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chap. 12 assessing
16 Sep 2020 Flashcards

Assessing the process of collecting, organizing, validating, and recording data (information) about a client’s health status Cue significant information that is helpful in making decisions data Information database all the pertinent patient information that enables a comprehensive and effective plan of care to be designed and implemented emergency assessment rapid focused assessment conducted to determine […]

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Harder Multiple Choice Questions
10 Sep 2020 Flashcards

question Around the 14th century, why were the cities of Nanjing, Calicut, Magadishu, and Venice significant? a. Major centers of trading activity flourished there b. The first democracies emerged there. c. Islamic religious centers developed there. d. The Portuguese established colonies there. answer a. major centers of trading activity flourished there. Remember, anytime you see […]

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Glencoe World History 2008 Chapter 30 Content and Academic Vocabulary

question apartheld answer \”apartness,\” the system of racial segregation in South Africa from the 1950s until 1991 question AIDS answer acquired immune deficiency syndrome; caused by the HIV virus that is spread through bodily fluids and weakens the body’s immune system; AIDS is a worldwide problem question Pan-Africanism answer the unity of all black Africans, […]

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Classical Empires in AP World History

question Persian Empire answer Consisted of two empires that developed respectively: Achaemenid and Parthian. Wa so large that the king used regional leaders known as satraps to watch over portions of the empire and report back to him. Had one of the world’s first highway systems; it was used by the empire’s armies to move […]

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World History Unit 3 Vocab

question Hijrah answer The flight of Muhammad from Mecca to Medina; the first year in the Muslim calendar question Monastery answer – A community of men who have taken religious vows question Chivalry answer Code of conduct for medieval knights, based on ideals of honor and courtesy question Calligraphy answer The art of beautiful handwriting […]

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Unit 2 Test US History Persuasive Essay

question albany plan of union answer plan proposed by Benjamin Franklin in 1754 that aimed to unite the 13 colonies for trade, military, and other purposes; the plan was turned down by the colonies and the Crown question ben franklin answer A delegate from Pennsylvania and proposed the \”Albany Plan of the Union\” as a […]

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GetAFive Quizzes
20 Aug 2020 Essays&Flashcards

question 8000 BCE to 600 BCE: Intro answer question The “Out of Africa” thesis maintains that answer all humans descended from a species that began in Africa The Out of Africa theory believes that humanity began in East Africa and then spread to the rest of the world. question The dominant characteristic of the Neolithic […]

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Bio Ch 13
16 Aug 2020 Flashcards

question NOT a goal of biotechnology answer creating humans with higher intelligence levels question biotechnology answer the term for manipulating the molecular basis of inheritance via recombinant DNA technology question NOT a use for biotechnology answer Altering the intelligence levels of newborn infants question history of biotechnology spans answer at least 10,000 years question Recombinant […]

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Mastering the TEKS in World History: Ch. 17

question imperialism answer The policy of extending the rule or authority of an empire or nation over foreign countries, or of acquiring and holding colonies and dependencies. question nationalism answer love of country and willingness to sacrifice for it question militarism answer a policy of glorifying military power and keeping a standing army always prepared […]

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Most Important Compromises in US History

question Creation of bicameral legislative body for the US, combining the New Jersey and Virginia plan. answer The Great Compromise question Compromise that said slaves counted for 3/5 of a person when counting for representation. answer Three Fifths Compromise question Agreement passed that prohibited slave owning in the Louisiana Territory north of the 36-30 except […]

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Section 4-1 Review The History of cell biology Critical Essay

question Cell answer Smallest unit that can perform all life processes question Cell Theory answer Theory that states that all living things are made up of one or more cells, that cells are the basic units of organisms question One early piece of evidence supporting the cell theory was the observation that answer Cells come […]

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Quiz 2 and 3 Practice Questions
05 Aug 2020 Essays&Flashcards

question a neuron is best described as a… answer cell question natural opiate-like neurotransmitters linked to pain control are called… answer endorphins question drugs that block the reuptake of serotonin will thereby increase the concentration of serotonin molecules in the… answer synaptic gaps question Botox injections smooth facial wrinkles because botulin is a… answer ACh […]

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Ch. 6 and 7 AP World History

question Koran answer The sacred writings of Islam revealed by God to the prophet Muhammad during his life at Mecca and Medina question Ka’ba answer Most revered religious shrine in Pre-Islamic Arabia; located in Mecca; focus of obligatory annual truce among bedouin tribes; later incorporated as important Shrine in Islam. Owned by the Quraysh for […]

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2nd Exam-New Questions
03 Aug 2020 Flashcards

question After a coup d’etat in Spain overthrew the government, Augustin de Iturbide proclaimed answer (Mexico’s independence and made himself emperor.) Haiti’s independence and made himself emperor. Argentina’s independence and made himself emperor. Brazil’s independence and made himself emperor. question Read the quote by Raphael Lemkin. [Genocide is the] criminal intent to destroy or to […]

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Art history exam definitions
03 Aug 2020 Essays&Flashcards

question Pendentive answer a construction shaped like a triangle that transitions the space between square walls and the base of a round dome question Catacomb answer underground burial place question Typology answer the study of biblical types; a biblical type is anything in the Old Testament that is mirrored and re-established in the New Testament. […]

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02 Aug 2020 Flashcards

question Mr. Smith presents to the Emergency Department at the local hospital for chest pain and is seen by the ED physician on duty. The physician obtains an extended HPI, an extended ROS, and a pertinent PFSH. What is the level of history? answer Detailed question This patient is seen in the clinic at the […]

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World History Chapter 13 section 1

question Middle Ages answer medieval period from 500 to 1500 question heritage from rome belief in catholic church customs of germanic tribes answer Where did the Middle ages roots come from – 3 question germanic invaders answer who overran the western half of the roman empire question disrupted trade, downfall of cities, population shifts answer […]

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Flashcards and Answers – Chapter 21 test review
27 Jul 2020 Flashcards

question Soil is a mixture of weathered rock, mineral fragments, water, air and ____. a. sand c. moss b. decayed organic matter d. clay answer b question The layer of soil that contains the most organic material is called the ____ horizon. a. A c. C b. B d. D answer a question All of […]

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wk 2: 7 Parenting roles & teacher implication
21 Jul 2020 Flashcards

question Nurturer answer Primary role, providing care for physical needs & emotional supports, provide warmth, attention & protection environment for children to grow & develop question Implication for teacher in Nurturer answer provide emotional support, enhance nurturing role, no violation towards the bond of parent-child, help parent learn in nurturing, enhance secure attachment, encourage involvement […]

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Audio Engineering I Exam 1 Actual Test with Answers
19 Jul 2020 Essays&Flashcards

question What are the four recording /mixing environments listed in Chapter 1: answer Recording Studio, Project Studio, Portable Studio, Location Recording question Match recording studio room to what happens in those places: answer Recording Studio- Where the performance takes place question Match recording studio room to what happens in those places: (p 7) Control Room […]

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Jane Elliot
19 Jul 2020 Flashcards

question Aim answer To reduce prejudice amongst children. To emphasise the effects of discrimination and group bias on personal attribute and self-esteem. question Method answer She divided her class into two groups – blue eyed people and brown eyed people. She gave privileges to blue eyed people one day and made the brown eyed people […]

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The Code of Ethics for the Texas Educator

question In the 2007 revision of the Code of Ethics, an added requirement stated that ________ must report certain behaviors, or risk their own certificates. answer Superintendents question True or False- The Code of Ethics Governing Educators can be found in the Texas Administrative Code. answer True question The goal-oriented statement of philosophy regarding the […]

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