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The nurse providing care on a unit using functional nursing would carry out which activity?
administer medications to all clients.
What is the goal of case management in nursing?
to provide clients with necessary, cost effective care.
Why must the nurse follow the agency’s policies and procedures?
The agencies policies and procedures are the legal framework of nursing.
Which nursing action would be most characteristic of a patient advocate?
assisting the patient to obtain information to make a decision.
Which characteristic of a profession has traditionally been associated with nursing?
service to society.
Which best defines collective bargaining for nurses?
a negotiations process between nurse employee and management.
Which approach should the nurse use when planning assignments for a nursing team?
Assignments should be based on patient needs and the expertise of the personnel.
Which statement describes a primary characteristic of a profession as it exists in nursing?
Nurses are capable of autonomous decision making.
What action reflects that the nurse is a member of a discipline?
tells the patient the nurses name.
What is the major advantage of the team nursing model for delivery of nursing care?
to facilitate the use of ancillary staff to provide effective care.
Who is leader in team nursing
the RN
Nurses in which group specialize in primary care?
nurse practitioners
The nurse delegates the responsibility for completing intake and output sheets to the nurses aide working on the team. Which instructions by the nurse to the aid indicates proper use of the principles of delegation?
Tally all patients intake and output sheets for the shift by 3pm
Which of the following is a creative decision making approach that generate multiple alternative choices?
Goal of consensus
get people to agree on one approach
Compromising in decision making
means that no one gets exactly what they think is correct, but everyone does get some of what they want.
no one gets everything they want, but more people meet their prior needs.
What action reflects the educational competencies of the associate degree nurse?
provides direct patient care across the health care continuum
What best explains the concept of differentiated practice?
Nursing staff assume roles and responsibilities appropriate for their level of education and experience.
case management method most often uses…
critical pathways
critical pathways
multidisciplinary care plans that include client problems, key interventions, and expected outcomes within an established time frame
During cardiac arrest in an ICU, the charge nurse instructs one RN to take over the care of two patients, another RN to assist with the intubation, and a third RN to draw up medications for the doc. Which management style is the charge nurse exhibiting?
Coercive manager
would associate reward or punishment with performance of assigned duties.
Democratic manager
would involve the other members of the care team in decision making.
Multicratic manager
would share decision making with one or more associates, but not submit choices to the entire team.
Which nursing activity illustrates a cost containment measure aimed at improving patient care?
coordinating patient care using critical pathways that are based on expected outcomes
A nurse who is a new grad has been the recipient of repeated sarcastic remarks by a nurse who is experienced. Which conflict management technique should the new nurse use in responding to the experienced nurse?
Which activity by the charge nurse demonstrates the most effective use of self in time management?
determine priorities and delegate activities to staff nurses.
The nurse manager observes an increase in incident reports related to patient falls on the unit. Which is the manager’s best approach to solving this problem?
form a team of a nurse, an aide, a housekeeper and a physical therapist to investigate the problem.1
Which is a major principle underlying primary nursing? Primary nursing relies on…
the nurse giving the care directly
how is a record audit used to evaluate nursing care
nursing documentation is compared to established standards
Several new critical pathways are being piloted by a small hospital. Although the nurses like the pathways because they will save time, the physicians dislike them, saying the pathways resemble cookbook medicine. Which conflict management strategy would be the most approrpiate in this situation?
encourages both creative and assertive problem solving for the benefit of the patient
What is the principle criticism of functional nursing?
Patient care is fragmented
Functional nursing
the patient will have different personnel interacting with them and no one nurse has the complete picture of the patient.
An associate degree nurse who is a member of a nursing team observes a change in patient condition. Who should the nurse inform first?
.a RELATIONSHIP with which individual would best enable the novice nurse to model personal behaviors and become socialized into the professional role?
A unit nurse believes that there are too few staff members to adequately attend to all patients. What action should the nurse take first to initiate change?
Discuss the personnel situation with the nursing supervisor.
The nurse has assessed that a patient who is to be discharged from a health care facility is unable to live alone at home. Which standard of care has the highest priority?
act of working jointly
How are the nursing process and the planned change process similar?
follow the same systematic process, with the first step being ASSESSMENT
Planned change
an intended, purposive attempt by an individual, group, organization, or larger social system to influence its own status quo or that of another organism or a situation
nursing process
method RNs use to plan & deliver nursing care in 5 steps: assesment, nursing, diagnoses, planning, implementation, evaluation
Which is the best definition of the Nursing Outcome Classification System?
A list of indicators that suggest the change in a patients condition.
Nursing Outcomes Classification System
NOC. Using standardized terminology and measures to evaluate effects of nursing interventions. Each outcome label has a definition, a target outcome rating, a list of indicators, and a 5-point Likert scale to measure changes(+,-, or lack of).
What is Mary Mahoney best known for?
first black graduate of an American Nursing school
Dorothea L Dix
first superintendent of Women Nurses for all military hospitals during the Civil War.
Mary Breckinridge
first nurse to provide family health care to rural populations.
Isabel Hampton Robb
leader and activist in the development of nursing through education. She founded John Hopkins School of Nursing and became it’s first professor.
Which concept is associated with Florence Nightingale’s nursing philosophy?
environment and sanitation
sister Callista Roy and Myra Levine
associated with the concept of adaptation
Imogene King
is associated with the concept of open systems.
Dorothea Orem
associated with self care
Which is a major focus of most clinically related specialty nursing associations?
continuing education
mission of National League for Nursing
to promote health and the quality of health care by supporting effective nursing education and practice.
Mission of American Nurses Association
to improve health care by ensuring high standards of nursing and promoting the professional development of nurses.
International Council of Nurses
international organization for professional nursing with membership consisting of national nursing assocations.
What is the primary purpose of accreditation of an academic nursing program?
to establish excellence in the program
in what way did the Pew Health Professions Commission reports affect helath care professionals?
Decreasing the number of health care professionals, including nurses.
The first organized schools of nursing in the US were developed following what war?
Civil War
Which was the most important recommendation of Nursing for the Future (Brown Report 1948)?
Recommended a college or university education for nurses.
What was an outcome of the study Health Professions Education for the Future: Schools in Service to the Nation (1993)
It emphasized the need for increased numbers of advanced practice nurses.
What is the basic responsibility assumed by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission
validating the quality of nursing education programs.
Which factor influenced the development of associate degree nursing programs?
The Cadet Nurse Corps
How can health care providers best meet the challenge of Healthy People 2010 in the area of environmental health protection?
Promote healthy lifestyles
Which best describes a baccalaureate degree program in nursing?
the degree candidate must meet the university graduation requirements
Which organization represents the nursing profession to allied health groups, national and international organizations, government bodies, and the public?
American Nurses Association
With what accomplishment has Florence Nightingale been credited?
influencing reform in nursing education
Annie Goodrich
served with Wald; known as outstanding nursing educator; appointed as a state inspector of nursing schools; dean of army nursing school.
Mildred Montag
Established first Associate Degree nursing program
Which source of law empowers state boards of nursing to formulate and enforce their regulations?
statutory law
Administrative Law
state boards of nursing administer their regulations via
Common Law
refers to cases that have been ruled on in court and are known to set precedence (aka case law)
Statutory Law
source of law that empowers state boards to formulate and enforce their regulations.
The nurse discovers an employee fondling and kissing a patient. What action should the nurse take?
dismiss the employee from the room and notify the shift supervisor
What type of charge can be brought against a nurse who slaps a patient’s face?
saying or doing something to make a person genuinely afraid that he/she will be touched without consent.
type of criminal offense
failure to act as a reasonably prudent nurse would act in the same situation
What is a reason for state licensure of nurses.
to protect the safety of the patient
The nurse notes that a patient’s physician has prescribed a medication dose that exceeds the manufacturers recommended dosage range. What is the first action the nurse should take?
Question the physician who ordered the med
A nurse’s medication error causes the death of a patient. Under which catagory of law could the nurse be charged?
in which situation is the nurse acting as a patient advocate? The nurse…
arranges a change of visiting hours when a patient’s children cannot visit during normal hours.
Which best describes the approach that the nurse should take when serving as an expert witness at a trail?
Be brief and direct when answering questions.
Betty Neuman and Sister Callista Roy developed their nursing models based on which type of theory?
Systems Theory
Systems Theory
a way of thinking about organizations and management problems from a systems point of view
How does a patient demonstrate autonomy? The patient
makes her/his own choice.
What is an example of nonmaleficence
A patients skin integrity is broken when a nurse pulls the patient up in bed
the duty to do no INTENTIONAL harm
What impact do sunset laws have on the practice of nursing?
Nurses can initiate changes in to nurse practice act to ensure correlation with current practice.
Sunset Laws
state laws enacted to ensure that legislation is current and reflects the needs of the public.
A nurse who participates in active euthanasia of a patient faces liability under which catagory of law?
How are health care professionals affected by Good Samaritian laws? Under most laws….
health care professionals are free from liability when assisting individuals who are accident victims.
The Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1987 regulates the educaiton and certification of which health care worker?
nursing assistant
Assisted suicide is a factor involving which end of life issue
Active euthanasia
Which religious group typically refuses autopsy?
Jehovah Witness
Which statement best describes the American Nurses Association Standards of Clinical Nursing Practice
They provide criteria for evaluating the quality of nursing care.
Which action constitutes active euthanasia?
Giving a patient who is terminally ill and in respiratory distress a large dose of IV morphine for pain
According to A Patients Bill of Rights, what is the meaning of informed consent for surgery?
The physician is responsible for telling the patient the plan for surgery.
A patient tells the nurse he wants to review his own chart. What is the first action the nurse should take?
Ask the patient what information he is seeking.
Which nurse theorist established the Core of Nursing as a caring-healing health model?
Jean Watson
Sister Callista Roy
developed an adaptation model.
Imogene King
developed an open systems approach
Madeleine Leininger
developed a caring model with an emphasis on transcultural approach
What is the purpose of the ANA Code for nurses?
to provide nurses with guidelines for professonal behavior and decison making.
Which organization maintains that nurse should not participate in assisted suicide?
American Nurses Association
Which was the first state to enact whistle blower protection for health care workers?
New Jersey
Which of the following is a responsibility of state boards of nursing in the US
examining and licensing qualified candidates
What is an advantage of using specific nursing theories for research and practice rather than using theories from nonnursing professions?
nursing theory is necessary for the continued development of the discipline
What ethical theory argues that, if an act produces a good outcome, then the act itself is good
based on moral rules and unchanging principles
An attorney who is reviewing past malpractice cases that have been ruled on in courst is studying which type of legal issue?
common law
A nurse who opposes abortion is offered a position at a medical center where pregnancies may be terminated. Which decision about accepting this position is most appropriate for the nurse?
decline the position and seek employment elsewhere
What is a purpose of state nurse practice acts?
to legally define the range of nursing practice
Which ethical principle is the staff nurse working under when reporting chronic understaffing to the state nurses assocation?
Fidelity (obligation to be faithful to the agreements, commitments, and responsibilities that one makes to oneself and others.
telling the truth
Which element negates a contract between a nurse and an employer?
a contract does not delineate the responsibilities of the nurse. Contract MUST define the responsibilities of both parties.
Which best describes the goal of nursing in Virginia Henderson’s theory of nursing?
to care for and help the patient attain independence and self care.
What is the primary responsibility of the employer to provide a safe environment for a newly emplyed nurst who is allergic to latex?
provide latex free equipment on the nurse’s unit
What is a component of competency-based orientation?
Testing to determine the skills of a new graduate.
What is the overall goal of managed care?
to contain health care costs
Since the 1960s, what has been a primary issue about health care in the US that has led to movement for a national public policy on health care?
Access to health care services.
One method of containing health care costs is to reduce the number of hospital days required for treatment. What implications does this method have for delivery of health care?
patients will require more intensive acute care in the home setting.
In which health care setting can a patient undergo minor sugery and be discharged in less than 24 hours?
Which is a characteristic of a for-profit health care agency?
makes payments to shareholders out of revenues earned.
Which functional attribute of the organization best fosters professtional nursing care?
strong institutional commitment to quality
Which benefit does the consumer recieve as a participant in a health maintenance organization?
access to a broad range of preventive and treatment services.
A patient with symptoms of a heart attack is admitted to what type of facility?
Secondary care
Primary Care
includes preventive care, routine health maintenance and care for illnesses
Secondary Care
includes emergency care and acute care
Tertiary Care
includes long term care and rehab
managed care
cost containment system for health care delivery
A nursing bill is introduced into Congress. When are members of professional organizations formally asked to express views about the legislation?
While the bill is before the appropriate committee
Why is it important for the nurse to provide culturally sensitive care to a person?
Culture influences a person’s response to illness and health care.
Which nursing action is an example of primary care?
teaching a patient about weight control and stress reduction
What does the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations evaluate as part of it’s accreditation process?
adequacy of nurse staffing
Knowledgeable health care consumers are responsible for which change in the health care system?
provision of wellness services.
What is capitation?
Method of health care financing paid on a per member per month baisis.
Some managed care organizaitons have set limits on information physicians can discuss with plan members regarding select, expensive treatments. What term defines these restrictions?
Gag order
Which regulatory agency identifies policies and procedures for avoiding a hazardous employee environment?
A nurse who follows standards of care for professional practice would perform which action
Document that the patient’s wishes conflict with the physician’s orders.
Which is one of the most significant demographic forces influencing health care delivery?
the increasing population of older adults.
Which is the most effective way for nurses to improve the delivery of health care?
understand and become involved in public policy formulation

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