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Around the 14th century, why were the cities of Nanjing, Calicut, Magadishu, and Venice significant?
a. Major centers of trading activity flourished there
b. The first democracies emerged there.
c. Islamic religious centers developed there.
d. The Portuguese established colonies there.
a. major centers of trading activity flourished there.

Remember, anytime you see random cities we haven’t really talked about think trade or location on waterways.

Which statement best describes an effect of westward expansion of the Ottoman Empire under Suleiman the Magnificent?
a. Wealthy citizens adopted Russian dress.
b. Islam became a major religion in the Balkans.
c. Trade was disrupted throughout the Indian Ocean.
d. Janissaries were stripped of their military power.
b. Islam became a major religion in the Balkans.

The Ottoman Empire were Muslims.

Which geographic feature is located in Latin America?
a. rain forest of the Congo
b. Himalaya Mountains
c. plateau of Tibet
d. Amazon River
d. Amazon River

Amazon River is located in Latin America.

The development of cash-crop economies promotes globalization by
a. equalizing the standard of living for peasant populations
b. establishing communities that are self-sufficient
c. maintaining the diversity of indigenous agriculture
d. meeting demands outside the region of production.
d. meeting demands outside the region of production

Cash-crops are goods that countries can sell to others. Think Latin America when you see this.

A major reason for Japan’s foreign policy in Asia during the early 20th cenutry was to
a. promote democracy
b. spread Shinto beliefs
c. obtain natural resources
d. reduce military expenses
c. obtain natural resources

Japan imperialized other countries, because they didn’t have enough natural resources.

What was a key cause for the rise of fascism in nations such as Italy and Germany?
a. collectivization
b. economic hardship
c. genocide
d. secret treaties
b.economic hardship

The economy was poor in Germany and Italy, so dictators were able to go in and say they would fix that country’s problems.

Which event caused the policy of appeasement to be viewed as a failure?
a. creation of the League of Nations
b. forced famine in Ukraine
c. invasion of Czechoslovakia
d. atomic bombing of Hiroshima
c. invasion of Chechoslovakia

Appeasing Hitler didn’t work, because he continued to take over other nations.

The government of Ayatollah Khomeini attempted to change Iranian society by
a. implementing Islamic fundamentalist principles
b. extending political equality to women
c. allying with communist bloc countries
d. adopting a western economic system
a. implementing Islamic fundamentalist principles

If you see Khomeini, think Iran and Islam.

Which geographic region made up much of the Ottoman Empire?
a. Scandinavia
b. Iberian Peninsula
c. Indian subcontinent
d. eastern Mediterranean Basin
d. eastern Mediterranean Basin

The Ottoman Empire took over the Byzantine Empire, so they gained control of part of the Mediterranean.

During the 1800s, many Latin American countries were characterized by
a. reliance on cash-crops
b. transition to command economies
c. redistribution of land to the peasants
d. withdrawal from the world market
a. reliance on cash-crops

Again, cash-crops are goods produced for outside countries. You’re thinking Latin America.

-Zheng He’s seven voyages are sponsored by the government
-Corn and peanuts are introduced into people’s diet
Which time period is associated with these statements?
a. Ming dynasty
b. Tokugawa Shogunate
c. rule of Kublai Khan
d. Japanese annexation of Korea
a. Ming dynasty

Associate Zheng He and Ming dynasty together. Both are all about trade.

Baron de Montesqieu believed that a separation of powers would
a. prevent tyranny by acting as a check on power
b. restore authority to the Roman Catholic Church
c. increase corruption of political authority
d. decrease the power of the middle class
a. prevent tyranny by acting as a check on power

Montesqieu- you need to think separation of powers. This makes it so that one power can’t get too powerful.

Which condition is most closely associated with Mexico between 1910 and 1930?
a. revolutions and political instability
b. establishment of a state religion
c. rapid industrialization by locally owned corporations
d. widespread support for foreign intervention
a. revolutions and political instability

Mexico had a revolution and was weak.

In the 1940s, the leadership of the Indian National Congress and the leadership of the Muslim League supported the goal of
a. helping the British fight WW2
b. removing British control from the subcontinent
c. abolishing cast distinctions and discrimination
d. establishing a unified government based on religious teachigns
b. removing British control from the subcontinent

Both Indian National Congress and the Muslim League were groups that tried to kick out the British from India.

Immediately after World War 2, which country exerted political and economic control over Poland, Hungary, and Romania?
a. France
b. US
c. Soviet Union
d. Great Britain
c. Soviet Union

After WW2, the Soviet Union gained control over other countries.

Which nation is located on a peninsula?
a. Brazil
b. Philippines
c. Saudi Arabia
d. Austria
c. Saudi Arabia
For which achievement is Suleiman the Magnificent best known?
a. building the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem
b. spreading Christianity into the Balkan Peninsula
c. Conquering the Russian capital of Mosców
d. uniting the Ottoman Empire under an efficient government structure
d. uniting the Ottoman Empire under an efficient government structure

Try to associate Suleiman the Magnificent and the Ottoman Empire together.

Which technological development enabled European navigators to determine their location during the Age of Exploration?
a. lateen sail
b. astrolabe
c. cross bow
d. caravel
b. astrolabe

The astrolabe was the main technology that helped the Age of Exploration occur.

The establishment of the independent countries of Czechoslovakia, Hungary, and Yugoslavia was a result of
a. the Franco-Prussian War
b. the Berlin Conference
c. World War 1
d. the Munich Pact
c. World War 1

After WW1, the map changed, as countries became independent.

Which geographic factor was most significant in helping the Soviet Union withstand German attacks in WW2?
a. The Ural Mountains served as a barrier to advancing German armies
b. Distance and harsh winters disrupted German supply lines
c. Extensive food-producing areas kept the Soviet armies well fed
d. Numerous ports along the Arctic Sea allowed for the refueling of Soviet transport ships
b. Distance and harsh winters disrupted German supply lines

When you think of Russia, try to remember that they had some protection because of their freezing conditions.

-Sino-Japanese War
-Russo-Japanese War
-Annexation of Korea
These events in the history of Japan reflect its
a. resistance to trade
b. abundance of natural resources
c. vulnerability to attack by neighbors
d. emergence as an imperialistic country.
d.emergence as an imperialistic country

Japan imperialized other countries. In order to do that, they had to annex (add) and win wars.

Which situation was a direct challenge to the political and religious authority of the Catholic Church?
a. passage of the Act of Supremacy under Henry VIII
b. death sentence given to Joan of Arc
c. Reconquista of Spain conducted by Ferdinand and Isabella
d. establishment of the Jesuit order under Ignatius Loyola
a. passage of the Act of Supremacy under Henry VIII

Henry VIII wanted a divorce and the Catholic Church wouldnt give it to him. He passed the Act of Supremacy, stating that he had more power than the Church.

The primary goal of both the Indian National Congress in India and the Mau Mau movement in Kenya was to
a. establish military control
b. colonize lands overseas
c. remove foreign control
d. achieve social equality
c. remove foreign control

Indian National Congress and Mao Mao were trying to kick out foreigners.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the founding of Amnesty International are both associated with efforts to recognize and protect the
a. economic diversity of nations
b. dignity of individuals
c. right of each nation to enforce its own laws
d. balance of power between nations
b. dignity of individuals

These two are all about humans having rights.

With Which event are Porfirio Diaz, Francisco \”Pancho\” Villa, and Emiliano Zapata associated?
a. Conquest of the Incas
b. Argentinian Dirty War
c. Mexican Revolution
d. Haitian coup d-etat
c. Mexican Revolution
The terms spheres of influence, extraterritoriality, and mandates are most closely associated with
a. collective security
b. militarism
c. imperialism
d. self-sufficiency
c. imperialism
In which geographic region has Aung San Suu Kyi labored to bring about democratic reform?
a. Southeast Asia
b. Middle East
c. Central Asia
d. West Africa
a. Southeast Asia
Which leader is most closely associated with Desmond Tutu and F. W. de Klerk?
a. Jomo Kenyatta
b. Kwame Nkrumah
c. Nelson Mandela
d. Jawaharlal Nehru
c. Nelson Mandela
Since the end of the Cold War, what has been the primary cause of conflicts in Chechnya, Azerbaijan, and Bosnia?
a. religious and ethnic tensions
b. adoption of capitalism
c. poor health care and starvation
d. efforts at Russification
a. religious and ethnic tensions
Which idea is correctly paired with a document that supports it?
a. colonialism- The Prince
b. militarism- Sadler Report
c. capitalism- Wealth of Nations
d. monotheism- The Communist Manifesto
c. capitalism- Wealth of Nations
One goal of the Congress of Vienna was to
a. establish a new balance of power in Europe
b. protect Europe from Ottoman advances
c. end abuses within the Catholic Church
d. redraw the boundaries of Africa
a. establish a new balance of power in Europe
Which institution became stronger and limited the monarchy in order to end absolutism in England?
a. banks
b. Parliament
c. universities
d. Anglican Church
b. Parliament

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