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Degenerative Disease Of The Brain Electrical Nerve Stimulation Surgery
Ch.10 Med. Term Notes 115 terms
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Alicia Bennett
115 terms
Acute Respiratory Failure Nursing Serum Potassium Levels Surgery
Case Study Diabetes Type 1 30 terms
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Jonathan Walsh
30 terms
Foods High In Iron Health Care Provider Nephrology Nursing Serum Potassium Level Surgery
HESI Case Studies-Chronic Kidney Disease 90 terms
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Jaxon Wilson
90 terms
Anesthesia Fire Fighting Increase The Risk Surgery
Firefighter 1 & 2 69 terms
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Karlie Mack
69 terms
Nursing Side Lying Position Surgery
HESI Case Study – Colonoscopy with Bowel Perforation 29 terms
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Lesly Nixon
29 terms
Nursing Surgery
COPD with Pneumonia (Evolve Case Study) 13 terms
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13 terms
Emergency Medicine Jaw Thrust Maneuver Nursing Pediatrics Surgery
ENPC Test Questions 25 terms
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Jazzlyn Sampson
25 terms
Nursing Pharmacology Surgery White Blood Cell Count
Care Case Study (1)-Perioperative Care 28 terms
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Kieran Carr
28 terms
Foundations Of Professional Nursing Health Assessment Nursing Surgery
Rheumatoid Arthritis Test Questions 9 terms
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9 terms
Medical Terminology Nursing Surgery
EKG Certification Exam study guide!! 36 terms
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36 terms
Biochemistry Nursing Nursing-LPN Surgery
CP 34 Coronary Artery Disease and Acute Coronary Syndrome 70 terms
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70 terms
Advanced Pathophysiology Nursing Range Of Motion Exercises Rheumatology Surgery
Case Study – Rheumatoid Arthritis 20 terms
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20 terms
Medical Terminology Medical/Clerical Assisting Surgery
Medical Terminology – Skin 126 terms
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Lesly Ford
126 terms
Nursing-LPN Surgery
Ch. 41 Fluids and Electrolytes Study Guide Questions 123 terms
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123 terms
Hearing Hospital Surgery
Night by Elie Wiesel- Chapter 5 18 terms
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Blake Terry
18 terms
Emergency Medical Responder Jaw Thrust Maneuver Sucking Chest Wound Surgery
PHTLS – Post Test, 8th Edition 50 terms
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Evie Nicholson
50 terms
Acute Renal Failure Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome Left Sided Heart Failure Nursing Surgery
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60 terms
Nursing Surgery
Flashcards About ABNORMAL CH1&2 126 terms
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126 terms
Cytokines And Chemokines EM EMS And Disaster Mgt Surgery
TCRN – Flashcard 113 terms
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Kenneth Wheeler
113 terms
Central Venous Catheter Nursing Nursing-LPN Surgery
Med/Surg II PrepU for Exam 2 318 terms
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Jose Escobar
318 terms
Nursing Right Sided Heart Failure Surgery
Chapter 10 Cardiovascular, Immune, Lymphatic System and Blood (part 2) 133 terms
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Tony Foust
133 terms
peat practice 2 90 terms
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Candace Young
90 terms
A patient is scheduled for cryosurgery for cervical cancer and tells the nurse, “I am not exactly sure what the doctor is going to do.” What is the best response by the nurse?
“The physician is going to use liquid nitrogen to freeze the area.”
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A toddler on the pediatric unit is required to have temporary dietary restrictions after colorectal surgery. What is the best way for the nurse to promote adherence to the restrictions?
Toddlers are ritualistic and do not tolerate change well; *any change in diet should be done matter of factly.*
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the clients surgery has been delayed due to hyperkalemia, the client asks why, what is the nurses best response
by making sure your potassium level is normal before surgery, your heart will beat strong and regular during your surgery
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The ED nurse is preparing for a patient with kidney trauma for emergency surgery. What is the best task to delegate to the UAP?
Go to the blood bank and pick up the units of packed red cells.
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the nurse is caring for a client who will be having surgery on his right knee, what is the best method ensure the surgery is performed on the correct knee
have the surgeon and the client mark a yes and their initials on the knee to be operated on
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What is a treatment option for bladder cancer when thte cancer is inoperable or the patient refuses surgery? Chemo drugs for treating invasive bladder cancer?
Radiation in cobination w cystectomy Cisplatin, vinblastine, doxorubicin, methotrexate
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What is the best response by the nurse when the patient states, “I’m so nervous about my surgery”?
“Would you like to discuss the concerns that you have?”
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What method of supportive care is most critical during a brief surgery with minimum blood loss?
Maintenance of body temperature
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The nurse is caring for a client after a mastectomy. Which finding would indicate that the client is experiencing a complication related to the surgery?
Arm edema on the operative side
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Which of the following interventions would be most appropriate for a client who has undergone surgery for a liver disorder and has started shivering?
Cover the client with a light blanket.
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