terms
AP Environmental Science Environmental Science Population Geography World Population Growth
Science test one 29 terms
Karlie Mack
29 terms
AP Environmental Science Environmental Science
Review Ch 15-18 101 terms
Lesly Lloyd
101 terms
Energy Economics Environmental Science Nuclear Power Plants United Arab Emirates
Review 2 100 terms
Lesly Nixon
100 terms
2. What is the relationship between Earth Science & Ecology?
EARTH SCIENCE is the study that states NATURAL PHENOMENA can be discovered through observation and experimentation. ECOLOGY is the study of living things and their environment.
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Question: Earth science is important because it looks at which of the following?
Answer: earth’s place in the universe
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What are the sciences that collectively make up Earth Science?
astronomy oceanography meteorology geology
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Which of the following is NOT a major concept involved in the study of Earth Science? a. Earth’s History c. Earth in the Solar System b. The Structure of the Earth System d. All are major concepts
d. All are major concepts
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What does Earth Science
The study of Earth and its interrelated processes
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1. Which of the following is NOT one of the main areas of Earth science? a. geology c. astrology b. oceanography d. astronomy
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Earth science assumes that the causes of natural phenomena
can be understood through careful observation.
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1.1 Four Major Branches of Earth Science
Geology Oceanography Meteorology Astronomy
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4 Major Branches of Earth Science:
Geology, oceanography, meteorology, and astronomy
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What is Earth Science?
The investigation of interactions among the four components of the Earth system and their interaction with the exosphere (sun, space).
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