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Introduction to Business chapter 3 ; 4 Key Terms

question Embargo answer An action imposed by the government to stop the export or import of a product completely question Exchange rate answer The value of a currency in one country compared with the value in another question Exports answer Goods and services sold to other countries question Imports answer Goods and services bought from […]

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Chapter 2: Review Q;A

question Discuss the importance of data modeling. answer A data model is a relatively simple representation, usually graphical, of a more complex real world object event. The data model’s main function is to help us understand the complexities of the real-world environment. The database designer uses data models to facilitate the interaction among designers, application […]

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Word Chapter 3

question Business documents can include all of the following EXCEPT ____. answer journals question At a minimum, your resume should present all of the following EXCEPT ____. answer past salaries earned question A letterhead should contain all of the following EXCEPT ____. answer objective question All of the following are guidelines about the appearance of […]

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US History Chapter 10 Flashcards
19 Sep 2020 Database

question U.S.S. Maine answer the mysterious explosion of the _______ in Havana habor helped push the united states to declare war against Spain question Aguinaldo answer ____________ led the rebellion against American rule in the Philippines question Mahan answer _________ urged that the United States had to strengthen its navel forces before it could become […]

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Understanding Business 101 chapter 9

question assembly process answer that part of the production process that puts together components question CAD answer the use of computers in the design of products question CAM answer the use of computers in the manufacturing of products question CIM answer The uniting of CAD with CAM question continuous process answer A production process in […]

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texas agency

question The Texas Supreme Court has ruled that for an “as is” agreement in a contract to be effective against the purchaser, it must pass several tests, which include answer -seller must not have obstructed the buyer’s attempts to inspect the property. -all known defects must have been disclosed by the seller. -the buyer and […]

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Supply Chain Management Section 1

question Logistics answer Refers to activities that occur within the purview of a single organization. question Traditional Logistics answer Focuses on activities such as: Procurement / Purchasing, Sourcing, Inventory Management, Warehousing, Distribution (order fulfillment, pick / pack & ship) question Supply Chain Management answer Refers to networks of independent companies that work together and coordinate […]

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Sociology Final – Flashcards with Answers

question important social influence answer Race has no deterministic, biological basis but it still has: question changed over time answer The concept of race has: question a person black answer The “one drop” rule states that one drop of “black” blood makes: question racism answer Members of separate races possess different and unequal traits question […]

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SCM 304 Inventory Management

question Inventory answer those stocks or items used to support production (raw materials and work-in-process items), supporting activities (maintenance, repair, and operating supplies) and customer service (finished goods and spare parts) question Purpose of Inventory answer 1. To meet anticipated customer demand 2. To smooth production requirements 3. To decouple operations 4. To protect against […]

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Quiz 10

question A ________ shows the tasks, start and finish dates, and dependencies for the tasks of a project. answer Gantt chart question The final phase of systems development involves ________. answer maintaining the system question A ________ is a network of activities, repositories, roles, resources, and data flows that interact to accomplish a business function. […]

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principles of business 8e key terms chapter 9
03 Sep 2020 Uncategorized

question ability answer the quality of being able to perform a mental or physical task. question application form answer a document used by employers that asks for information related to employment. It gives the employer standard information about each job applicant. question career answer a goal for work that is fulfilled through an occupation or […]

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Personal Health Test Questions

question Which of the following individual choices has a major effect on both current health and projected life expectancy? answer Smoking question The medical model of health would most likely focus on which of the following? answer Treating bacterial infections with antibiotics question The number of years a person is anticipated to live based on […]

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question Gaining unapproved access to a computer is not a federal crime. T/F answer False question ___________ enables advertisers to display more relevant ads based on user’s search and browsing history. answer Behavioral Targeting question As per the ___________, if an action cannot be taken repeatedly, it is not right to take at all. answer […]

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question In discussing a potentially lucrative group policy with a business owner who had purchased a business and just moved into the community, an established producer jokingly remarked, “Well, would it sweeten the pot if I could assure you membership in the country club?” He added, “I’m on the membership committee and while we’re not […]

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MKT 230 CH 8 Quiz

question The three purposes for which individuals or groups can use products in order for it to be considered a business market are answer resale, use in daily operations, and direct use in producing other products, question Business markets are typically divided into four categories. The categories are answer producer, reseller, government, and institutional question […]

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MIS 373

question competitiveness, strategy, and productivity answer Three separate, but related business concepts that are vitally important to organizations: question competitiveness answer how effectively and organization meets the wants and needs of a customer relative to others that offer similar goods or services question mission answer states the purpose of the organization, serves as the basis […]

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MGT Practice questions
21 Aug 2020 Database

question Planning is best described as the process of ___and___. answer setting objectives; deciding how to accomplish them. question The benefits of planning should include ___. answer Improved focus question The first step in the planning process is to ___. answer Define your objectives. question In order to help implement her firm’s strategic plans, the […]

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mgmt chpt 18
18 Aug 2020 Database

question A product’s quality is determined by its: answer durability, reliability, and serviceability question The three principles that characterize TQM are continuous improvement, teamwork, and: answer customer focus and satisfaction question __________ is a deviation in the form, condition, or appearance of a product from the quality standard for that product. answer Variation question The […]

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MGMT 301 – test 4

question Which of the following statements about leadership and management is true? answer Management and leadership are complementary systems of action. question True or False: According to John Kotter, leadership is about coping with complexity. answer False, John Kotter suggests management is about coping with complexity, and leadership is about coping with change. question _____ […]

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Marketing Chapter 6 Definitions

question 1 Business Buyer Behavior answer 1 The buying behavior of the organizations that buy goods and services for use in the production of other products and services or to resell or rent them to others at a profit. question 2 Business buying process answer 2 The decision process by which business buyers determine which […]

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Management Lesson 12 (Ch. 10): HR Management
12 Aug 2020 Database

question T answer (T/F) Human resources management deals with formal systems for the management of people within of the organization. question T answer (T/F) People are a source of competitive advantage when their skills, knowledge and abilities are not equally available to all competitors. question T answer (T/F) Another term for human capital is intellectual […]

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Macro Set 4

question The total production within an economy is measured as answer GDP question A measure of a country’s production is its answer GDP question Gross domestic product is equal to the market value of all the final goods and services ________ in a given period of time. answer produced within a country question To calculate […]

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