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Wellstar Departments 137 terms
Lesly Nixon
137 terms
Alcohol Use Disorder Blood Supply To The Brain Health And Wellness Long Term Damage Nutrition Time Management Skills
Total Wellness 25 terms
Amber Moore
25 terms
Fitz Hugh Curtis Syndrome Gynecology Nutrition Third Stage Of Labor
Advanced Nutrition Final 355 terms
Joel Boykin
355 terms
Health Assessment Nutrition
Obesity Weight Management 51 terms
Kaiya Hebert
51 terms
Helicobacter Pylori Infection Inflammation Of The Gallbladder Nutrition Peptic Ulcer Disease
Nutrition Questions from Exam #4 49 terms
Isabel Padilla
49 terms
Nutrition chapters 9, 10 74 terms
Julia Rush
74 terms
Gall Bladder Disease Muscle Strength And Endurance Nutrition Percent Body Fat
Nutrition Ch 9 87 terms
Millie Miller
87 terms
Nursing Nursing-LPN Nutrition
Nutrition Ch 20 53 terms
Alicia Bennett
53 terms
Food Preparation And Health Management Long Range Planning Management Nutrition Recruitment And Selection
NTR 355M Unit 1 78 terms
Julie Noel
78 terms
Health And Wellness Nutrition Resting Metabolic Rate
HED M03 Test 8 50 terms
Sonia Kelly
50 terms
Health And Wellness Highest Mortality Rate Nutrition
Health Test 8 49 terms
David Dunn
49 terms
Health Education Health Science High Self Esteem Management Skills Nutrition Nutrition Facts Label Poor Self Esteem
Flashcards and Answers – Life Management Skills 602 terms
Malcolm Bright
602 terms
Nutrition Trans Fatty Acids
KINE 2 63 terms
Matilda Campbell
63 terms
Health Assessment Nursing Nutrition Weight Gain During Pregnancy
ISYS 363 149 terms
Cara Robinson
149 terms
American Psychological Association Health Science Nutrition
Health test #3 193 terms
Malcolm Bright
193 terms
Daily Energy Expenditure Female Athlete Triad Moderate Physical Activity Nutrition Resting Metabolic Rate
Health Final – Flashcards with Answers 81 terms
Adrien Vincent
81 terms
Health Education Maintain Good Health Nutrition
Health: Chapters 9,10,11 91 terms
Collin Foley
91 terms
Golf Meals Nutrition Whole Wheat Bread
Probability Concepts folder 249 terms
Cindy Krause
249 terms
Center For Disease Control Child Development Children With Special Needs Chronic Medical Conditions Comparing And Contrasting Early Childhood Education Nutrition
Health and Safety Final Exam 70 terms
Steven Colyer
70 terms
Low Birth Weight Infant Nursing-LPN Nutrition Pediatrics
Diet and Nutrition chapter 11 30 terms
Amber Moore
30 terms
Abnormal Psychology Nutrition Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors
Nutrition-Spotlight on Eating Disorders 32 terms
Stephanie Landry
32 terms
Body Mass Index Lean Body Mass Nutrition Percent Body Fat Total Energy Expenditure
chapter7 30 terms
Noel Macdonald
30 terms
What is one of the effects of malnutrition on body’s defense system
immune system organs decrease in size
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what nutritional status places cancer patients at increased risk for pneumonia?
hypoalbuminemia and malnutrition
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With regard to nutrition, the very first cells were probably either which of the following choices?
– chemosynthetic – heterotrophic
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Which of the following was developed out of concern over the incidence of overnutrition among Americans?
Dietary Guidelines for Americans
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Which independent nursing action regarding the client’s nutritional status should the nurse include when caring for Jared?
Obtain and record a daily weight.
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The nurse is teaching the mother of a 1-year-old about proper nutritional care of the child. Which statement made by the mother indicates the need for further teaching?
“I give low-fat milk to my baby.”
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Which of the following indicates that a nutrition website may not be a reliable source of information?
Website address with a “.com” ending
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A client with esophageal cancer has difficulty in swallowing. Which of the following would be appropriate to help the client achieve improved nutrition?
What is the main nutrition-related problem likely to be encountered by a vegan if his or her diet is not carefully selected?
insufficient intake of vitamin B-12
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What is the primary effect (s) of chronic undernutrition on reproduction in women?
Birth of small and frail infants with a higher likelihood of death in the 1st year of life
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