Honors Earth Science Quiz – 9/22/16 (1- Earth Science)

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Earth Science
The study of the earth and its containing environment (The Universe)
4 Major Branches of Earth Science:
Geology, oceanography, meteorology, and astronomy
The study of the origin, history, and structure of the solid earth and the processes that shape it (solid and molten inner and outer earth)
Scientist who studies Geology and what do they do?
Geologists study the earth’s crust, forces of the earth (earthquakes and volcanoes), and fossils
The study of the earth’s oceans
Scientist who studies Oceanography and what do they do?
Oceanographers study waves, tides, and ocean currents, study the ocean floor and marine plant and animal life
The study of the atmosphere and atmospheric conditions/interactions (Atmosphere and Weather)
Scientist who studies Meteorology and what do they do?
Meteorologists study atmospheric conditions that produce weather, study wind speed, temperature, and rainfall, and make weather forecasts
The study of the universe and all it contains
Scientist who studies Astronomy and what do they do?
Astronomers use advanced tools to study planets (moon and sun), comets, and all other celestial bodies
The solid earth
The water
The gases surrounding earth
The study of the complex relationships between living things and their environments
Encompasses all life on earth and the physical environment that it supports (ocean to atmosphere)
Largest ecosystem
The ozone is made up of:

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