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Texas Government Test 4 (Chapters 7 ; 8)

question An organization of individuals with similar views that tries to influence government to respond favorably to its views is called a(n) answer interest group question Interest groups try to influence public policy by answer lobbying government officials regardless of party affiliation question The principal purpose of political party activity is to answer gain control […]

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EHR Chapter Review – CH 3 & 4

question pre-existing condition answer illness or disorder of a beneficiary that existed before the effective date of insurance coverage question indemnity plan answer a type of medical insurance that reimburses a policyholder for medical services under the terms of its schedule of benefits question deductible answer an amount that an insured person must pay, usually […]

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business communication chapters 1& 2

question individuals communicate to? answer satisfy needs question when valuing communication each of us want to be? answer heard, appreciated, and wanted. question How much time do managers spend on communication answer 60-80% question The Key to Becoming a Good Manager answer Make people feel valued and valuable and they will achieve magnificent feats for […]

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WGU CYC1 Chapter 02

question When equipment is purchased on credit, a] assets and liabilities increase. b] assets increase and liabilities decrease. c] assets and owner’s equity increase. d] assets and expenses increase. answer a] assets and liabilities increase. question Assets and liabilities are reported on a] the balance sheet. b] the income statement. c] the statement of owner’s […]

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Unit 6 – Chapter 12
18 Sep 2020 Database

question 1) Which of the following did the framers of the Constitution conceive of as the center of policymaking in America? answer c question 2) The foremost attraction for the job of serving in Congress is A) a salary four times the income of the typical American family. B) generous retirement benefits. C) the power […]

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Topic 7

question Trevor’s Tire Company produced and sold 500 tires. The average cost of production per tire was $50. Each tire sold for a price of $65. Trevor’s Tire Company’s total profits are a) $32,500 b) $7,500 c) $57,500 d) $25,000 answer b) $7,500 question Average total cost equals a) (fixed costs + variable costs) divided […]

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TEST 1 Practice Test II

question The nurse providing care on a unit using functional nursing would carry out which activity? answer administer medications to all clients. question What is the goal of case management in nursing? answer to provide clients with necessary, cost effective care. question Why must the nurse follow the agency’s policies and procedures? answer The agencies […]

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Stress Management Chapter 5

question Lazarus perceived stress to be a function of answer Demands exceeding resources question Activities to prevent a stressor from resulting in negative consequences are known as answer Interventions question Interpretation of a stressor is known as answer Cognitive appraisal question After a life situation is perceived as stressful, what occurs next? answer Emotional arousal […]

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Small Business Management (Midterm)

question Isabella overheard her customers discussing their desire for more baked treats suitable for diabetics. Immediately she added sugar-free items to her inventory. Isabella has strong: answer Opportunity obsession question Using the criteria in the text to define a small business, Table Occasions will not be considered a small business when the company: answer Is […]

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Reynolds Audit Quiz 1 review

question According to AU-C 200, Overall Objectives of the Independent Auditor and the Conduct of an Audit in Accordance with Generally Accepted Auditing Standards, “presumptively mandatory requirements” in the auditing standards use which word? answer Should (The auditor must comply with a presumptively mandatory requirement in all cases in which the requirement is relevant except […]

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PSC Unit 1 Case Facts

question Facts – Marbury v. Madison answer Shortly before leaving office John Adams appointed William Marbury as justice of the peace, but his commission was not delivered. The incoming secretary of state, James Madison, withheld the commission and so Marbury filed suit in the Supreme Court with original jurisdiction under the Judiciary Act of 1789. […]

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Practice Exam Flashcards

question What does improve a small, routine decision have business value for a company? A) A small decision may have a great economic impact on the company. B) Even a routine decision may have a “ripple” effect through a corporation C) A small decision has business value when added with all the other decisions made […]

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Pain management- ATI

question Wong Baker FACES pain scale to assist a patient in assessing his pain scale answer This scale is useful for adult patients who have cognitive impairments question Two patients of different cultural backgrounds return from the same type of surgery 2 hours ago. what should the nurse expect to be the same for both […]

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Nutrition: Energy Balance and Weight Management

question Body weight is determined by… answer Age, gender, body composition, amount of food consumed and composition, activity level, lifestyle/ environment (nurture) question Genetics accounts for____of weight differences. answer 40-70% question BMR answer -basal metabolic rate (BMR) -genes affect metabolic rate, fuel use, brain chemistry, body shape question Genetic disorders answer -Leptin (reduces appetite) -Ghrelin […]

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Mngt 310 Chapter 2.

question Which of the following statements about the origins of management is true? answer Management as a field of study is only about 125 years old. question How did the Industrial Revolution change jobs and organizations? answer Low-paid, unskilled workers running machines began to replace high-paid, skilled artisans. question Prior to the introduction of ____, […]

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MIS Exam One (CH04)

question What central issue of this chapter does the Washington, D.C., public school bus system’s technical innovations illustrate? answer technology can be a double-egded sword question Which of the five moral dimensions of the information age did the D.C. school bus information system raise? answer Information rights and obligations question Which ethical issues will be […]

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MIS 180 Chapter 6

question Insourcing answer IT specialists within your organization to develop the system question Selfsourcing answer Development and support of IT systems by end users with little or no help from IT specialists question Outsourcing answer The delegation of specific work to a third party for a specified length of time, at a specified cost, and […]

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American History Ch4

question Headright answer the right to acquire a certain amount of land granted to the person who finances the passage of a laborer question Disfranchise answer to take away the right to vote question Civil war answer any conflict between the citizens or inhabitants of the same country question Indentured servant answer a laborer bound […]

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MGT 3830 Chapter 1 Gur Test Bank

question Keeping in mind Apple’s competitive advantage, which of the following products was introduced by Apple in 2007? A. iPad B. iPhone C. iPod D. iTunes answer b question 2. _____ is best described as an integrative management field that combines analysis, formulation, and implementation in the quest for competitive advantage. A. Supply chain management […]

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MGMT 451: Chapter 5

question What are some important considerations one must take into account in regards to ownership before starting a business? answer Tax considerations, liability exposure, start-up and future capital requirements, control, managerial ability, business goals, management succession plans, cost of formation question Sole Proprietorship answer (Simplest and most popular) business owned and managed by one individual; […]

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Medical Assisting: Unit 4: Chapter 14: Medical Records Management

question One purpose of medical records in the ambulatory care setting is answer provide a base for managing patient care. question True or false? Patients can be allowed access to their medical records. answer True question True or False? Patients can ask to have notes or information added to their medical records. answer True question […]

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question Supply Chain Sequence answer Suppliers Suppliers’> Direct Suppliers>Producer>Distro>Consmer question Supply Chain Management answer Management of materials, info., and finances. question Inventory/Forecasting answer meeting demand requirements while managing costs question Purchasing answer evaluating potential suppliers, supporting the needs of operations on purchased goods and services question Suppliers answer monitoring supplier quality, on-time delivery, and flexibility; […]

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