Binomial Nomenclature

Interpretations based upon emotions or opinion are considered:

Plants are living organisms.

Which phrase best describes plants?
they are living

A precise scientific description of life is not easy to find.

Common names given to organisms may be useful locally, but may become meaningless on a basis.

The currently used binomial nomenclature was developed by

Why does binomial nomenclature use Latin?
it was a language of study for all educated peopl

In binomial nomenclature, the genus functions as the , and the species functions as the .
generic name
species name

The rankings of Class, Order, and Family are referred to as:

A kingdom may be subdivided into only one Phylum.

An “Order” may be subdivided into (consist of) several:

The language of taxonomy is usually:

The correct form for writing binomial nomenclature is:
Genus species

Humans differ from all other life forms by possessing a:
soul and spirit

Rules for naming plants and animals are found in _____ .
the International Code of Nomenclature

Problems in using common names to universally identify living things include:
Names mean different things to different people.
Foreign names may not be understood.
Many names may exist for the same organism.
There may be no common name for an organism.