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Capacity For Change Health Promotion And Disease Prevention Nursing Strengths And Weakness
ULL Nurs 100 Units 5 89 terms
Karlie Mack
89 terms
Foundations Of Professional Nursing Nursing
Therapeutics: Course Point (CH. 29) 34 terms
Roman Peck
34 terms
TEST 1 Practice Test II 143 terms
Briley Leonard
143 terms
Extended Care Facility Foundations Of Professional Nursing Health Assessment Nursing Nursing-LPN
Nur 192: chapter 11 45 terms
Deloris Connelly
45 terms
Community Health Health Assessment Nursing Nursing-LPN
Learning system, Mental Health final 51 terms
Misty Porter
51 terms
Health Assessment Nursing
Nursing 2, Unit 3 120 terms
Bettina Hugo
120 terms
Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Health Assessment
ATI fundies 640 terms
Tony Foust
640 terms
Extended Care Facility Foundations Of Professional Nursing Health Assessment Nursing
ch12 assessing 69 terms
James Hopper
69 terms
Foundations Of Professional Nursing Health Assessment Nursing
Assessments Ch 23 – Neurologic System 87 terms
Trina Garrison
87 terms
Health Assessment
Ch 20 Peripheral Vascular System & Lymphatic System 40 terms
Kelly Fisher
40 terms
Bag Mask Device Nursing Pulmonology Venous Return To The Heart
5.3 20 terms
Michael Seabolt
20 terms
Community Psychology Large Scale Farming Law Abiding Citizens Nursing Patient-Family Centered Care: Maternal/Child Nursing Social Bond Theory Sociology
4430 Exam 1 71 terms
Stephanie Landry
71 terms
Cause And Effect Diagram National Patient Safety Goals Problem Solving Technique
RHIT Exam Prep Domain V 49 terms
Jamie Hutchinson
49 terms
Family History Of Breast Cancer Health Assessment Nursing
practice questions 114 terms
James Storer
114 terms
Nursing Nursing-LPN
PD1: Examination Techniques and Equipment 52 terms
Ken Ericksen
52 terms
Health Assessment
Assessments Ch 20 Vascular & Lymphatic 53 terms
Brenda Gannon
53 terms
OB Final Exam – New Materials Ans Only 43 terms
Robert Carter
43 terms
Bones Of The Skull Foundations Of Professional Nursing Nursing
Flashcards on PHARM FINAL 239 terms
Thomas Owen
239 terms
Confusion And Disorientation Normal Blood Glucose Level Sickle Cell Disease Signs And Symptoms Of Hypoglycemia
Chapter 19 – Endocrine and Hematologic Emergencies 30 terms
Margaret Bruce
30 terms
Health Computing Hospital Nursing Prospective Payment System Radiology
Patient care chapter 25: health records and health information management 16 terms
Livia Baldwin
16 terms
Pain management- ATI 9 terms
Briley Leonard
9 terms
Health Assessment Nutrition
Obesity Weight Management 51 terms
Kaiya Hebert
51 terms
10. What is the most effective nursing intervention to help Mark be successful this time?
Encourage Mark to make a quit plan
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3. What is the priority nursing action to address Marie’s needs related to the repair of her 4th degree perineal laceration?
Apply perineal ice packs consistently for the first 24-48 hours.
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A patient with leukemia has developed a cough and increased fatigue. What is the primary nursing intervention?
Evaluate the patient for potential infection.
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The state board of nursing has brought action against a nurse’s license based upon violation of a regulation. What is true about this scenario?
These rules and regulations have the force of law.
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What is an essential nursing action prior to starting a blood transfusion?
ensure informed consent has been obtained
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What is the best nursing intervention to promote health in a client at risk for heart disease?
Emphasizing a client’s strengths to encourage weight loss
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What is the first action of a nursing assistant before performing a procedure?
Checking the resident’s identification
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What is the major advantage of the team nursing model for delivery of nursing care?
to facilitate the use of ancillary staff to provide effective care.
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What is the primary purpose of the outcome identification and planning step of the nursing process?
to design a plan of care for and with the patient
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What is true of nursing responsibilities with regard to a physician-initiated intervention (physician’s order)?
Nurses do carry out interventions in response to a physician’s order.
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