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Articulation Biomechanics Music Therapy Therapy Vowels
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Biomechanics Pen And Paper Physiotherapy Skeletal Muscle
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Biomechanics Concepts And Principles Motor Skill Development
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Anatomy Biomechanics The Body
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Biomechanics The Knee
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Biological Systems Biomechanics Mass And Weight
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Mass And Weight Physics
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Atomic Mass Unit Gravity Mass And Weight Measurement Problem Solving
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Around The World Chemistry Mass And Weight Product And Process Rain And Snow Scientific Method Streams And Rivers
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Earth Mass And Weight Physics The Environment
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AP Chemistry Chemistry Mass And Weight
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Biological Systems Biomechanics Mass And Weight
Kinesiology Chapter 3 pt.2 82 terms
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Specialists who apply their knowledge of physiology, biomechanics, anatomy, and psychology in order to improve movements, working environments, and training programs in the workplace are called?
Ergonomists or human factors engineers
More test answers on https://studyhippo.com/kinesiology-midterm/
The primary focus of sport and exercise biomechanics is to ______.
improve performance and reduce the risk of injury
More test answers on https://studyhippo.com/biomechanics-exam-1/
What does biomechanics do
– Examines the internal and external forces acting on the human body and the effects produced by these forces. – Aids in technique analysis and the development of innovative equipment designs. – Draws on knowledge from sports medicine, physical therapy, kinesiology, and biomechanical engineering.
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goals of biomechanics
improve performance through technique, equipment, training
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The “mechanics” in biomechanics stands for _______.
forces and their effects
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Biomechanics Combines…
– Computer Science – Math – Videography – Photography – Computers – Physics – Physiology – Simulations
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human movement biomechanics
the study of the structure and function of human beings using the principles and methods of mechanics of physics and engineering
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Define biomechanics
The general study of forces and their effects p. 25
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describe the biomechanics of somatic dysfunctions caused by short leg syndrome
– when the sacral base is unlevel, the body compensates to try to keep the eyes level – early in the process the thoracic and lumbar side form a long *C-shaped curve* that is *concave on the long leg side* and *convex on the short leg side* – with more time compensatory mechanism redistribute an *S-shaped curve forms* with the *lumbar concavity away from the short leg* and the *thoracic concavity towards the short leg*
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Examples of Biomechanics