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Safe Crisis Management 75 terms
Rosa Sloan
75 terms
Algebra Algebra 1 Geometry
Coordinate Algebra Unit 6 Vocabulary 25 terms
Shelby Arnold
25 terms
Algebra 2 Expressions Geometry
Geometry for College Students 29 terms
Bernice Cooper
29 terms
Pre College Math Chapter 6 Geometry Formulas 15 terms
Ruth Blanco
15 terms
Algebra 1 Calculus Geometry
College Algebra 1314 HCC 25 terms
Jason Westley
25 terms
Earth Science Geometry
Lab Equipment 22 terms
Pedro Huang
22 terms
Construction Geometry
Geometry Constructions 21 terms
Rebecca Baker
21 terms
Algebra 1 Geometry
Geometry Patty Paper Conjectures 8 terms
Linda Lynch
8 terms
AP Chemistry Chemistry Geometry
VSEPR Theory 13 terms
Daphne Armenta
13 terms
Geometry Physics
AST 101 Exam 2 Laws of Astrophysics 10 terms
Christine Brunetti
10 terms
Formulas Geometry Positions
Organic Chemistry Chap. 1 & 2 True and False 31 terms
Evie Nicholson
31 terms
Geometry Materials Science
Molecular Geometry/Hybridizati 12 terms
Sean Hill
12 terms
Geometry Logic Make Sure You Know
Richard Lattimore
3 terms
AP Psychology Case Studies English/Language Arts 2 (10Th Grade) Fast Food Restaurants Geometry Language And Customs Parallel Lines
anesthesia management: case counting 6 terms
Tiffany Hanchett
6 terms
Columns And Rows Drop Down Menu Excel Geometry Letters And Numbers Meals Medical Terminology Pharmacology
Medical Dosage Calculations 123 terms
Margaret Bruce
123 terms
Atoms Geometry
Electron Pair and Molecular geometry 28 terms
Donna Chou
28 terms
Across The Globe Cartography Earth Science Geometry International Date Line North And South Poles
Latitude & Longitude Study Guide 4 terms
Karen Combs
4 terms
Drop Down Menu Geometry Microsoft Excel Press And Hold Right Click Shapes
Stem 101 CAD Final 256 terms
Mike Bryan
256 terms
Geometry – Flashcards 36 terms
Larry Charles
36 terms
Geometry Pre Algebra Pre-Algebra
6th Grade STAAR Math Vocabulary 60 terms
Carmen Dawson
60 terms
Algebra 1 Geometry Pre-Algebra
Common Core 8th Grade Math Vocabulary 36 terms
Stephanie Landry
36 terms
Circle Vocabulary (Geometry) 15 terms
Donna Chou
15 terms
The type of geometry that Poncelet discovered while a Russian prisoner was called what? How does that relate to flat maps?
Projective geometry; relates to the concept of parallel lines meeting at a point of infinity; led to principles of DUALITY & CONTINUITY
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18) Which of the following best describes the geometry about the carbon-carbon double bond in the alkene below? A) E B) Z C) neither E nor Z
C) neither E nor Z
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Which one of the following alternatives best illustrates learner-centered instruction in geometry?
Ms. Robb finds out how much her first graders already know about geometric shapes (squares, triangles, etc.) and plans her lesson on shapes accordingly.
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what happens to the geometry of a molecule with trigonal planar geometry if it has a double bond?
the bond angles are closer to 121.9 and 116.2 degrees degrees instead of 120 degrees because the double bond contains more electron density than a single bond and therefore exerts a slightly greater repulsion on the single bonds
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A molecule that has trigonal bipyramidal geometry has 6 electron pairs on the central atom
False- only has 5 electron pairs
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the most stable arrangement (fundamental geometry) associated with various numbers of regions of hed
2 Linear3 Trigonal Planar4 Tetrahedral5 Trigonal Bipyramidal6 Octahedral
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20) Which of the following best describes the geometry about the carbon-carbon double bond in the alkene below? A) E B) Z C) neither E nor Z
What is the geometry at the OH-bearing carbon atom of all alcohols?
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What is the geometry of PF5?
Trigonal Bipyramidal
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What is the hybridization of a molecule that possesses trigonal planar geometry? a) sp b) sp² c) sp³ d) sp?
b) sp²
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